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Strange- Is Chip Harrison of Somervell County Hospital Board Unilaterally Giving Out Awards Based on His Own Feelings? (salon) I've been watching and clipping the Somervell County Hospital District board meeting from last night, May 28, 2015 and wonder about this. There was an agenda item for President's Hospital.....- 5/29/2015 4:54:11 PM
Why Should ANYONE Listen Uncritically to ANYTHING Ron Hankins Says? (salon) Ron Hankins has a propensity for spouting off utter nonsense that is not based on fact and shows a contempt for the democratic process. I don't know if he's deliberately trying to be misleadin.....- 5/29/2015 11:41:07 AM
So Glen Rose Medical Center Doesn't Want You See the Check Register (salon) from the Budget and Finance Committee meeting of 5/28/2015. Pretty sure ANYBODY can do open records and get the check registers if the hospital refuses to do it. For some years, I used to ask for the .....- 5/28/2015 1:54:19 PM
Is Somervell County Hospital District Board Attempting to Railroad The Turks? UPDATED (salon) Updated: Shelley Turk has been fired. I saw this on the agenda for the May 28 2015 Somervell County Hospital District meeting. Note that the person to be discussed is not listed on the agenda .....- 5/28/2015 12:43:16 PM
Video-Flooding of Paluxy River and Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, TX 5/27/2015 (salon) - 5/27/2015 6:29:18 PM
Video-Somervell County Hospital District Budget and Finance Committee Meeting 5/27/2015 (salon) Hub took my camera to the meeting last night to record it. Turns out it was a good thing because the new secretary forgot to bring the camera. (Incidentally, I was also wanting to see the video record.....- 5/27/2015 10:55:29 AM
Memorial Day- President Obama Honors Our Fallen Heroes (salon) - 5/25/2015 11:28:32 AM
Brian Birdwell Attempted to Restrict Military Veteran Benefits (Texas Legislature) (salon) El Paso Times The Hazlewood Act covers college-tuition costs of Texas veterans. It also allows them to pass along their unused benefits to their children or their spouses. Citing growth in the.....- 5/25/2015 11:25:11 AM
Ireland Votes for Marriage Equality (salon) - 5/23/2015 6:13:06 PM
Rand Paul Does the Right Thing Re: Patriot Act Extension- OBJECTION!!!! (salon) - 5/23/2015 1:26:50 PM
Liberal *Agenda* (salon) Although this blog, Somervell County Salon, has various top level posters and commenters, and we don't all share exactly the same opinion, my blog trends liberal. I, *salon*, am a liberal and have.....- 5/23/2015 10:06:48 AM
Bullet Train in Texas-Supposed to be paid for by private money, no taxes (salon) - 5/22/2015 6:52:21 PM
Duggars are not only bizarre but immoral- Son Josh Duggar molested his sisters (salon) Ugh. It's not just that the Duggars are the biggest moochers in the world while wanting having endless children subsidized by a voyueristic television show, it's this. The Duggar family a.....- 5/22/2015 12:07:14 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 5/21/2015 (salon) All this rain. Rained again last night, yard is flooded again. One thing for sure is that all this dramatic thunderstorming weather has made the dogs more nervous than they used to be, although there&.....- 5/21/2015 3:37:50 PM
I assume Michael Honea calls the men he works with *boys* (salon) I know I call my donkeys and the horse that is here that belongs to my friend "boys". But in a professional atmosphere, does Michael Honea call his male coworkers "boys"? If not, t.....- 5/20/2015 10:51:11 AM
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