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This world is not a vale of sorrows if you will recognize discriminatingly what is truly excellent in it; and if you will avail yourself of it for mutual happiness and well-being. Therefore, let us explain as often as possible, and particularly at the departure of life, that we base our faith on firm foundations, on Truth for putting into action our ideas which do not depend on fables and ideas which Science has long ago proven to be false.-Kurt Vonnegut
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 7  Chambers and Hulsey Continuing unconstitutional prayer actions in 2017 of Somervell County Commissioners Court  1/13/2017-salon
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 9  Video- Um. Shouldn't Roger Marks Foundation be giving money TO Glen Rose Medical Center 1/6/2017-salon
 10  Presenting Case for Progressives to go forward- JT Laramore of Glen Rose on Buzzfeed 1/13/2017-salon
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 15  How Important is Freedom of Speech and of the Press? FIRST guarantee of our democracy 1/10/2017-salon

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Response for *The Response* Day of False Prophecy - Rick Perry's Bigoted Day of Prayer (1610)

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Who Will Get the President and Prophet Crown? Rick Perry or Warren Jeffers? (1771)

Wow! Organizers Say Rick Perry's Cult Prayer Party for Bigots to Cost Over a million bucks (1296)

No Other Governors Than Rick Perry going to Show up? Gee. Wonder Why... (1087)

Why Is Rick Perry Touting FDA-Unapproved Experimental Stem Cell Treatments? Snake Oil of the 2010's? (4140)

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In Honor of the Iowa Straw Poll-Rick Perry IS the Music Man! Er..mean Flim Flam Man (1307)

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Secessionist Rick Perry Believes in Theocracy, Not Democracy (6223)

Rick Perry-*Only God Can Help* - (Or Obama and the Federal Govt for a Handout) (16091)

Rick Perry All About Government Handouts to Business While Cutting Education (16886)

What If We Had a Better Option for President? Rick Perry (1843)

Texas Projection Measure Gone- Texas Schools Grow Fivefold in Unacceptable Ratings (4119)

Rick Perry Was Just Fine With Confederate Flag Wearing Rocker At his Gov Inauguration (4742)

Sid Miller Joined Rick Perry in Colorado-Drove Out There While Perry Took a Private Plane (UPDATED) (2631)

What if Rick Perry's *The Response* Was a Muslim Prayer Event? (2607)

Should Jews Be Offended at Rick Perry's Use of Govt Website/Stationary and Robocalls Christian Event? (5188)

Video: Rick Perry Tries To Strongarm Cop To Get Out of Speeding Ticket (4702)

Lawsuit Against Perry's Theocracy Party *The Response* Thrown Out for Lack of Standing (4125)

Think New Hampshire or Vermont Residents with Green Mountain Boys Tradition will Like Rick Perry (2353)

Rick Perry's Pharoah Analogy and the Rainy Day Fund in Texas (2075)

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Never Lost a Race? Two Slimy Election Actions Associated with Rick Perry (4466)

Rick Perry-The Giant Cake Eater- Shows Up on Polls But is Undeclared Candidate (1622)

Hilarious! Will Reliant Stadium Be Serving Food and Water at the Response? (1206)

Another Governor With Sense Skips Rick Perry's The Response Wacko Prayer Party (1380)

Well, LA-TE-Da-Rick Perry's Campaign Political Expenditure At Cross Dressing Bar (7628)

Campaign Money-How To Game the Presidential Run System the Rick Perry Way (1561)

Rick Perry Defender of Israel? Defender of Himself Keeping His Travel Records Secret (3920)

Rick Perry Against Obama Would LOSE-He Would STILL be 39 Percent (1546)

Swish! Rick Perry, NOT a Presidential Candidate, NOT on Iowa Straw Poll (1014)

If Abstinence Education in Texas Works, Then Why Did Rick Perry Try to Force STD Shots on Little Girls? (2613)

Isn't Secessionist Rick Perry's Support for Gay Marriage Going to Cause a Problem for His Prayer Party? (2209)

Ten Things You Probably Don't Know About Rick Perry (8717)

Rick Perry Sneers at Private Property Rights- The Trans Texas Corridor (7871)

NO THEOCRACIES! Rick Perry Indicative of Some Bigoted Christians (5451)

Rick Perry was a Cheerleader at A&M-Say, that Makes Him Like George Bush! (8982)

Why the Drought in Texas *Is* an Issue for Rick Perry.2 Reasons: State Prayer and Federal Aid Handout (4734)

