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 1. Wildfires Burning in Somervell (Glen Rose) and Hood County July 7 2011 (7/7/2011) - salon
 2. Wanna-Be Texas Speaker McCall's Daddy was Pardoned by Bush in 2004 for Savings and Loan Scandal (12/27/2006) - salon
 3. Silly String Over Your Child's Grave-Darlie Routier Case More Testing (11/20/2008) - salon
 4. Pesky Black Buzzards (2/28/2008) - salon
 5. Joelle Ogletree, Former French Teacher at Glen Rose High School-Accused 5 years ago of sex with students (8/19/2007) - salon
 6. Luke Humphrey Died Yesterday- Mom Not Told In Time To Attend His Funeral (Glen Rose) (8/18/2009) - salon
 7. Reid Calls Bush a "Loser" and he's Wrong Because (5/7/2005) - salon
 8. Will the South Rise Again? (7/27/2013) - pstern
 9. WHO WATCHES Sarah Palin's CHILDREN, including the Down Syndrome Child? (8/30/2008) - salon
 10. Chapter Closed for Joelle Ogletree- Doing Well Despite Glen Rose ISD (6/22/2013) - salon
 11. Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas Back in the News-Internet Sex Sting with Pastor (5/16/2008) - salon
 12. Sid Miller - Tx House District 59 July Semiannual Report (Filed July 15 2010) (10/31/2010) - salon
 13. Why Weren't Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn Convicted of Terrorism? Weather Underground (10/14/2008) - salon
 14. Is Rick Perry's Daughter Sydney Married to a Son of the Aga Khan? (8/16/2011) - salon
 15. Video- Joelle Ogletree's Appeal to the Texas Supreme Court Denied (October 8 2010) (10/12/2010) - salon
 16. Happy Hill Farm Changed Its Name to North Central Texas Academy (4/11/2013) - salon
 17. Chesapeake Gas Caught Defrauding Royalty Owners-Lawsuit Judgement in North Carolina - $405 Million Bucks (2/19/2007) - salon
 18. The Petition to Dissolve the Somervell County Hospital District is here!! (5/23/2013) - pharper
 19. Texas Food Stamps Program is Worst Performing in the Nation- (8/28/2011) - salon
 20. About the Lawsuit Against VarTec Telecom (Joe and Connie Mitchell of 10xxx Glen Rose) (8/9/2009) - salon
 21. Recipe for Black Forest Cake- Ridglea Country Club Style (4/7/2009) - salon
 22. Went Canoeing This Weekend in the Brazos River at Glen Rose (8/25/2008) - salon
 23. What does the term 'populist' mean? (10/4/2009) - OldBridge
 24. Joelle Ogletree (Glen Rose, TX) To be on Dr Phil on Thursday and Friday (10/30/2007) - salon
 25. Review: 2010 GOP Primary --- Propositions (2/3/2010) - pstern
 26. Sarah Palin Political Cartoons (9/1/2008) - salon
 27. More on Bobby Hill Who Owns a Ranch In Glen Rose AND the Taylor Ranch aka La Sierra (8/20/2008) - salon
 28. 43 Year Old Cleburne (Texas) Woman Charged with Sexual Assault with 16 Year Old Boy (8/22/2008) - salon
 29. More on *Sexy Jules*- Yup, Mom Was Having Sex With Her Daughter's Boyfriend -Cleburne, Texas (8/26/2008) - salon
 30. Rick Perry All About Government Handouts to Business While Cutting Education (8/1/2011) - salon
 31. GRISD Voted on Agreement Re: Joelle Ogletree at school board meeting (March 26 2012) (3/27/2012) - salon
 32. *Uncle Fester* McCain Wins the Florida Primary-Republicans Love Them Adulterers (1/29/2008) - salon
 33. 10th Court of Appeals Rules Against Joelle Ogletree's Appeal (Glen Rose) (February 2010) (2/11/2010) - salon
 34. P.S. On Geoffrey O'Connor -Those Rumours about being Perry's Gay Lover (2/20/2007) - salon
 35. Joelle Ogletree, Former Teacher in Glen Rose, Texas-Roundup of Posts Here Last Few Days (11/5/2007) - salon
 36. On Somervell County Hospital District's Attorney and the Texas Public Information Act(AG Opinion) (11/15/2013) - salon
 37. Rick Perry-*Only God Can Help* - (Or Obama and the Federal Govt for a Handout) (8/1/2011) - salon
 38. What Do Glen Rose Moonshiners and Alvis Delk's Dinosaur/Human Footprint Have in Common? (8/10/2008) - salon
