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Heh! Bush Endorses Van Taylor -*No Money For Ya, But The Big Dictator Will Throw you a Sound Bite!* (salon) What I find amusing is that Van *Wet Behind the Ears* Taylor mentions that Bush gave him his Eagle Scout honor twenty years ago in Midland. Isn't a surprise that Bush "Kill Them There so they don.....- 10/18/2006 5:43:57 PM
Here Comes Court! State Issues Draft Permits for TXU Coal Plants (Texas) (salon) We all know who's backing these stinking plants, right?TXU's effort to build 11 new coal-fired power plants in Texas received a boost Wednesday when the state's environmental agency issued draft permi.....- 10/18/2006 5:29:12 PM
Excellent Idea to Establish Water Purity Baseline- WATER QUALITY TEST (salon) Here we have gas injection wells and other crap getting put in the ground. What a great idea to do a water quality test to establish a baseline in case you have to take on the oil and gas companies or.....- 10/18/2006 4:41:08 PM
Bush is Now Dictator-With the Help of Chet Edwards (US House District 17-Texas) (salon) Right after Edwards was one of a small number of Democrats who voted with Republicans to allow Bush dictator powers, suspend habeus corpus, designate American citizens as *enemy combatants* and codify.....- 10/18/2006 3:26:13 PM
Various RFID articles from today- How to Disable RFID and what about Privacy? (salon) One drumbeat I keep hearing from the RFID articles is how, while industry is pushing RFID into everything they possibly can, they can make people accept it and not cry about their privacy. Here's a ro.....- 10/18/2006 1:34:36 PM
Bush Admininistration planning 118,000 New Gas and Oil Wells in the Rockies (salon) While we're thinking about how the State of Texas wants to put Oil and Gas wells into Dinosaur Valley State Park.....The Bush Administration is putting plans in place to approve more than 118,000 new .....- 10/18/2006 12:22:34 PM
Does the PUC Take Lessons from Enron? Keeping Secret Company that Manipulates the Energy Market (salon) Sheesh. First we read about the deal between Perry and TXU, where he took, uh, a BOATLOAD of moolah from them and then went to fastrack those coal-fired plants.Then we read:Last month, The Daily News .....- 10/18/2006 11:17:50 AM
Dude! Pass Me That Doobie and Let's Watch the Reactor Fuel Turn Colors! (salon) What happens when nuclear workers sleep on the job, play cards, watch tv and smoke dope at an experimental nuclear reactor (Oak Ridge)According to Dennis Hill, a spokesman for Bechtel Jacobs, a visit .....- 10/18/2006 11:07:55 AM
More on that Federal Database to Track Student's Records (Margaret Spellings) (salon) Wrote about it first here. USToday has an article entitled "Don't Invade Student's Privacy".This is the real issue behind the intense debate over the Education Department's proposal to requi.....- 10/17/2006 5:39:09 PM
Examining Indiana's Toll Road Boondoggle (Foreshadow of Trans Texas Corridor) (salon) Take a look at this article for two major issues: One, the toll road puts in barriers at turn-arounds, which sure does put a crimp into emergency vehicles being able to get to accidents. Second, if yo.....- 10/17/2006 5:22:27 PM
Mary Peters, New Transportation Secretary, Tells Arizonans To Get Ready for Toll Road Highways (salon) As I thought, she really is the Toll Road Queen, proving that at a national level as well as the state level (Trans Texas Corridor), the Republican agenda is not to use our highway fund taxes for, uh,.....- 10/17/2006 5:18:34 PM
Dubai Ports World -Is *Nearly Sold* like *Nearly Pregnant*? (salon) I'm SHOUTING HERE! Dubai Ports World STILL FRIGGIN OWNS PORTS IN THE UNITED STATES! How many months has it been?  So, not only have they NOT sold them off, but they have the audacity to criticize port.....- 10/17/2006 1:07:02 PM
Intrusive RFID News O Day- Secret Biometric Face Scans Combined with RFID (salon) Well, not so secret since I"M TELLING YOU ABOUT IT. There you are, Employee # 12345 for XYZ Corporation and you carry an ID card. Right now you only have to swipe the card in a card reader to get.....- 10/17/2006 12:23:47 PM
World Can't Wait Protest Last Weekend at Michael Burgess Office in Lewisville, Texas (salon) Said before, I used to live in The Colony, so I like to read Denton County news sometimes. Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress District 26, Tim Barnwell and a group of protesters were outside one o.....- 10/17/2006 12:00:41 PM
Heh! Local Crank from Johnson County, Texas Has Synopsis of Edwards-Taylor Debate (US House District 17) (salon) Very funny. Shorter Van Taylor: I'm a Marine! And a hero! There's too much partisanship in Washington and it's all the fault of liberal cut and run Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, whom my opponent loves .....- 10/17/2006 11:53:22 AM
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