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Top Ever!

Popular 50-2010

 1. Wildfires Burning in Somervell (Glen Rose) and Hood County July 7 2011 (7/7/2011)
 2. Is Rick Perry's Daughter Sydney Married to a Son of the Aga Khan? (8/16/2011)
 3. Texas Food Stamps Program is Worst Performing in the Nation- (8/28/2011)
 4. Rick Perry All About Government Handouts to Business While Cutting Education (8/1/2011)
 5. Rick Perry-*Only God Can Help* - (Or Obama and the Federal Govt for a Handout) (8/1/2011)
 6. Is Rick Perry Upholding Shariah Law in Texas? Halal Food Law HB470- 2003 (8/20/2011)
 7. Clueless Rick Perry Does Not Know Creationism NOT Taught in Texas Public Schools (8/18/2011)
 8. Flip Flop Flip Flop -Is Rick Perry A States Righter? For Big Government? For Secession? Who Knows? (8/4/2011)
 9. Why I'm Voting for Secessionist Rick Perry - Because He Wants Creationism Taught in Schools (6/13/2011)
 10. Heard Loud Explosion Sound about 5 minutes ago- Sonic Boom or something else? (6/8/2011)
 11. Mike Huckabee bears false witness (3/2/2011)
 12. Did Rick Perry Miss His Calling to be a Minister? Why Put a Preacher Into Public Office? (6/30/2011)
 13. Rick Perry was a Cheerleader at A&M-Say, that Makes Him Like George Bush! (7/21/2011)
 14. Hilarious Review of *Green Lantern* from The Superficial - Turd Cloud Edition (6/19/2011)
 15. Another Ridiculous Baloney Email- Obama the Racist (Coil of Rage) (7/14/2011)
 16. Ten Things You Probably Don't Know About Rick Perry (7/23/2011)
 17. New fees at the Somervell County transfer-station (5/14/2011)
 18. Well, LA-TE-Da-Rick Perry's Campaign Political Expenditure At Cross Dressing Bar (7/25/2011)
 19. Christian Nation-For Which Christians? re: John Jay, Founding Father (6/30/2011)
 20. Rick Perry Sneers at Private Property Rights- The Trans Texas Corridor (7/22/2011)
 21. Healthcare for Free? (9/17/2011)
 22. How Does Texas Rank Against Other States in 2011? (6/14/2011)
 23. Sid Miller Smacked Down RE: Texas Sonogram Law - 'Thinly Veiled Rhetoric* (8/31/2011)
 24. What Effect on Texas Women If Planned Parenthood Defunded (7/3/2011)
 25. Roundup of Rick *I Wear Armani Suits and French Cuffs* Perry for Aug 22 2011 (8/22/2011)
 26. No School Sponsored Prayer at Medina Valley High (Texas) -Even After Appeal! (6/4/2011)
 27. Rick Perry Continues to Lie About Trans Texas Corridor in Des MOines Iowa interview (8/19/2011)
 28. Secessionist Rick Perry Believes in Theocracy, Not Democracy (8/1/2011)
 29. Rick *Pay to Play* Perry Offended by ONLY $5000 from Merck for Gardasil (9/13/2011)
 30. Rick Perry- Immigration Reform-Ooops. Obama Doing Better (6/6/2011)
 31. Secessionist Rick Perry Gives Republican Leadership Some Old Fashioned Hucksterism (6/18/2011)
 32. Seems Rick Perry Helped Lay the Cornerstone for a Plano TX Mosque (8/14/2011)
 33. Rick Perry, The Trans Texas Corridor & NAFTA Superhighway & Mexico (9/15/2011)
 34. NO THEOCRACIES! Rick Perry Indicative of Some Bigoted Christians (7/22/2011)
 35. Did Rick Perry Miss the 3 Branches of Government Civics Lesson? (8/20/2011)
 36. The *Other*- Violation of Texas Open Meetings Act O Day -Somervell County Hospital Authority Board (4/4/2011)
 37. Should Jews Be Offended at Rick Perry's Use of Govt Website/Stationary and Robocalls Christian Event? (7/29/2011)
 38. *The Response* Starring Rick Perry the ANOINTED ONE - Theocracy on Earth people (8/6/2011)
 39. Rick Perry Was Just Fine With Confederate Flag Wearing Rocker At his Gov Inauguration (7/30/2011)
 40. Why the Drought in Texas *Is* an Issue for Rick Perry.2 Reasons: State Prayer and Federal Aid Handout (7/21/2011)
 41. Do Republicans Think They're VICTIMS? Rick Perry Tells Them to Stop Apologizing (6/19/2011)
 42. Video: Rick Perry Tries To Strongarm Cop To Get Out of Speeding Ticket (7/29/2011)
 43. Ooops, Seems that Rick Perry Talked about Secession More Than Once (8/15/2011)
 44. Pictures of Registered Sex Offenders in Somervell County as of September 8 2011 (9/8/2011)
 45. Texas Projection Measure Gone- Texas Schools Grow Fivefold in Unacceptable Ratings (7/30/2011)
 46. Never Lost a Race? Two Slimy Election Actions Associated with Rick Perry (7/26/2011)
 47. The Glen Rose 4th of July Parade CHAOS!! (7/6/2011)
 48. Mt Everest Has Evil Spirits!!! The Response's C Peter Wagner Fights Demons! Princess Diana Dies! (7/19/2011)
 49. Rick Perry Defender of Israel? Defender of Himself Keeping His Travel Records Secret (7/24/2011)
 50. Lawsuit Against Perry's Theocracy Party *The Response* Thrown Out for Lack of Standing (7/28/2011)


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