 39. Coach Erik Slaughter of Glen Rose was set to be Stephenville's Coach... and SUDDENLY WITHDREW (2/14/2008) - salon
 40. Happy Hill Farm aka North Central Texas Academy PR in Wake of Lawsuit (4/11/2013) - salon
 41. Dr Phil Update about J Ogletree- Boy #1 -Chayce Wilson- Failed the Polygraph Test (11/1/2007) - salon
 42. A Spurious Barack Obama Email (1/15/2007) - salon
 43. Wondering-WHO was the Hospital District board member that was too busy fighting to help with patient care issues? (12/7/2014) - salon
 44. What Does Wayne Rotan Make As Glen Rose ISD School Superintendent? (1/9/2008) - salon
 45. Is Rick Perry Upholding Shariah Law in Texas? Halal Food Law HB470- 2003 (8/20/2011) - salon
 46. Petition for an election to dissolve the Somervell County Hospital District - Round 2 (11/18/2013) - pharper
 47. I have Never SEEN Hail like this- Marble Falls, Texas March 2009 (3/26/2009) - salon
 48. The Hooter's REceipt That Will Not Die- One Last time on the Hooter's Receipt that Somervell County Salon Dug Up (7/28/2010) - salon
 49. On Women's Rights Including the Right to Vote-ONLY HAPPENED IN 1920 (9/5/2008) - salon
 50. Update Or Rather Lack Of on Dunn Versus Happy Hill Farm aka North Central Texas Academy (Glen Rose) (10/16/2009) - salon
 51. SHAME ON YOU, Chip Harrison- You LIKE Glen Rose Medical Center Operating an ILLEGAL SLUSH FUND? (8/21/2014) - salon
 52. Hormones in My Butter! Hormones in my Milk! What the Fool! (8/11/2008) - salon
 53. Dr Phil Update on J Ogletree -Friday-Boy #2, Matt B, Failed the Polygraph Test (11/2/2007) - salon
 54. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 2 2010 (7/2/2010) - salon
 55. Clueless Rick Perry Does Not Know Creationism NOT Taught in Texas Public Schools (8/18/2011) - salon
 56. McCain Continues to Embrace Racist John Hagee- On the *Slave Sale* (3/3/2008) - salon
 57. Alligator pulled out of Squaw Creek Crossing in Somervell County (11/4/2009) - pharper
 58. Obama's *A More Perfect Union* Speech in Audio and Video (3/18/2008) - salon
 59. Flip Flop Flip Flop -Is Rick Perry A States Righter? For Big Government? For Secession? Who Knows? (8/4/2011) - salon
 60. Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant (Glen Rose, TX) Workers May STRIKE This week (2007) -Contract Expires at Midnight Saturday (3/21/2007) - salon
 61. Van Taylor (Greenie Boy Wannabe from US District 17) Didn't Just Pop Up From Under a Cabbage Leaf (10/13/2006) - salon
 62. Hillary Clinton and the Furniture in the White House (2/20/2008) - salon
 63. On Joelle Ogletree of Glen Rose, Texas And the Investigation by TEA OF Her Fitness to Recertified as a Teacher (11/2/2007) - salon
 64. Don't Come to Oakdale Park in Glen Rose If........................... (8/22/2010) - salon
 65. SHAME ON YOU, EFH-Luminant if you will NOT PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAXES (10/30/2013) - salon
 66. Hooters Not a Topless Joint-So It's A-Ok for City Employees To Eat There On the Glen Rose City's Dime (7/25/2010) - salon
 67. Why I'm Voting for Secessionist Rick Perry - Because He Wants Creationism Taught in Schools (6/13/2011) - salon
 68. Energy Future Holdings- Leveraged Buyout and Junk Bonds Performance (May 2010) (5/29/2010) - salon
 69. Heard Loud Explosion Sound about 5 minutes ago- Sonic Boom or something else? (6/8/2011) - salon
 70. Pig in a Poke SR2O and the Desperate Commissioners Court of Somervell County (3/14/2014) - salon
 71. Mike Huckabee bears false witness (3/2/2011) - pharper
 72. Hooters! Eating Out on the Taxpayers of City of Glen Rose's dime (7/9/2010) - salon
 73. Bigfoot once roamed Glen Rose Texas (Bwahahahahahahahah) (1/27/2010) - salon
 74. My Impression of the Somervell County Hospital Board Meeting 1/22/2015 (1/22/2015) - salon
 75. Did Rick Perry Miss His Calling to be a Minister? Why Put a Preacher Into Public Office? (6/30/2011) - salon
