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Popular 50-2014

 1. Wondering-WHO was the Hospital District board member that was too busy fighting to help with patient care issues? (12/7/2014salon
 2. SHAME ON YOU, Chip Harrison- You LIKE Glen Rose Medical Center Operating an ILLEGAL SLUSH FUND? (8/21/2014salon
 3. Pig in a Poke SR2O and the Desperate Commissioners Court of Somervell County (3/14/2014salon
 4. BEST vs. HARPER - Updated 9/4/2016 (9/29/2014pharper
 5. Somervell County Judge Moves to another County ... AND REMAINS Somervell County JUDGE????!!!!!!! (3/21/2014salon
 6. Elected Board Member's Wife... and Opinions That are Strictly My Own (5/24/2014salon
 7. Excursus about Open Records in Texas- Emphasis on Somervell County Salon Open Records (10/16/2014salon
 8. Somervell County Scanner launches free online stream of local police scanner (8/10/2014pharper
 9. Glen Rose Medical Center Visited by Texas Department of State Health Services Last Week (2014) (12/17/2014salon
 10. You! You're a WIFE! No Freedom of Speech for You Unless Your Husband Approves (Political Wives) (10/22/2014salon
 11. Minutes from the Somervell County Hospital District or Authority Board for the Past Year (2013-2014) (8/8/2014salon
 12. So.. Repeating-You CANNOT go into PRIVATE Gated Community Pecan Plantation Without Permission (6/1/2014salon
 13. Done with the National Football League- Ray Rice Actions DISGUSTING (9/8/2014salon
 14. More on the Glen Rose Medical Center Slush Fund (9/5/2014salon
 15. So.. Has SR2O been playing Somervell County for suckers while putting pressure on Alvarado? (3/21/2014salon
 16. DMN - Greed Doomed the TXU Buyout (3/29/2014salon
 17. Gee.. and I thought we elected Adults to the Board Not Dogs (8/3/2014salon
 18. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 10/2/2014 (10/2/2014salon
 19. Re: 501a Slush Fund- Ray Reynolds Says he is not following the *Letter of the Law* (9/15/2014salon
 20. Buh-Bye SR2O- Glen Rose Reporter Says They're OUTTA Here -Judge Mike Ford Whines (3/25/2014salon
 21. Somervell County Hospital District Election Board Returns-GUESS WHO WON! (2014) (5/10/2014salon
 22. Mike Ford and Prometheus- Email (3/20/2014salon
 23. Rumour Mill: Glen Rose Medical Center Hospital Employee Allegedly Took Money from a Church (8/25/2014salon
 24. Detailed Somervell County Election Results (3/5/2014pharper
 25. Paul Harper's Agenda to keep the Glen Rose Medical Center OPEN! (4/10/2014pharper
 26. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Sep 17 2014 (9/17/2014salon
 27. Ruminations of the Easily Amused 8/29/2014 (8/29/2014salon
 28. Somervell County Judge Mike Ford Whines at the Commissioners (3/28/2014salon
 29. Wow! An actual CHOICE for Texas Ag Commissioner- Kenneth Kendrick (8/11/2014salon
 30. What Happened to Josh Pendergraft at Glen Rose Medical Center? (2/10/2014salon
 31. Somervell County Hospital District mails notices to candidates LATE violating Texas Election Code (3/1/2014pharper
 32. Grifter Companies Looking for Tax Abatements, Free Land, and other Spiffs (3/25/2014salon
 33. About that dang PFC board that the Somervell County Commissioners voted to create (3/27/2014salon
 34. Attempt by Somervell County Hospital District Board to Change Terms of 501a (Slush Fund) (11/6/2014salon
 35. Impressions of the Somervell County Hospital Board Meeting of May 28 2014 (5/31/2014salon
 36. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for March 25 2014 (3/25/2014salon
 37. The Zoo at the Somervell County Hospital District Board Meetings (9/14/2014salon
 38. WHY did the Somervell County Judge and ALL Commissioners Vote to make themselves a board? (3/13/2014salon
 39. Do you care about clean waterways? Sid Miller apparently doesn't (1/21/2014salon
 40. Ron Hankins Equates Facebook Censorship to 1930s Germany (8/3/2014salon
 41. Somervell County Hospital District Meeting- Tax and IS THE SLUSH FUND GOING TO BE ADDRESSED? (8/19/2014salon
 42. Do you wonder what the SR2O proposal was? Here it is (3/26/2014salon
 43. Ooops! Glen Rose Reporter Got It Wrong re: August 21 2014 Tax Rate discussion -Correction Ahead (9/11/2014salon
 44. Whether There Should be Expectation that Money Runs A Town... And not Government (3/27/2014salon
 45. Audio- Rough Transcript of Somervell County Commissioners Meeting Hawking SR20 (3/13/2014salon
 46. EVERY Ad by a Texas Republican brings in Obama? When will Sid Miller denounce Ted Nugent? (2/22/2014salon
 47. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Sep 3, 2014 (9/3/2014salon
 48. Somervell County Hospital District Dissolution Petition picking up steam again (2/26/2014pharper
 49. Doctor Expressed STRONG Concerns about Ray Reynolds and TORCH (10/30/2014salon
 50. Glen Rose Medical Center claims emails nor facebook logs are available electronically (5/1/2014pharper


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