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Socratic Gadfly:#Obamiacs leaders of #OWS? Political whores are, too
Socratic Gadfly:Bill Keller, smug anti-#OWS #NYT bastich
Socratic Gadfly:#OccupyWallStreet: #OWS mythmaking
Socratic Gadfly:#TeapotTommy loves him some #Rahmbo
Socratic Gadfly:My #WorldSeries pick? #StlCards in 6
TMZ:Selena Gomez Gets Death Threat
TMZ:Jose Baez: Barbara Walters & I Talked Power Play
TMZ:U.S. Catholic Org. to Susan Sarandon: You*re Ignorant and Obscene!
TMZ:ABC News Anchor *Comes Out* During Report on Zach Quinto
TMZ:Paris Jackson: Girls Can Play Football Too ... and I*ll Prove It!
Anti-War:US Officials Peddle False Intel to Support Terror Plot Claims
Anti-War:The Second Herzl
Anti-War:War and the Return of Populism
Anti-War:Mapping America’s Shadowy Drone Wars
Anti-War:Baghdad Blast Kills 7 Iraqis

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Popular 50-2005

 1. Reid Calls Bush a "Loser" and he's Wrong Because (5/7/2005 7:44:47 AM)
 2. Speechwriter C Landon Parvin-Where ARE those Weapons of Mass Destruction? (5/2/2005 11:29:49 AM)
 3. CONPLAN 0300-97-Employing Special, Ultra Secret Anti-Terrorist Military Units on American Soil (7/20/2005 12:07:07 PM)
 4. Hurricane Katrina-Bush's Propaganda Effort to Create a BullHorn Moment (9/8/2005 11:18:28 AM)
 5. Bush Perpetrates the Fake News Saddam-Toppling Story to Fort Hood Soldiers in April (4/16/2005 12:19:34 PM)
 6. Supreme Court Ruled Against Constitution: Eminent Domain-But Remember George Bush Was For Taking People's Homes (6/27/2005 1:43:54 PM)
 7. DeLay Wants to Protect Makers of MTBE from lawsuits (4/6/2005)
 8. Mr Bush's Priorities (3/20/2005)
 9. Punch-Card Machine that uses Biometrics (7/21/2005 3:36:58 PM)
 10. Texas Bully Act-HB 283 (5/3/2005 5:21:28 PM)
 11. Press Coverup of the Downing Street Memo and Minutes (6/17/2005 8:44:00 AM)
 12. Cindy Sheehan Roundup-Bush Mouths Words of Sharing Grief But Hides In His Home (8/12/2005 8:25:19 AM)
 13. Joe Barton (R-Texas) wants to delay EPA regulations for clean air (4/6/2005)
 14. TSA Starts Phase 3 of Fingerprinting Truck Drivers (6/1/2005 3:23:40 PM)
 15. Proliferation Security Initiative-Bush and Bolton (5/31/2005 5:33:23 PM)
 16. Somervell County Commissioners Court-March 14,2005 (7/8/2005 8:32:59 PM)
 17. Energy Bill 2005 and How it Would affect Somervell County (4/20/2005 2:13:53 PM)
 18. Glen Rose City Council Meeting August 8, 2005 (8/9/2005 6:40:22 PM)
 19. Project 21 Disses Charles Rangel (4/15/2005 3:21:32 PM)
 20. Republicans Want "Real ID" Act- otherwise known as National Identity Card (4/25/2005 9:51:07 PM)
 21. Glen Rose City Council Meeting Feb 28, 2005 (7/8/2005 8:22:54 PM)
 22. Double Standard on Jokes-Where are Republican's Moral Values? (5/3/2005 10:12:05 PM)
 23. Chet Edwards among those who voted for S256- Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (4/1/2005)
 24. Bush's Fort Hood Visit Subdued-Perfunctory Hoo-ahs (4/17/2005 4:09:18 PM)
 25. Somervell County Commissioner's Court Feb 28, 2005 (7/8/2005 8:10:40 PM)
 26. Glen Rose Town Meeting March 14, 2005 (7/8/2005 8:34:12 PM)
 27. City of Glen Rose Meeting May 2005 (7/8/2005 8:37:21 PM)
 28. Chet Edwards Town Hall Meeting in Somervell County-Feb 25, 2005 (7/8/2005 8:35:02 PM)
 29. Somervell County Commissioner's Meeting August 8, 2005 (8/9/2005 3:27:29 PM)
 30. Joe Barton Hawks His Energy Bill in the Dallas Morning News (5/3/2005 2:51:33 PM)
 31. Stearns Reintroduces the Broadcast Ownership for the 21st Century Act (Media Ownership Rules back) (5/8/2005 10:54:15 PM)
 32. Somervell County Commisioner's Court May 2005 (7/8/2005 8:37:44 PM)
 33. Rep Phil King has no problem with treating his commission members to dinner paid for by lobbyists (5/15/2005 2:16:09 PM)
 34. White House's Trent Duffy Seems to Indicate Bush Pre-Screens Audiences for (4/19/2005 9:28:55 PM)
 35. Somervell County Commisioner's Court-June (6/20/2005 1:16:57 PM)
 36. Somervell County Roundup (9/4/2005 6:15:43 AM)
 37. Bush's Sorrow -Flag Flies at Half-Mast -For The Coast Victims? No. For Rehnquist (9/4/2005 11:36:20 AM)
 38. Backscatter- You'll See Everything- It will be paying employees to view a free peep show (5/25/2005 12:15:07 PM)
 39. How Our Texas Congressional Representatives Voted This Last Week (5/1/2005 3:00:06 PM)
 40. LexisNexis had three times as much data stolen than originally reported (4/15/2005 1:29:49 PM)
 41. Mitigating Identity Theft by Validating Financial Transactions (4/6/2005)
 42. Choicepoint changing tack regarding notifying people about background check reports (4/27/2005 11:01:45 PM)
 43. God is not Partisan-Why is the Radical Religious Right attempting to hijack all faith? (4/15/2005 7:59:07 PM)
 44. Prepackaged fake news- Bush White House says you have no need to know if you're watching real news or fake (3/15/2005)
 45. Voting in Iraq versus Texas (5/3/2005 5:09:14 PM)
 46. Why are Private, For-Profit Companies Being Considered to Run Public Schools (4/16/2005 11:17:14 AM)
 47. Texas Hates Schools (4/16/2005 10:22:49 AM)
 48. Manila Outraged over US Failure to Extradite Terrorist Luis Posada Cerilles (6/3/2005 9:45:33 PM)
 49. Neighbor in Rainbow Bucks On the Brazos Offers to Take in Hurricane Victims (9/3/2005 11:54:30 PM)
 50. Homeland Security-The Senate Ignores Chertoff's Appeal to Distribute Money Based on Risk-Goes for Pork (7/14/2005 7:11:35 AM)


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