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Popular 50-2010

 1. GRISD Voted on Agreement Re: Joelle Ogletree at school board meeting (March 26 2012) (3/27/2012)
 2. Mitt Romney, Mormonism, Mountain Meadows Massacre, Mexico and the Pratts (5/10/2012)
 3. *Can't You Take A Joke, It Was Just Some Humour*-Why Romney's Birther Comment is Offensive (8/26/2012)
 4. Somervell Central Appraisal District Property Tax bills and a public notice going out the first of next week (9/28/2012)
 5. Nuclear Regulatory Commission sponsoring cancer risk study (10/23/2012)
 6. Paul Ryan Co-Authored a Bill with Akin - Abortions ONLY if *forcible rape*Oh-there are different kinds of Rape? (8/21/2012)
 7. Now Energy Future Holdings Selling $400 Mill of Bond Debt (Feb 2012) (3/20/2012)
 8. Republican Texas Lawmakers INTENTIONALLY discriminated against minorities in redistricting map (8/29/2012)
 9. Even Fox News Says Paul Ryan Was Lying- RNC Party of Liars Pandering to the GullibleRNC (8/30/2012)
 10. Don't Forget-Even Republicans Were Against Job Killer Mitt Romney (8/16/2012)
 11. Recap on the *New Candidate for Sheriff* Post! (3/14/2012)
 12. Ann Romney- Can you REALLY identify with this rich woman? (8/29/2012)
 13. Laughing at Mitt Romney O Day - August 13 2012-Paul Ryan Ayn Rand edition (8/13/2012)
 14. I guess Rick Perry was LYING when he Called Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Vultures (5/19/2012)
 15. What Happened to Jerry Jacene? (10/30/2012)
 16. Laughing at Mitt Romney O Day (Aug 28 2012) So Dangerous to be in France During the Vietnam War edition (8/28/2012)
 17. Timing of Mormon Decision to let blacks in the priesthood & Donnie and Marie Osmond (5/13/2012)
 18. Haha! Mitt Romney-*One Man One Woman Definition of Marriage for 3000 years* (5/13/2012)
 19. And now for something a little different... (4/9/2012)
 20. Election Results for Glen Rose ISD and Glen Rose City Council (5/12/2012)
 21. Why I left the Reporter - an email from Kathryn Jones (8/6/2012)
 22. Breaking Down Mitt Romney's Bullchit about Medicare and other Lies RR Tells (8/13/2012)
 23. Was Michael Williams Being Made Head of TEA a Quid Pro Quo for Not Running in Arlington? (8/29/2012)
 24. Congratulations to President Barack Hussein Obama- Winner of Both Popular Vote and Electoral College (11/11/2012)
 25. Oops! Komen for the Cure Losing Sponsors - Gee, Wonder Why, Nancy Brinker???? (3/16/2012)
 26. Ooops. Fitch Lowers Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of Texas Competitive Electric Holding Company (4/5/2012)
 27. What IS it about Republicans and RAPE? Sheesh! Tom Smith Steps into it (8/28/2012)
 28. Secular Coalition for America a Trojan Horse for Republican and Mormon Mitt Romney? (5/17/2012)
 29. Musing about the Proposed Somervell County Hospital District (11/30/2012)
 30. Hah! The Trainwreck that is Mitt Romney is Certainly Off the Diplomatic Track (7/30/2012)
 31. Paul Ryan- Stimulous Lovin' , Earmarks Grabbin Career Politician (August 17 2012) (8/17/2012)
 32. Sid Miller (TX House District 59) and his HB15 Sonogram Bill - March 15 2012 (3/15/2012)
 33. You know that Hospital District Somervell County VOTED DOWN? Vote coming BAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKK (11/16/2012)
 34. Ann Romney's Lack of Gratitude To the American Taxpayer- Her Dad's Use of Taxpayer money (8/31/2012)
 35. GOP sure did protect their own health insurance, didn't they? (7/16/2012)
 36. Texas Shaming Act- Courtesy of Sid *Sonogram* Miller & Doonesbury Day 5 (3/16/2012)
 37. So.. Energy Future Holdings (EFH) Piling on MORE DEBT (Aug 10 2012) (8/10/2012)
 38. Sid *Sonogram* Miller Being Lampooned in Doonesbury This Week (3/14/2012)
 39. Operating Companies on the Cheap -KKR and Bain Similarities at Luminant (8/10/2012)
 40. Sid *Transvaginal Sonogram* Miller & Doonesbury- Day 5 (3/17/2012)
 41. Glen Rose ISD spends $12,885 of public tax dollars on 11 flat sceen TV's for a stadium (3/15/2012)
 42. 18 concussions for Glen Rose ISD students in 2011 (5/7/2012)
 43. Southern Baptists Believe Mormons are a Cult and Non-Christian- That Includes Mitt Romney? (5/13/2012)
 44. New Facebook Page for Scanner and Off the Cuff Somervell County Breaking News (8/8/2012)
 45. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for May 31 2012 (5/31/2012)
 46. Mike Ford's obsession with keeping Glen Rose Medical Center county owned and run (7/21/2012)
 47. Doonesbury O Day- Sid Patrick aka Sid *Sonogram* Miller and Transvaginal Perry (3/15/2012)
 48. FordCare trying to creep into Somervell County (Glen Rose) (11/14/2012)
 49. Kathryn Jones resigned from Glen Rose Reporter - what gives? (8/1/2012)
 50. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for August 29 2912 (8/29/2012)


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