 76. Flooding Along the Paluxy River and at Big Rock Park, Glen Rose, Texas (Pictures)-2007 (6/27/2007) - salon
 77. Nuclear-Waste Eating Bacteria- A Future Possible Answer for the Radioactivity Issues of Nuclear Energy (10/3/2007) - salon
 78. Mitt Romney, Mormonism, Mountain Meadows Massacre, Mexico and the Pratts (5/10/2012) - salon
 79. Rick Perry was a Cheerleader at A&M-Say, that Makes Him Like George Bush! (7/21/2011) - salon
 80. Impressions from the Texas State Democratic Convention- Day 2 (Friday) (6/10/2006) - salon
 81. Hilarious Review of *Green Lantern* from The Superficial - Turd Cloud Edition (6/19/2011) - salon
 82. Another Ridiculous Baloney Email- Obama the Racist (Coil of Rage) (7/14/2011) - salon
 83. Dewhurst Apparently Thinks No One Could See Him Working the Senate (7/14/2013) - salon
 84. Letter About Sarah Palin from Anne Kilkenney of Wasilla (9/4/2008) - salon
 85. Findings of Fact in Chayce Wilson, Matt Brooks, Joelle Ogletree case (11/3/2007) - joe
 86. Ten Things You Probably Don't Know About Rick Perry (7/23/2011) - salon
 87. Official Dinosaur of Texas to be Changed-To be the Paluxysaurus Jonesi (Mentions Glen Rose) (1/8/2009) - salon
 88. The Problem Pyramid Theory-Who's On Top of the Problem Pyramid? (11/26/2013) - salon
 89. Lifetouch Screwed up Yearbook Photos for McKinney Texas Yearbook (5/18/2008) - salon
 90. Sid Miller (TX House Dist 59) July 15, 2008 Campaign Finance Report-Receipts (7/16/2008) - salon
 91. Looks like Joelle Ogletree is Going to Sue Glen Rose ISD Over the False Sex With Students Allegations (8/27/2007) - salon
 92. Offbeat? Since When are Populist Whistlestops in Texas Off Beat? (8/6/2006) - salon
 93. Open Records in Texas-Mugshots at County Level (4/13/2009) - salon
 94. *Can't You Take A Joke, It Was Just Some Humour*-Why Romney's Birther Comment is Offensive (8/26/2012) - salon
 95. Can Just ANYONE Become an Ordained Minister and Perform Weddings? (8/13/2008) - salon
 96. Naked Airport TSA Full Body Scanner Comes to Baltimore-Washington Airport (5/5/2008) - salon
 97. Oops! Texas State Dinosaur, based on bones found in Glen Rose, Ought to be a Paluxysaurus (10/3/2007) - salon
 98. Making a TV Antenna Part 2 -DIY (1/17/2009) - salon
 99. What Is Sid Miller's Position On Equine Dentistry- An Email Exchange Between Miller (Tx House District 59) and Dr Mike Jones of Glen Rose (10/29/2010) - salon
 100. BEST vs. HARPER - Updated 9/4/2016 (9/29/2014) - pharper
 101. The Incredibly Sad Tale of Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey Or How Does One Lose Visitation? (6/28/2009) - salon
 102. Somervell County Judge Moves to another County ... AND REMAINS Somervell County JUDGE????!!!!!!! (3/21/2014) - salon
 103. Elected Board Member's Wife... and Opinions That are Strictly My Own (5/24/2014) - salon
 104. Update: Petition to dissolve Somervell County Hospital District exceeds 700 signatures! August 25, 2013 (8/25/2013) - pharper
 105. New fees at the Somervell County transfer-station (5/14/2011) - OldBridge
 106. Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) Campaign Contributions from A&M PAC (3/27/2008) - salon
 107. On Populist Democracy Versus Labels/Clique Groups and Infighting (7/25/2007) - salon
 108. More interesting Civil Cases Filed in Somervell County (12/5/2008) - salon
 109. So... NOW that Alvis Delk/Carl Baugh Fake Footprint Scans Have been taken to ANOTHER Medical Center (8/12/2008) - salon
 110. Well, LA-TE-Da-Rick Perry's Campaign Political Expenditure At Cross Dressing Bar (7/25/2011) - salon
 111. Christian Nation-For Which Christians? re: John Jay, Founding Father (6/30/2011) - salon
 112. Rick Perry Sneers at Private Property Rights- The Trans Texas Corridor (7/22/2011) - salon
 113. Where's the MUMMY????? Of John St Helens (maybe) aka John Wilkes Booth of Glen Rose Texas (7/3/2009) - salon
