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Texas Sex Offenders Registry

Somervell County Sheriff's Office

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Incident/Offense Reports from Sheriff's Logs-Occasionally Updated -(from public records) 

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Complainant Location (Road) offense casedate
SRM Jefferson St Criminal Mischief $50-$500/28.03/M-8
Phone On 7/27/2015 at approximately 9:04 PM the Somervell County Sheriff's Office responded to 406 ..... MORE  
WC E Hwy 67 Driving w Lic Inv w Prev Conv/Susp/Wo Fin Res
On 7/25-15 at 19:10 hours Deputy Cox was dispatched for a reckless driver in the 2400 block of E US ..... MORE  
BH E Elm St Driving w Lic Inv w Prev Conv/Susp/Wo Fin Res
On view On Sunday July 26, 2015 at approximately 12:30 am, Somervell County Deputy Bruch Hay initia..... MORE  
LBH CR 2020 Burglary of Habitation
Phone On 7/25/15 at 2:14 pm Deputy Gomez was dispatched to 1265 CR 2020 to meet with complainant in..... MORE  
RDT CR 312 Theft < $50/31.03/M-C
Phone On 7/25/15 at approxmately 11:17 AM Deputy Reynolds was dispatched to 3149 CR 312 in referenc..... MORE  
SLM CR 1008 Theft Prop > $500 < $1500
On view On July 21, 2015 at about 8:38 am while on patrol Deputy Danny Gomez noticed a vehicle park..... MORE  
SAB CR 312 Criminal Mischief > $500<$1500
On 7/16/2015 at approximately 18:00 hours, Deputy W Cox made contact with the victim of Criminal Mis..... MORE  
WC E Hwy 67 Driving w Lic Inv w Prev Conv/Susp/Wo Fin Res
On 7/16/15 at 11:29 pm Deputy Cox initiated a routine traffic stop at the intersection of N 144 and ..... MORE  
WC N FM 56 Driving w Lic Inv w Prev Conv/Susp/Wo Fin Res
On 7/15/15 at 21:33 hours Deputy Cox initiated a traffic stop in the 3000 Block of N Fm 56. Further ..... MORE  
SAB CR 312 Assault Causes Bodily Inj
Walk in On 7/13/2015 at approximately 4:00 pm Deputy L Davis met with a victim at the Somervell Cou..... MORE  
EAJ CR 2021 Illegal Dumping/365.012/SJF
On 7/10/15 at approximately 5:28 PM Deputy Reynolds was dispatched to 1463 CR 2021 in reference to i..... MORE  
ACC Big Bend Trail Assault Causes Bodily Inj
On 7/9/2015 at approximately 8:46 pm Deputy Gonzales writer arrived at 1406 NE Big Bend Trail in ref..... MORE  
MTO CR 316 Unauth Use of Vehicle
On 74/2015 at approximately 18:12 hours Deputy L Davis, writer was dispatched to the 1000 blk CR 316..... MORE  
NHG Big Bend Trail Agg Assault w Deadly Weapon 22.02/F2
On July 3 2015 at 4:22 AM, Deputy Hamilton was dispatched to 1110 NE Big Bend Trail in response to a..... MORE  
JMR FM 199 Burglary of Habitation
On 7/1/15 at approximately 11:54 am Deputy Reynolds was dispatched to 2589 FM 199 S in reference to ..... MORE  
MH CR 316 Unauth Use of Vehicle
On 3/26/2015 Deputy Sharp met with James Ray Harris who reported that suspect had taken his U-Haul m..... MORE  
BH Hwy 67 Driving w Lic Inv w Prev Conv
On Monday, April 13, 2015 at approximately 10:45 am Somervell County Deputy Sheriff Bruce Hay initia..... MORE  
WCT Big Bend Trail Driving w Lic Inv w Prev Conv
On 4/13/2015 at approximately 2:42 am writer (Sgt T Yoder) conducted a routine traffic stop in the 3..... MORE  
AT CR 1016 Theft of Property $50-$500/31.03/M-B
On 4/10/2015 at approximately 9:21 pm, Deputy Yoder was dispatched to the Somervell County Sheriff's..... MORE  
VS Big Bend Trail Interfer w Emergency Req for Assistance
Store On 4/7/15 at approximately 17:24 hours Deputy Crawford and Deputy Sharp were dispatched to 60..... MORE  
DLW Hwy 67 Driving w Lic Inv w Prev Conv
On 4/7/15 at approximately 22:59 hours Deputy Luke Davis initiated traffic stop in the 4000 BLK E Hw..... MORE  
JEF CR 312 Criminal Mischief $50-$500
On 4/6/2015 at approximately 2022, Deputy L Davis/Writer was dispatched to 2406 CR 312 in reference ..... MORE  
GBK NE Barnard St Driving While Intoxicated - 2nd/49.04/M-B
On April 3, 2015 at approximately 9:58 pm, Deputy Hamilton was dispatched to a reckless driver call ..... MORE  
HB FM 199 Criminal Mischief $50-$500
