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Popular 50-2008

 1. Silly String Over Your Child's Grave-Darlie Routier Case More Testing (11/20/2008)
 2. Pesky Black Buzzards (2/28/2008)
 3. WHO WATCHES Sarah Palin's CHILDREN, including the Down Syndrome Child? (8/30/2008)
 4. Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas Back in the News-Internet Sex Sting with Pastor (5/16/2008)
 5. Why Weren't Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn Convicted of Terrorism? Weather Underground (10/14/2008)
 6. Went Canoeing This Weekend in the Brazos River at Glen Rose (8/25/2008)
 7. Sarah Palin Political Cartoons (9/1/2008)
 8. More on Bobby Hill Who Owns a Ranch In Glen Rose AND the Taylor Ranch aka La Sierra (8/20/2008)
 9. More on *Sexy Jules*- Yup, Mom Was Having Sex With Her Daughter's Boyfriend -Cleburne, Texas (8/26/2008)
 10. 43 Year Old Cleburne (Texas) Woman Charged with Sexual Assault with 16 Year Old Boy (8/22/2008)
 11. *Uncle Fester* McCain Wins the Florida Primary-Republicans Love Them Adulterers (1/29/2008)
 12. What Do Glen Rose Moonshiners and Alvis Delk's Dinosaur/Human Footprint Have in Common? (8/10/2008)
 13. Coach Erik Slaughter of Glen Rose was set to be Stephenville's Coach... and SUDDENLY WITHDREW (2/14/2008)
 14. What Does Wayne Rotan Make As Glen Rose ISD School Superintendent? (1/9/2008)
 15. On Women's Rights Including the Right to Vote-ONLY HAPPENED IN 1920 (9/5/2008)
 16. Hormones in My Butter! Hormones in my Milk! What the Fool! (8/11/2008)
 17. McCain Continues to Embrace Racist John Hagee- On the *Slave Sale* (3/3/2008)
 18. Obama's *A More Perfect Union* Speech in Audio and Video (3/18/2008)
 19. Hillary Clinton and the Furniture in the White House (2/20/2008)
 20. Letter About Sarah Palin from Anne Kilkenney of Wasilla (9/4/2008)
 21. Lifetouch Screwed up Yearbook Photos for McKinney Texas Yearbook (5/18/2008)
 22. Sid Miller (TX House Dist 59) July 15, 2008 Campaign Finance Report-Receipts (7/16/2008)
 23. Can Just ANYONE Become an Ordained Minister and Perform Weddings? (8/13/2008)
 24. Naked Airport TSA Full Body Scanner Comes to Baltimore-Washington Airport (5/5/2008)
 25. Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) Campaign Contributions from A&M PAC (3/27/2008)
 26. More interesting Civil Cases Filed in Somervell County (12/5/2008)
 27. So... NOW that Alvis Delk/Carl Baugh Fake Footprint Scans Have been taken to ANOTHER Medical Center (8/12/2008)
 28. Texas Democratic Party Rules for Precinct Night (2/18/2008)
 29. Possible UFO Sighting in Selden, Erath County, Texas Last Tuesday Night? (1/14/2008)
 30. Sid Miller's Jan 2008 TEC Campaign Contributions- Harold Simmons-Dumping Radioactive Waste Near Water (3/27/2008)
 31. Family Values PfffTT!! Sarah Palin's Daughter Bristol is Pregnant Out of Wedlock (9/1/2008)
 32. Federal Election Commission Contributions for Chet Edwards (Us House Dist 17) (2/4/2008)
 33. CNN Goes Obi-Wan Kinobi on Election Night-Bwahahahahah (11/5/2008)
 34. Cindy McCain: The Homewrecker -OR- John McCain: The Unfaithful (2/20/2008)
 35. Cleburne ISD Superintendent Out- Apparently Misuse of Title 1 Funds, etc (4/3/2008)
 36. On Texas Science Textbooks and the Fake Dinosaur/Human Footprint Fossil of Alvis Delk (8/10/2008)
 37. Bwahahah! Palin Believes that Dinosaurs and Humans Walked the Earth Together 6000 Years Ago (9/14/2008)
 38. More on *Waterbreak* Scandal with Sarah Palin-Because this Pick for VP is Pretty Hilar (9/2/2008)
 39. Erik Slaughter of GRISD has resigned (2/19/2008)
 40. My Beef with Brookshire's Grocery Store-Loyalty Cards (6/27/2008)
 41. UPDATED: So.. Is Sarah Palin LYING about being Miss Congeniality? Another Woman Said So, CORRECTION (9/1/2008)
 42. Mini Nuclear Power Plants the Size of a Phone Booth-Buried Underground (10/15/2008)
 43. Did you hear, Obama is NOT a Muslim? (1/24/2008)
 44. Ten Commandments-About the Lawsuits Regarding Displays on Public Property (8/14/2008)
 45. Mucinex-Were Sales Goosed by Lobbying of the FDA? (4/29/2008)
 46. Why Won't Sarah Palin Release Her Medical Records? What Does She Have to Hide? (9/24/2008)
 47. Why Did the Army Lie about the death of Vidor's Kamisha Block? She was murdered (6/21/2008)
 48. Bush Attempting to Blackmail Al-Malaki into SOFA Agreement (6/6/2008)
 49. Hmm. Have heard this morning that Erik Slaughter has been placed on administrative leave from GRISD (2/15/2008)
 50. John McCain's Reptile Tongue (10/16/2008)


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