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Popular 50-2010

 1. Will the South Rise Again? (7/27/2013)
 2. Chapter Closed for Joelle Ogletree- Doing Well Despite Glen Rose ISD (6/22/2013)
 3. Happy Hill Farm Changed Its Name to North Central Texas Academy (4/11/2013)
 4. The Petition to Dissolve the Somervell County Hospital District is here!! (5/23/2013)
 5. On Somervell County Hospital District's Attorney and the Texas Public Information Act(AG Opinion) (11/15/2013)
 6. Happy Hill Farm aka North Central Texas Academy PR in Wake of Lawsuit (4/11/2013)
 7. Petition for an election to dissolve the Somervell County Hospital District - Round 2 (11/18/2013)
 8. SHAME ON YOU, EFH-Luminant if you will NOT PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAXES (10/30/2013)
 9. Dewhurst Apparently Thinks No One Could See Him Working the Senate (7/14/2013)
 10. The Problem Pyramid Theory-Who's On Top of the Problem Pyramid? (11/26/2013)
 11. Update: Petition to dissolve Somervell County Hospital District exceeds 700 signatures! August 25, 2013 (8/25/2013)
 12. Sid *Sonogram* Miller's Draft Dodging Immoral Campaign Treasurer Ted Nugent (12/27/2013)
 13. Who are they trying to convince? (8/22/2013)
 14. Gov. Perry did not explain how providing medical coverage would result in the deaths of 1,000 people. (11/25/2013)
 15. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Dec 14 2013 (12/14/2013)
 16. Exclusive: Hospital Authority Board passed over 90+ extremely qualified candidates to select Ray Reynolds as CEO (Resume's included) (5/10/2013)
 17. Have You Been Turned Away from Being Treated at Pecan Family Medical Center (Granbury)? (11/26/2013)
 18. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for October 27, 2013 (10/27/2013)
 19. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for December 28 2013 (12/28/2013)
 20. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for December 9, 2013 (12/9/2013)
 21. Who Signed the Somervell County Hospital District Election Petition? (3/6/2013)
 22. What MIGHT happen when EFH (Luminant/Comanche Peak) declares bankruptcy? (10/30/2013)
 23. Just How Messed up IS this Push for a Somervell County Hospital District? (3/1/2013)
 24. Muse O Day- If Somervell County Owns the Squaw Valley Golf Course and Operates It... (11/5/2013)
 25. What Actions for Glen Rose Medical Center Embezzlers? (8/5/2013)
 26. Longtime Golf Course Head Mechanic Jesse Schoessow Laid Off by County- Budget Cuts Responsible (9/11/2013)
 27. Comanche Peak Nuclear Reactor Trips During Testing - (Nov, 2013) (11/6/2013)
 28. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Dec 7 2013 (12/7/2013)
 29. Why Does Anyone Besides a Tea Party John Bircher Have Ronald Reagan on a Pedestal? (12/13/2013)
 30. Somervell County Judge Mike Ford and Violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA) (8/14/2013)
 31. Amused about the Miniature Ark Dedication at Creation Evidence Museum (Glen Rose) (7/16/2013)
 32. Making a Dog Awning Today (6/26/2013)
 33. My Bankruptcy Story (10/30/2013)
 34. Ladies of a feather flock together: Milla Perry Jones, Patricia Dewhurst and Cecilia Abbott (7/10/2013)
 35. Exclusive: Creation of a hospital district means wave good-bye to Pecan Plantation, it is the LAW (5/13/2013)
 36. Why Is *Army of One* Appropriate for a Public School? (Dennis Lee Ministries) (11/10/2013)
 37. Energy Future Holding- Will it Be the LARGEST Bankruptcy in US History? (8/1/2013)
 38. Comanche Peak Unusual Event on Dec 4 2013- Contractor Cut Power Cable (12/8/2013)
 39. Journalistic Overreach (5/30/2013)
 40. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 18 2013 (7/18/2013)
 41. Rick Perry-Small Words from a Small Man (6/28/2013)
 42. Blank Check Syndrome from Glen Rose Medical Center Re: 501a? (8/27/2013)
 43. Obama, Democrats push for new immigration reform (12/22/2013)
 44. On Glen Rose Medical Center Pouring Money Into Hood County*s Pecan Plantation -Part 1 (7/27/2013)
 45. What is Latest on Lawsuit Against Happy Hill (now called North Texas Academy) (11/12/2013)
 46. A Shoutout to Glen Rose Animal Shelter (9/3/2013)
 47. How Will J D Sheffield (TX Dist 59) Vote on HB60? SHAME ON HIM-He voted YES (6/23/2013)
 48. Cue *Drunken Sailor* Mode-Somervell County Hospital District Ready to Spend (8/9/2013)
 49. Laugh o Day-Sid *Sonogram* Miller ASKED Crazy Ted Nugent to be his campaign treasurer (10/24/2013)
 50. Would Somervell County Commisioners CLOSE Glen Rose Medical Center if District Election Doesn't Pass? (3/1/2013)


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