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salon > Quick update on this, via Pacer-Click on pic to see larger
salon > Lance Been awhile. Send me an email at salon@glenrose.net with the names of who you're talking about, above. Also, the newspaper editor is no longer local, ie officed here, but the paper is run....
LanceHall > I'd love to see the Hotel Guest books and see if Jacene's name shows up long before he officially *found* the tracks.  I'd like to know if the Visitor's Bureau has emails wit....
LanceHall > I see the land or that part of it is now in the hands of Glen Rose's own Corky Underwood. Is Jacene still involved?   I had already informed the Visitor Bureau manager (who's....
salon > Hi, Peter. Long time no hear. The theme of my post, above, is about religous people who believe that god put trump in office. Do you have a specific opinion on that?  On your general comme....
pstern > What a nation of lost souls we have. Determined people are doing whatever they want...which is to create chaos and to bring down our government. While our government is a mess, it's still the b....
salon > From the Dallas Observer in 2015 Prestonwood Baptist Church and its supporters have never liked talking about the convicted pedophile who once worked there and have let that be known in very pointe....
salon > Saw this video today  

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When Is it Ever Morally Okay to Threaten Elected Board Members's Livelihood? One Man Thinks It's Fine (3/6/2015)(4132) salon
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 33. Fire on West 67 by 203 in Somervell County with multiple EM vehicles - 10/11/2015 and 10/12/2015 (10/11/2015)(2719) salon
 34. Watching 'The Jinx' and wondering again HOW Robert Durst got away with that Galveston murder (3/11/2015)(2643) salon
 35. I *Salon* Am Owner and Manager of Salon.Glenrose.net- Suzanne Gentling Knows Better (8/20/2015)(2639) salon
 36. 14 Year Old Muslim Nerd Kid Made Clock, Got Taken to JV and fingerprinted in Irving (9/15/2015)(2619) salon
 37. Should all religions have respect shown for them at all times? Nope. And the Je Suis Hebdo Conservatives Agree! (9/16/2015)(2601) salon
 38. Body Bag- Why Does it Matter that Liz Morgan is STILL HIPAA Privacy Officer despite 3rd Degree Felony? (Glen Rose Medical Center) (8/17/2015)(2568) salon
 39. WHO Decided to Treat Ron Hankins' Clearly Frivolous Whiny Complaint Seriously? (7/16/2015)(2533) salon
 40. Bernie Sanders Won't Seek Reckless Adventures Abroad, Unlike Hillary Clinton (11/20/2015)(2486) salon
 41. Can*t Do Anything About People Who want to listen to Gossip Without Verifying IF True (6/16/2015)(2481) salon
 42. So.. Andy Lucas Tried to Keep Paul Harper From Participating In Meeting- JUDGE SAID NO!!!!! (1/18/2015)(2443) salon
 43. UPDATED - SHE HAS BEEN SUED - July 6 -Katie Lang CAVES IN.... Hood County WILL now issue marriage licences for same sex couples (6/30/2015)(2404) salon
 44. History Ponderings- Indian Savages in the Declaration of Independence (7/13/2015)(2385) salon
 45. Wow! Darrell Best AGAIN Commandeers the Hospital Board Meeting Crowd While the ELECTED are having an executive session (1/29/2015)(2327) salon
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More on Dr Justus Peters Leaving Pecan Family Medical Center - July 2015 (7/19/2015)(2193) salon
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 50. Hey, Brian Birdwell-You DO realize that Hood County has its own hospital district?????? (3/7/2015)(2164) salon

Federal Tax Lien Against Glen Rose Healthcare Inc (March 2015) (3/10/2015)(2159) salon
 52. Why Should ANYONE Listen Uncritically to ANYTHING Ron Hankins Says? (5/29/2015)(2158) salon
 53. Suzanne Gentling Misleading Statements and Innuendo- Round 2 (8/25/2015)(2143) salon
 54. Another Mass Shooting -This Time in San Bernadino (12/2/2015)(2143) salon
 55. Allen Sumners Apparently Just Can't Understand That a Woman Can Own and Manage a Blog (3/2/2015)(2116) salon
 56. Somervell Fourth of July Parade and Fireworks at Wheeler Branch-2015 (6/30/2015)(2095) salon

What about Local Government meetings and CHL/Open Carry? (Texas) (6/18/2015)(2092) salon

Governor Greg Abbott-Pandering to Idiots? Re: Jade Helm 15 (4/30/2015)(2079) salon
 59. Goofy Sid Miller O Day- Cupcake Amnesty (1/25/2015)(2055) salon
 60. Donald Trump Sounds like a Nazi - Unqualified to be President of the United States (12/8/2015)(2043) salon
 61. Liz Morgan- Yes, the Glen Rose Medical Center Director Who Pled Guilty to a 3rd Degree Felony-'s Personnel File (8/28/2015)(2038) salon
 62. Updated- Called Somervell County Clerk's Office To Ask If They were issuing same sex marriage licenses (6/26/2015)(2032) salon
 63. Reflections on Eddie Routh/Chris Kyle Trial Going on in Stephenville (2/12/2015) (2/12/2015)(2023) salon

Audio -Dwayne Griffin at Somervell County Commissioners Court on Unmanned Drones (UAV) -Jan 16 2015 (2/13/2015)(2010) salon

What about that Rehab Center That Wants to Go Downtown at Inn on the River Property? (Glen Rose) (5/6/2015)(2002) salon
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Who funds ISIS? (2/7/2015)(1935) pstern
 70. Chip Harrison Voted In as Somervell County Hospital Board President 6-1 tonight (5/14/2015)(1921) salon
 71. Video- Doctors Salaries in Budget- Glen Rose Medical Center (2015) (8/22/2015)(1899) salon
 72. Yuck! So Bill Cosby Had Already SAID He was Drugging Women in a Deposition (7/6/2015)(1881) salon
 73. Video- City of Glen Rose Special Session re: Kelly Harris, Supervisor at Oakdale Park (8/5/2015)(1877) salon
 75. I'm White-And that Levi Pettit *Apology* really ticked me off (3/25/2015)(1860) salon