School On 4/2/15 at approximately 15:08 hours Deputy Travis Crawford and Deputy Sharp received a ca..... MORE  
JRR CR 301A Theft $1500-$20,000/31.03(e)(4)(A)/SJF
On 4/3/15 at approximately 6:03 pm, Sgt Stephen Gibson was dispatched to 1566 CR 301A in reference t..... MORE  
SD CR 320 Fraud Use/Poss of Identifying Info # Items < 5
Walk-in on 4/1/2015 at 10:39 am, Deputy Crawford met with Complainant Senovio Delagarza Jr at the S..... MORE  
State of Texas Hwy 144 Driving while intoxicated
On 11/7/10 at approximately 7:05 pm, Sgt Gibson and Deputy Waldrip were dispatched out towards W Hwy..... MORE  
Pronto Big Bend Trail Forgery
Business On 11/6/10 at approximately 18:00 hours, Writer Deputy Paul Waldrip was on duty at 225 SW ..... MORE  
State of Texas Mustang Trail Possession of Marijuana
On 11/5/2010 at approximately 0:930 hours, Investigator Yocham and DPS Texas Ranger Don Stoner trave..... MORE  
none Paluxy St False Alarm on Report
On 11/4/10 at approximately 6:56 pm Deputies Martin, Talavera, and Waldrip were dispatched to 202 Pa..... MORE  
KW CR 326 Reckless Damage
On 11/4/10 at approximately 1038 hours Deputy West met with walk-in complainant Kenneth Williams in ..... MORE  
JS CR 313 Unlawful Possession of Metal Body Armor by Felon
On 11/2/2010 at approximately 08:00 hours, Deputy Jeff Slaton responded to 3237 CR 313 Loop in respo..... MORE  
TRSL CR 313 Assault Family Violence
Lower back pain On 11/31/10 at approximtely 0748 hours Deputy west was dispatched to 3237 CR 313 Lo..... MORE  
CWS FM 199 Theft
On 11/1/10 at approximately 10:57 am Deputy Cloud was dispatched to 5004 N Fm 199 in reference to a ..... MORE  
LAG CR 1007 Criminal Mischief
On 11/1/10 at approximately 1704 hours, Sgt Gibson was dispatched to 2321 CR 1007 in reference to a ..... MORE  
DH CR 2011 Estray Livestock
On 10/30/10 at approximately 1030 hours Deputy West and Slaton were dispatched to 4342 CR 2011 in re..... MORE  
CTC Big Bend Trail Assault with Bodily INjury
Business 911 On 10/28/10 at approximately 2:24 pm Deputies Cloud and Garrett were dispatched to 906..... MORE  
JCNW Walker Criminal Mischief
On 10/27/10 at approximately 11:58 am, Deputy Cloud was dispatched to 311 Walker St in Glen Rose TX ..... MORE  
M L Phinney CR 308 Burglary of Coin Operated Matchine
phone On 10/26/10 at approximately 7:35 am Deputies Cloud and Ransom were dispatched to 1728 CR 308..... MORE  
REW CR 2010 Harrassment
On 10/25/10 at approximately 1425 hours, walk in complainant Rhonda Wilson came in to the Somervell ..... MORE  
JMH FM 205 Estray Livestock
On 10/26/10 complainant James Marion Hooper contacted Deputy Mickey Garrett at the Somervell County ..... MORE  
DGM FM 205 Criminal Mischief
On 10/26/10 at approximately 11:27 am Deputy Cloud was dispatched to 1088 FM 205 South in Glen Rose,..... MORE  
AV Bryan Criminal Mischief
On 10/25/10 at approximately 1108 hours, Deputy Slaton was dispatched to 603 Bryan in reference to a..... MORE  
none Grand Ave Assault Family Violence
911 On 10/23/10 at approximately 0938 hours Deputies West and Cloud were dispatched to 110 S Grand ..... MORE  
SKM Big Bend Trail Burglary of a Habitation
Motel Room On 10/23/10 at about 18:23 hours, Writer Paul Waldrip was dispatched to 300 S W Big Bend..... MORE  
LKR FM 199 Disorderly Conduct
Bruise on foot BRC School On 10/19/2010 at approximately 0911 hours, Deputies Cloud and Ransom wer..... MORE  
LEC Austin Rd Forgery
On 10/19/10 at 15:33 hours, Deputies were dispatched to Gabe's Grocery Store in reference to a forge..... MORE  
Glen Rose High School Stadium Dr Theft 50-500
On 10/18/10 at approximately 8:00 am, Somervell County Sheriff's Department Investigator Wayne Roger..... MORE  
HM W Gibbs Blvd Abandon/Endanger a Child
Roadway On 10/17/10 at 1728, a female subject called the Sheriff's office and related information a..... MORE  
KLM Gibbs Blvd Harassment
911 On 10/17/10 at approximately 1728 hours, dispatch received a 911 call from Complainant Kelly Ly..... MORE  

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