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  About the Out of District Clinics Glen Rose Medical Center is running under Somervell County Hospital DISTRICT auspices
  Albert and Shelly Turk apparently got a settlement amount from Somervell County Hospital District
  Trump is now calling himself the *Chosen one* and by reference *King of Israel*
  What's up in Trump's Swamp for August 17 2019?
  Trump Continues to be a dirt-bag racist - 7/20/2019
  US House Passes Resolution Calling Donald Trump's Comments Racist (7/16/2019)
  Logos on Cop Cars Other than *To Protect and Serve* ie Punisher or *In God We Trust*
  *No True Scotsman* and *Fake Christians*
  Another Federal Court rules that atheists can lead government prayers (July 2019)
  Trump the Racist goes on tweetstorm telling brown congresspersons to *Go Back* to where they came from
  Trump Is a Morally Bereft Person: One Time When Donald Trump Was Accused of Rape (Epstein)
  Mueller Report live -About Trump's TEN Acts of Obstruction
  What about the concentration camps Trump has put on the border?
  Video- De Niro, Reiner and More Cut Through Trump's Lies on the Mueller Report
  John Oliver on impeaching Trump
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