 114. Rrrroooowwww! Vitter's Wife's Hooker Dress (7/17/2007) - salon
 115. Possible UFO Sighting in Selden, Erath County, Texas Last Tuesday Night? (1/14/2008) - salon
 116. Texas Democratic Party Rules for Precinct Night (2/18/2008) - salon
 117. Eh-Hem! Internet Escort Service BUSTED that Originated in Stephenville (Erath County) Texas (7/14/2007) - salon
 118. Sid Miller's Jan 2008 TEC Campaign Contributions- Harold Simmons-Dumping Radioactive Waste Near Water (3/27/2008) - salon
 119. The 11 Proposed Amendments to the Texas Constitution (10/20/2009) - pstern
 120. Family Values PfffTT!! Sarah Palin's Daughter Bristol is Pregnant Out of Wedlock (9/1/2008) - salon
 121. What Effect on Texas Women If Planned Parenthood Defunded (7/3/2011) - salon
 122. Somervell Central Appraisal District Property Tax bills and a public notice going out the first of next week (9/28/2012) - pharper
 123. Who Made (Or is Still Making) the Decision Not to Clear Joelle Ogletree's Name? (11/7/2007) - salon
 124. Healthcare for Free? (9/17/2011) - humanbeing
 125. Senator Grassley Investigating 6 Top Evangelists- Turn Over Your Financial Records, Please! (11/6/2007) - salon
 126. Sid *Sonogram* Miller's Draft Dodging Immoral Campaign Treasurer Ted Nugent (12/27/2013) - salon
 127. Who are they trying to convince? (8/22/2013) - ConcernedCitizen
 128. Just Had a Fried Pie from the Fried Pie Shoppe in Glen Rose and MUST RAVE about it. (11/9/2010) - salon
 129. Movie Watch-Watched *The Omega Man* Last night as well as *West World* (3/31/2009) - salon
 130. It's 2009 Now-Whatever Happened to the FBI Investigation into Air-Evac Helicopters? (1/25/2009) - salon
 131. How Does Texas Rank Against Other States in 2011? (6/14/2011) - salon
 132. Sid Miller Smacked Down RE: Texas Sonogram Law - 'Thinly Veiled Rhetoric* (8/31/2011) - salon
 133. Cindy McCain: The Homewrecker -OR- John McCain: The Unfaithful (2/20/2008) - joe
 134. Cleburne ISD Superintendent Out- Apparently Misuse of Title 1 Funds, etc (4/3/2008) - salon
 135. Federal Election Commission Contributions for Chet Edwards (Us House Dist 17) (2/4/2008) - salon
 136. On Texas Science Textbooks and the Fake Dinosaur/Human Footprint Fossil of Alvis Delk (8/10/2008) - salon
 137. On Government Sticking Its Nose Into Family Decisions- RE: HPV and Gardasil (1/26/2007) - salon
 138. CNN Goes Obi-Wan Kinobi on Election Night-Bwahahahahah (11/5/2008) - salon
 139. Columbia Tennesee Pastor Affinity Fraud (3/28/2010) - kevintrubolt
 140. From Somervell County Sheriff's Logs- Injury to Disabled Individual (5/21/2009) - salon
 141. Updated for 2017Why I Will Not Vote for Ron Hankins, if he runs, to be on the Somervell County Hospital Board (prev 2015) (4/25/2015) - salon
 142. Bwahahah! Palin Believes that Dinosaurs and Humans Walked the Earth Together 6000 Years Ago (9/14/2008) - salon
 143. Joelle Ogletree Update of May 2009-Spoke at the GRISD (Glen Rose ISD) School Board Meeting Last Week (5/28/2009) - salon
 144. Robertson County, Texas-Oil and Gas Swindle O Day Or How To Steal Mineral Rights (5/20/2007) - salon
 145. More Dinosaur Tracks Found in Glen Rose? October 2010 (10/23/2010) - salon
 146. Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, Texas Background (9/2/2006) - salon
 147. Who First Discovered the Dinosaur Tracks on Larry Smith's Property in Glen Rose? Lance Hall and Roz Morgan- Scientific Community (11/4/2010) - salon
 148. More on *Waterbreak* Scandal with Sarah Palin-Because this Pick for VP is Pretty Hilar (9/2/2008) - salon
 149. Excursus about Open Records in Texas- Emphasis on Somervell County Salon Open Records (10/16/2014) - salon
 150. Gov. Perry did not explain how providing medical coverage would result in the deaths of 1,000 people. (11/25/2013) - salon

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