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Popular 50-2006

 1. Wanna-Be Texas Speaker McCall's Daddy was Pardoned by Bush in 2004 for Savings and Loan Scandal (12/27/2006)
 2. Van Taylor (Greenie Boy Wannabe from US District 17) Didn't Just Pop Up From Under a Cabbage Leaf (10/13/2006)
 3. Impressions from the Texas State Democratic Convention- Day 2 (Friday) (6/10/2006)
 4. Offbeat? Since When are Populist Whistlestops in Texas Off Beat? (8/6/2006)
 5. Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, Texas Background (9/2/2006)
 6. Trans Texas Corridor- Who Voted- FULL LIST (8/1/2006)
 7. Texas Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant -Did the NRC Find that the Quench Tank Has been Dry for Years? (12/17/2006)
 8. Local gossipy Glen Rose stuff (8/4/2006)
 9. Five Gas Injection Disposal Wells (for Waste Dumping) in Somervell County, Texas (9/7/2006)
 10. Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Contaminated Groundwater (11/12/2006)
 11. Sid Miller (R-Texas House District 59) Debate with Ernie Casbeer (D) in Stephenville (Erath County, Texas) (10/24/2006)
 12. Political Ad Dustup with the local upstart newspaper, Glen Rose Newspaper, in Glen Rose, Texas (10/31/2006)
 13. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas) Buys Her Kids a New Home in Virginia-Except they LIVE in Dallas (12/26/2006)
 14. Chalmers Johnson on *Republic or Empire* in Harper's Magazine of January 2007 (12/15/2006)
 15. Trans Texas Corridor Newspaper Report from Wilson County (Floresville)-Nearly 800 people attended (8/14/2006)
 16. Part 2 of Looking at Brian McCall of Plano (TX House) Who is Challenging Craddick to be Speaker) (12/27/2006)
 17. Cintra-Zachry, Spanish Company, ALSO has the Toll Road Contract for SH 130 (9/1/2006)
 18. Judge BOOED at TTC - More than 1500 People at Temple, Texas (Bell County) Trans Texas Corridor (7/27/2006)
 19. The Pros and Cons of Gas Drilling in the Barnett Shale (from Parker County, Texas) (9/26/2006)
 20. Video Bits from Texas Governor's Debate Tonight- My Faves (10/6/2006)
 21. VIDEO,AUDIO from the Bosque County TTC (Trans Texas Corridor) - (Clifton)-Selected (7/21/2006)
 22. Texas State Railroad with Van Os/ Bell/ Hathcox/ Head/ Gilbert/ Thompson/ Davis and Charlton (7/29/2006)
 23. William *Harley* Sinclair died Wednesday after a traffic accident on Hwy 67 in Glen Rose, Texas (2006) (11/16/2006)
 24. Second Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, Texas at Comanche Peak? (8/31/2006)
 25. Gainesville Reporter Article about the Trans Texas Corridor Meeting July 10- (Cooke County) (7/14/2006)
 26. Waxahachie Daily Light on the TTC (Trans Texas Corridtor) Ennis Meeting (7/14/2006)
 27. Sherman- Trans Texas Corridor Meeting July 11 (Grayson County)Newspaper comments. (7/14/2006)
 28. Rich, Affluent Neighborhood Elementary School in Dallas Charged with Segregation (Preston Hollow Elementary) (11/18/2006)
 29. More on the NAFTA Superhighway Sensors (NASCO Corridor) and Poppy Bush Era Ties to Savi Corporation (12/8/2006)
 30. The 60 Minute Smoking Gun WMD- Oh... It's US! Prompt Global Strike Anywhere on the Face of the Earth! (12/21/2006)
 31. More than 500 Angry Residents of Sequin, Texas Show up to Trans Texas Corridor Meeting Last Week (8/14/2006)
 32. Atascosa Ranchers (Pleasanton) Say NO to Trans Texas Corridor -More than 300 people attended) (8/14/2006)
 33. Paris TX (Lamar Co) - Trans Texas Corridor Meeting this week -Funniest Comment from an Elected Official (7/14/2006)
 34. Water News for Somervell County, Texas-Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (10/4/2006)
 35. Sid Miller (Texas House District 59) Disingenuous when he says he ONLY voted for Pilot Voucher Bills-They ALL were pilots (10/31/2006)
 36. Sentri Program for Crossing the Border Between Mexico and the United States (at Laredo, Texas border bridge) (10/31/2006)
 37. VIDEO - Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) Meeting in Temple Texas (Bell County) (7/27/2006)
 38. VIDEO and AUDIO of David Van OS yesterday in Somervell County (7/13/2006)
 39. Van Taylor of West, Texas and The Mark Foley (Republican) Prey-On-Children Scandal (10/5/2006)
 40. A Cornucopia of Articles or Blog Listings about Sid Miller (Texas District 59) and Ernie Casbeer (10/9/2006)
 41. VIDEO from TTC (Trans Texas Corridor) Meeting for Hood/Somervell Counties (7/20/2006)
 42. Hico, Texas to Get Gas Waste Disposal Well- And People in Hamilton County Ain't Happy (9/2/2006)
 43. Pics from Somervell County Day at Fossil Rim on Dec 9, 2006 (12/9/2006)
 44. Cornyn mentioned in article about the Alabama-Coshatta Indians Lawsuit (8/27/2006)
 45. Greg Abbott's Millions- Texas Needs an ETHICAL Attorney General, David Van Os (10/12/2006)
 46. Sid Miller (Texas House District 59) Misrepresents Ernie Casbeer's Positions (10/28/2006)
 47. Is the Texas Republican party worried that Sid Miller will LOSE to Ernie Casbeer (Texas House District 59) (11/1/2006)
 48. Perry Continues to Sneer at Citizens Versus the Commercial Elites-Trans Texas Corridor (8/22/2006)
 49. Dishonesty of Charlie Geren Re: Sale of PARK LAND at Eagle Lake to Highest Bidder (7/14/2006)
 50. Why Is Van Taylor (West, Texas) So Overly Concerned with his Military Service? (Running for District 17) (10/28/2006)


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