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Somervell Democrats had a constitutional amendments meeting last night  10/30/2007 -salon  
16 Proposed Constitutional Amendments are Nothing More Than a Scam Against Texas Taxpayers!  10/28/2007 -pstern  
McCullagh's Law of Politics-As Politicians Gut Constitution, Threats of Do This Or Die Increase 10/24/2007 -salon  
How to Vote on Those 16 Proposed Constitutional Amendments  10/22/2007 -pstern  
The Real Deal on Those Upcoming Proposed Constitutional Amendments  10/19/2007 -pstern  
When both Democrats AND Republicans Gut the Constitution, What's the Difference?  10/19/2007 -salon  
The Reality of Proposed Constitutional Amendments  10/14/2007 -pstern  
Arrggh! What is it about the 4th Amendment that Democrats Do Not Get? On *Umbrella Warrants* 10/7/2007 -salon  
The Upcoming Special Election of Proposed Constitutional Amendments 9/19/2007 -pstern  
Revisiting the Constitution On a Regular Basis- The Founding Fathers Thought We Should  9/18/2007 -salon  
Bush's Secret Secret Administration- Where Xenophobia Trumps the Constitution 9/18/2007 -salon  
War on Iraq STILL Has Not Been Declared-Congress, Assume Your Constitutional Responsibility 9/17/2007 -salon  
The Patriot Act Gag Order is Unconstitutional- ACLU argues against the Library Silence NSLs 8/20/2007 -salon  
FISA Video Bits from Last Night- Mel Watts, Jan Schakowsky-CONSTITUTIONAL Democrats 8/5/2007 -salon  
Ugh! Will a DEMOCRAT who cares about the Constitution PLEASE RUN AGAINST CHET EDWARDS???????? 8/4/2007 -salon  
FISA Video Snips Part 2- Democrats Who Honor the Constitution Speak Out Against the Spy on Americans Bill  8/4/2007 -salon  
Our Forefathers Wrote the Constitution that Included an Impeachment Article for a Very Good Reason --- and Itís Time to Use It! 7/26/2007 -pstern  
Impeach- Either The Constitution and the Laws of this Country Mean Something Or They Don't  5/19/2007 -salon  
No Surprise here- Most Texas Immigration Bills are Likely Unconstitutional 3/28/2007 -salon  
Hello! To Rick Perry! Denying Citizenship to Children of Undocumented Workers Isn't just *Divisive*, it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL 12/6/2006 -salon  
Judge Calls a Halt to the NSA's Spying on Americans Program As Unconstitutional 8/17/2006 -salon  
Chet Edwards votes to modify the constitution, for what else...religion 7/19/2006 -joe
Chet Edwards Votes For the Republican Pandering Bill to change the constitution re: Marriage 7/18/2006 -salon  
Disconnected Bush Talks about Hurricane Katrina Briefly, Spends Most Time on Iraq Constitution 8/28/2005 -salon  
Iraq Constitution Roundup 8/28/2005 -salon  
Not Iraq's First Constitution 8/28/2005 -salon  
Islam is our Constitution-US is not helping to bring democracy to Iraq 8/21/2005 -salon  
IF the View that Our Constitution is Obsolete Is Allowed to Prevail, The Terrorists Will Have Won 7/28/2005 -salon  
Strict Constructionists of the Constitution 7/22/2005 -salon  
Supreme Court Ruled Against Constitution: Eminent Domain-But Remember George Bush Was For Taking People's Homes 6/27/2005 -salon  
Why Does the President, Sworn to Uphold the Constitution, Defend Secret Detentions of Terror Suspect? 6/20/2005 -salon  
Texas Anti-Family Constitutional Amendment 5/30/2005 -salon  
*Larry, Would You Want to Lead Us in the Prayer?*- Danny Chambers Continues Unconstitutional Prayer at Somervell County meetings 4/22/2017 -salon  
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