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Do you want your steering wheel knowing if you're too stressed or every coffee machine knowing how you like your coffee? (salon) - 11/20/2006 10:52:50 AM
McClennan County, Texas- More Voters Voted Straight Democratic Ticket Than Republican (salon) and heh, that includes Crawford.And how amusing this this?  West-area voters handily rejected Republican congressional nominee Van Taylor, 997 to 436, even though Taylor moved to the community last ye.....- 11/19/2006 2:19:04 PM
Audio Podcast- Candidates, Money and the Class Issue (salon) I've had some things on my mind lately I've wanted to do podcasts about. Here's the topic du jour. I didn't say it quite so pointedly, but elections are all about class issues nowadays instead of abou.....- 11/19/2006 1:42:43 PM
Rich, Affluent Neighborhood Elementary School in Dallas Charged with Segregation (Preston Hollow Elementary) (salon) Why, Preston Hollow Elementary (pinkies up, pls) is the school where Laura Bush was library liason and the two drunkie twins went to school. The family moved to Dallas, Texas, in 1988, and Mrs. B.....- 11/18/2006 4:48:37 PM
VNR (Video News Release) Using FareCompare as an example (Dallas-Fort Worth) (salon) I noticed while watching local Fox4 News tonight (DFW) that the reporter had a segment on getting low airfare prices. What grabbed my attention, though, was that the segment was clearly marked "C.....- 11/18/2006 12:07:43 AM
A-AS Chimes In with Editorial about Perry's Gamble with Texas Teacher's Retirement Funds (salon) Wrote it about it earlier here. Perry shouldn\'t gamble with teachers\' retirement money The Teacher Retirement System should back away from a suggestion that it invest up to $600 mill.....- 11/17/2006 5:06:30 PM
Audio opener from HB 3588 from 78th Regular Session 2003-Krusee on the Trans Texas Corridor (salon) Thought I'd clip an audio bit  from the largely unknown-at-the-time debates about the TTC. AUDIO of Krusee talking about what TTC is and why the Texas Lege went for it. I may put up some more later. I.....- 11/17/2006 4:50:26 PM
Bush Approval Sinks to 31% while he orders 57 THOUSAND more troops to Iraq (salon) All for the sake of face-saving, as in, *I sent in a whale of a lot of troops to try to finish up before I cut and run give up and leave*. About 57,000 U.S. troops will be sent to Iraq in early 2007 t.....- 11/17/2006 12:57:22 PM
CRAZY! Nuclear Proliferation Scorecard for India, Pakistan, and Iran (salon) Some days I feel like I"m reading jokes instead of news. On Thursday, Pakistan says it test-fired a nuclear-capable missile.Pakistan said it successfully test-fired a new version of its nuclear-c.....- 11/17/2006 12:40:20 PM
RFID/Biometric Passports in the UK Cracked with only 48 hours of work (salon) I'll only excerpt a bit of this here, but the article shows how the Guardian newspaper and a "scary computer" expert were able, by buying a reader and looking at passport specs on the UK Hom.....- 11/17/2006 11:31:44 AM
How often does it happen that a foreign company owns gas and oil wells in the US? Isramco to buy 660 Texas oil wells (salon) Maybe this happens more often that I know. But it caught my eye. Isramco Ltd. (Nasdaq: ISRL; TASE: ISRA.L), a subsidiary of JOEL Jerusalem Oil Exploration Ltd. (TASE: JOEL), controlled by Jacob Maiman.....- 11/17/2006 11:23:02 AM
ATMOS Energy Seeks To Screw Customers and Bill Them for Pipe Replacement-Remember that Rate Increase? (salon) Just a little background to refresh your memory- if you were watching the Glen Rose Reporter, you saw the public notice recently asking to INCREASE YOUR RATES. As you can see if you reread that link, .....- 11/17/2006 9:54:28 AM
Open Fired Coal Plants Versus Co-Fired: Green Energy Resources Urges Perry To STOP the Dallas-TXU Energy Plan (salon) PR piece from Green Energy, gives description of a cleaner coal-firing process.Green Energy Resources (Other OTC:GRGR.PK - News) is urging Texas Govenor Rick Perry to halt the Dallas-based TXU energy .....- 11/17/2006 9:37:26 AM
Perry Asking Teacher's Retirement Fund to Invest... in HIS Technology Fund companies (salon) Somehow, I question whether Perry, who has a poor track record of actually giving a hoot whether funds are available for teachers, is looking out for THEIR interests. Seems to me more that he's lookin.....- 11/17/2006 9:12:52 AM
Coincidence? 2 Hamilton Texas Police Cars Lost to Fire .... After Foiled Bank Robbing Attempt (salon) Wrote about the bank robbing attempt yesterday. Two Hamilton County sheriff’s vehicles were destroyed by fire early Thursday morning — after news broke of an elaborate heist to wreak havoc in Hamilton.....- 11/17/2006 4:30:16 AM
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