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salon > From the Dallas Observer in 2015 Prestonwood Baptist Church and its supporters have never liked talking about the convicted pedophile who once worked there and have let that be known in very pointe....
salon > Saw this video today  
salon > Adding a comment after Donald Trump's false equivalence of the KKK/Nazi/White Supremacy rally in Charlottesville.
salon > Update on letter grading from Texas Lege May 2017 In the compromise version of the bill, schools and districts would be graded in three categories: student achievement, student progress and closi....
salon > 4/3/2017-Update on the American Humanist Assoc vs Birdville ISD case. In March 2017 - A federal appeals court on Monday said a Texas school board may open its meetings with student-led prayers with....
salon > Incidentally, nobody ran against Hankins, so sad to say there will be election this year. 
salon > Adding a great article from Texas Tribune "In courthouse turf war, Texas counties rally against statewide court records portal". The Texas Supreme Court, through its Office of Court Adm....
salon > I, owner of Somervell County Salon, have also received subpoenas to be deposed. 

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Popular 75-2016

 1. by salon
Hillary Clinton Flip Flop and Hypocrisy List -2016
 2. by salon
Elizabeth Morgan Arrested for DWI, Jailed - January 2016 - Director at Glen Rose Medical Center
 3. by salon
Karen Shepard's Arraignment To Be 5/4/2016 (Wed) at 18th District Court-Somervell
 4. by salon
Religious Charletans Make Excuses For their Private Jet Use
 5. by salon
Karen Shepard Case- Trial Today (9/26/2016) Judgement to Come Nov 9 2016
 6. by salon
Case Set for Karen Shepard June 1 2016 at 9:00 am (Somervell)
 7. by salon
Will the Somervell County Expo Center Be Closed at the end of this fiscal year (2016)

by salon
Tasha Hatcher and Karen Shepard Cases Heard This Morning - 6/1/2016
 9. by salon
Glen Rose Medical Center Sends Open Letter to Employees (June 24 2016)
 10. by salon
About Oakdale Park *The Plunge* Pool and Chlorination - May 25, 2016
 11. by salon
Video-Somervell County Hospital District meeting 5/24/2016
 12. by salon
About the human remains found at Ingram Sand and Gravel in Glen Rose (April 2016)-Shane Michael Siddall
 13. by salon
Counselor Selena M Baxter That Worked for Rite of Passage in Granbury Has Been Charged with Sexual Contact with Minor

by salon
Political Brain Dump for Jan 20 2016- Bernie Sanders v Hillary Clinton
 15. by salon
Paul Harper WINS - Harper v Best Anti-Slapp Motion to Dismiss from 10th Court of Appeals Waco
 16. by salon
Horrid Hillary Clinton Campaign Tactic O Day- Threaten Women With Hell If They Don't Vote For her
 17. by salon
Rumour Mill- Glen Rose Medical Center - 6/17/2016
 18. by salon
Liz Morgan, Director of HIM at Glen Rose Medical Center, Suspended Indefinitely (Feb 2016)
 19. by salon
Poor Poor Suzanne Gentling Loves to Mislead & Victim Blame- At It Again!
 20. by salon
Why is Judge Danny Chambers Acting as Denying Judge for Giving Legislative Invocations?
 21. by salon
Pilot Killed in single engine crash north of West, Texas was John Allen Seay Jr of Glen Rose
 22. by salon
Rumour Mill-9/27/2016- Where did Dr Mark Schneider go?? (Glen Rose/Somervell)
 23. by salon
Some Complaints About Oakdale Park in Glen Rose Texas (April and May 2016)

by salon
William Cox, Former Somervell Deputy, Drunkenly Shot a Gun into a Church in Ellis County (Texas)
 25. by salon
Would YOU Speak out about Glen Rose Medical Center Safety Issues? Update Turk v Ray Reynolds & Somervell County Hospital District case 10/4/2016
 26. by salon
Hillary Clinton is SUCH A HYPOCRITE on Health Care
 27. by salon
Somervell County Jail Logs/Incident Reports/Fire EMS for Jan 19, 2016 thru Feb 29 2016
 28. by salon
Fancy Dinner for Glen Rose Healthcare Inc But Glen Rose Medical Center Can't Make their Bond Payment? (Feb 5 2016)
 29. by salon
Police Report re: William Cox -Somervell County Sheriff's Department
 30. by salon
Danny Chambers Letter Cutting $58,000 Paid to City for Animal Control
 31. by salon
GRMC Public Relations Director Casts Aspersions on Luminant on Facebook Gossip Group
 32. by salon
Should Democratic Liberals Give Hillary Clinton a Pass About Bill Clinton?

