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Dubai Ports World -Is *Nearly Sold* like *Nearly Pregnant*? (salon) I'm SHOUTING HERE! Dubai Ports World STILL FRIGGIN OWNS PORTS IN THE UNITED STATES! How many months has it been?  So, not only have they NOT sold them off, but they have the audacity to criticize port.....- 10/17/2006 1:07:02 PM
Intrusive RFID News O Day- Secret Biometric Face Scans Combined with RFID (salon) Well, not so secret since I"M TELLING YOU ABOUT IT. There you are, Employee # 12345 for XYZ Corporation and you carry an ID card. Right now you only have to swipe the card in a card reader to get.....- 10/17/2006 12:23:47 PM
World Can't Wait Protest Last Weekend at Michael Burgess Office in Lewisville, Texas (salon) Said before, I used to live in The Colony, so I like to read Denton County news sometimes. Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress District 26, Tim Barnwell and a group of protesters were outside one o.....- 10/17/2006 12:00:41 PM
Heh! Local Crank from Johnson County, Texas Has Synopsis of Edwards-Taylor Debate (US House District 17) (salon) Very funny. Shorter Van Taylor: I'm a Marine! And a hero! There's too much partisanship in Washington and it's all the fault of liberal cut and run Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, whom my opponent loves .....- 10/17/2006 11:53:22 AM
Bush Signed the Torture Bill Today that also trashes Habeus Corpus (salon) What bill is that? Oh, right, the one Chet Edwards voted for. What took Bush so long to actually SIGN this bill after it was passed by both the House and Senate? Has he secretly created a signing stat.....- 10/17/2006 11:28:14 AM
Why are US Taxpayers paying for North American Union Activities? (salon) The master plan for merging the U.S., Mexico and Canada is being devised in American University's Center for North American Studies whose faculty is subsidized by the U.S. State Department through the.....- 10/17/2006 10:52:41 AM
Not All Sweetness and Light in Barnett Shale (Texas)- Gas and Oil Injuries to People (salon) from the Cleburne Times-ReviewMauled hands, amputation, partial-amputation, crushing...An ambulance delivers a man whose hand has been crushed between two huge pipes to the hospital. As the man is whe.....- 10/17/2006 10:39:58 AM
Sneaking in Winter Gas Drilling in Wyoming Under the Guise of *Studying* (salon) Pffftttt!  Bureau of Land Management officials are considering a study that would examine the effects of natural gas drilling in the winter, a practice restricted to protect wildlife such as deer and .....- 10/17/2006 10:36:17 AM
Reminding Again about the Texas State Railroad in Palestine, TX - Hank Gilbert vs Todd Staples (salon) We went in the summer to Chris Bell and other Democratic candidate's Whistlestop in Palestine regarding Perry's gutting of state park funds, including the Texas State Railroad. Dallas Morning News has.....- 10/17/2006 10:13:12 AM
Texas-Perry's Timing of the *Own Your Future* Mailouts -Paid for by You and Me (salon) What the heck *IS* the Own Your Future tour and doesn't it smell like Corporate Lobbying to Gut Social Security and Medicare? Yes. I noticed this morning that the Houston Chronicle is also paying atte.....- 10/17/2006 9:30:41 AM
Waco Trib Confirms my Suspicion that NRCC Thinks Van Taylor (US House District 17- Texas Race) Will Lose (salon) Wrote about this yesterday, that I thought the fact that Taylor had so little cash on hand compared to Chet Edwards meant that the Repubs don't believe Taylor can beat Edwards. Article today from Waco.....- 10/17/2006 9:18:36 AM
Looks like the Republican National Committee Doesn't Think Van Taylor (US House Dist 17 Race, Texas) Can Win it (salon) Heh. It's not just that Chet Edwards has more money, but look at how PALTRY the cash in hand is for Van Taylor.In District 17, US Rep. Chet Edwards, a Democrat from Waco, reports $1.1 million in cash .....- 10/17/2006 8:51:55 AM
Passports Required for US Citizens to go to Mexico or Canada? Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (salon) I always thought of passports as needed when going to other countries that were outside of the continental United States. But the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative will require:In the proposed impl.....- 10/16/2006 8:29:44 PM
Families in Nacogdoches County, Texas unite to form alliance for Gas Well Problems (salon) Pretty awful story that involves Exxon-Mobil paying little to no attention to complaints of people who live in the country. The Lemons said they have tried for two years to talk to officials at Exxon .....- 10/16/2006 7:18:48 PM
Chet Edwards/Van Taylor Debate Notes (US House District 17- Texas) (salon) Wasn't able to attend, out of town, but here's some details from local news about the debate Issues, collected from From the Statesman, Houston Chronicle, Cleburne Times-ReviewVan Taylor opposes raisi.....- 10/16/2006 6:56:07 PM
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