Bwahhah- Secessionist Rick Perry May not Speak At HIS Event, The Response (1374)

Anita Perry Sets Her Husband Secessionist Rick Perry Straight About His Wishy-Washy Ways (3974)

*Thanking God For the Little Bit of Rain He Sent*- The Drought in Texas 7/19/2011 (2074)

*The Response* is Rick Perry's Event. He Initiated It-Now He's Trying to Dodge the Wackos Attending (1574)

Mt Everest Has Evil Spirits!!! The Response's C Peter Wagner Fights Demons! Princess Diana Dies! (3766)

Ted Haggard and C Peter Wagner and Rick Perry- Lest We Forget (3307)

Secessionist Rick Perry Loves the Wackos- C Peter Wagner and Japan's Tsunami (2450)

John Hagee an Endorser for Secessionist Rick Perry's The Response Prayer Party (2420)

Jesus Has a Laugh at GOP Candidates. (2286)

So... Secessionist Rick Perry INITIATED the Response Event (3109)

Freedom From Religion Foundation Files Lawsuit Against Secessionist Rick Perry's Prayer Event (1548)

How Shallow Are You? Would You Vote for Secessionist Rick Perry If He Were Bald? (1283)

Public School Funding in Texas? Pah! Rick Perry's Possible Presidential Run MORE IMPORTANT than children (2045)

Recap Video of Trans Texas Corridor - Rick Perry LIES About Protecting Private Property Rights (3131)

Look Out, Rick Perry and Sid Miller! Your Intrusive Anti-Women Sonogram Law Will Go Away Too Through Court (2620)

Did Rick Perry Miss His Calling to be a Minister? Why Put a Preacher Into Public Office? (9897)

Latinos Say *Meh* to Secessionist Rick Perry at NALEO (1689)

Roundup of Articles about Rick Perry that Have Been on Somervell County Salon (862)

On the Rumoured Gayness of Rick Perry- One of the Most Popular Posts on the Site Recently (2334)

Secessionist Rick Perry Getting Ready To Take His Revival Act to New Hampshire (1126)

Secessionist Rick Perry Doesn't Want YOU to Know What He Spent on Security and Travel Expenses (1682)

Secessionist Rick Perry's Bald Faced Lie About Private Property Rights (2689)

Do Republicans Think They're VICTIMS? Rick Perry Tells Them to Stop Apologizing (4624)

You Think People Should Be Able To Text And Drive? Rick *Secessionist* Perry Does! (2866)

Secessionist Rick Perry Tells the Tent Crowd About Jobs (1279)

Secessionist Rick Perry Gives Republican Leadership Some Old Fashioned Hucksterism (5402)

Secessionist Rick Perry's Unanswered Drought Prayers (1627)

Second Coming? Bwahahah-Secessionist Rick Perry Compares Himself to Jesus .... (3935)

Why I'm Voting for Secessionist Rick Perry-Because He Forces Womens To Have Sonograms (1370)

Why I'm Voting for Secessionist Rick Perry for President-Merck HPV Vaccine (2255)

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Heh. Rush Limbaugh Sez Rick Perry has Great Hair (1630)

Secessionist Rick Perry Wants to be President? Waiting to be Asked (2043)

Why Doesn't Rick Perry Just Push To Have Texas Secede from the Union Already? (Nov 2010) (5484)

Rick Perry Thnks Creationism Ought to be Taught in Texas Public Schools (2435)

Video-Remember Rick Perry's Smooch With Merck over Gardasil? (1701)

Border Cameras an Expensive Failure But Perry Attempting To Puff Out Chest Over Them. (1328)

Gee. Think Rick Perry Decided Wanting More Pinkies Up Restoration on the Governor's Manse was a BAD IDEA? (822)

We's Low in EdeeCational Funding in Texas But At Least We Dun Git No National Standerds- Rick Perry (983)

*Worm Reptile Monkey People-Texas State Board Of Education Don McLeroy's Nutty Pal Johnson (3861)

McCain Dumps Another Consultant-This One Also Has Ties to Governor 39 Percent (940)

39 Percent Perry Still Pushing Privatized Sale of the Lottery-Does His Son Still Work for the Lobbyist? (1227)

P.S. On Geoffrey O'Connor -Those Rumours about being Perry's Gay Lover (15122)

Get Coal-Fired Power Plants Rammed Through-Get Lots of Checks from TXU (1025)

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