by salon
Karen Shepard Court Documents (July 2016) -Jury Trial Set for Sep 26 2016
 34. by salon
Somervell County March 1 2016 Election Results
 35. by salon
Somervell County Hospital District Violates Bylaws at First Regular Meeting of 2016 of New Board
 36. by salon
Somervell County Judge Danny Chambers Continues to Show Contempt for the Constitution (9/12/2016)

by salon
In 2008, Hillary Clinton ran an under-the-cover racist campaign against Barack Obama
 38. by salon
Update 1/9/2016 on Turk Lawsuit against Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District
 39. by salon
Update on Elizabeth Ann Morgan: Re DWI - May 2016)
 40. by salon
Somervell County Jail Logs/Incident Reports/Fire EMS for Jan 1- Jan 18 2016
 41. by salon
Weird Facebook Messages O Day-Being Accused of Not Posting With My Own Name
 42. by salon
HOW MUCH???? Property Worth 31,980 Sold to Nursing Home for 6,534.00 (Somervell County Hospital District)
 43. by pharper
New head football coach paid more than any teacher at Glen Rose ISD
 44. by salon
Update 9/23/2016 on Turk v Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District

by pharper
Will SCHD President Chip Harrison attempt to declare 'State of Civil Emergency' for Hospital District?

by pharper
Complaint filed against Somervell County Auditor for allegedly violating Texas Open Meetings Act
 47. by salon
Somervell County Incident Reports 3/1/2016 through 5/6/2016
 48. by salon
Luminant Files Appeal Notice in 10th District Court of Appeals Against Somervell CAD on June 2 2016

by salon
Curious- Why Is it not a conflict of interest for Dr Steven Vacek to Run for Somervell County Hospital District board?

by salon
Bernie Sanders v Hillary Clinton Brain Dump 2/21/2016
 51. by salon
FFRF has sent a letter to Somervell County Attorney Andrew Lucas About Unconstitutional Prayer Actions
 52. by salon
Somervell County Jail Logs/Incident Reports/Fire EMS for Jan 19- Jan 28 2016
 53. by salon
Ron Hankins Leads the Way to Find out about GRMC Bankruptcy (July 2016)
 54. by salon
Some Doctor Contracts from Glen Rose Medical Center (2016)
 55. by salon
Are the 501a Doctors w Glen Rose Medical Center Taking Salary Cuts and Insurance Benefits Cuts?
 56. by salon
Somervell County Jail Logs/Incident Reports/Fire EMS for August 29 2016 thru October 4, 2016
 57. by salon
John Lewis Clarifies His Remarks about Bernie Sanders (2/13/2016)
 58. by salon
Ron Hankins Says What Luminant is Doing is *Corporate Evil* and *Bullying*
 59. by salon
State of Texas Motion for Rehearing in the Harper v Best case DENIED 7/13/2016 -Paul Reed Harper v The State of Texas Ex Rel George Darrell Best

by salon
Dr Turk Apparently OUT- Received Termination Paper(s) with Glen Rose Healthcare Inc 501a -6/1/2016)
 61. by salon
Another Side to the Oakdale Park Complaints - 7/1/2016
 62. by salon
Update on Turk Lawsuit against Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District -8/24/2016
 63. by salon
Rude Behaviour at the City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting 9/12/2016

by salon
Very Useful Candidates March 2016 Election by County Page on the Texas SOS website.
 65. by salon
Reinkes WIN In City of Glen Rose's Appeal Against Them in City of Glen Rose v Reinke
 66. by salon
New Contract for Concessions at Somervell County (August 2016)
 67. by salon
Questions regarding *gifts* at Oakdale Park (June 24 2016)
 68. by salon
James Comey of FBI Says Hillary Clinton was EXTREMELY CARELESS AND...
 69. by salon
Liz Morgan's DWI that Broke her Probation? Now Has to Use an Interlock (July 2016)
 70. by salon
Somervell County Sheriff Incident Reports 5/8/2016 through 6/8/2016
 71. by salon
What Did Somervell County Pay for Andy Lucas Outside Legal Expenses in July 2016?
 72. by salon
Somervell County Hospital District Wants to Raise your Taxes to Just Below the .175 cent cap to .1737486 (2016)
 73. by salon
Sheriff Doyle Inconsistent and Arbitrary with Mugshot Photos - May 2016
 74. by salon
Somervell County Jail Logs 3/1/2016 through May 8 2016

by salon
City of Glen Rose v Ernest and Shirley Reinke Appeal Update January 2016