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Rick Perry- All About Helping out the Rich- Lower Property Taxes But Raise Sales Taxes????? (salon) Read an article from the Star-Telegram entitled "Is This Your Idea of Reform?". I'll have to admit that Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Task Force on Appraisal Reform isn't as bad as I thought it wo.....- 11/24/2006 9:22:42 AM
Tango Electric Car! for Commuters! 0-60 in 4 Seconds (salon) Tomorrow I'm looking forward to watching "Who Killed the Electric Car?" but meantime saw an article in the DMN about a nifty, albeit funny-looking commuter car that is pretty terrific. Here'.....- 11/24/2006 9:16:32 AM
On Erath Excels Unacceptable Rating (Charter School in Stephenville, Erath County, Texas) (salon) The one that Sid Miller's wife runs. Someone named MMZ commented at the Guests section at the online Stephenville paper (Empire-Tribune) about it.Salon Please check your records again, Erath Excels! w.....- 11/24/2006 8:51:16 AM
MTGCD SMACKED down by *Worried About Water* group- (Erath, Comanche, Texas) (salon) As noted here before, in a blurb by Bill Gordon, MTGCD (Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District), after ousting Boyd Waggoner, decided to cut off public comment from the meetings which are SU.....- 11/24/2006 8:29:24 AM
Chet Edwards (US House District 17), the Border Fence, and Employee Verification Databanks (salon) Waco Trib has an article about immigration after the Democrats take control; the article is full of debatable references, including comments about *centrist* Democrats. I want to see what a *centrist*.....- 11/24/2006 8:10:22 AM
Bush Administration: The Fact That We Torture You Is Top Secret and Classified-So We Can Take Measures to Keep You Quiet (salon) Just plain wrong. Not only is this absurd to claim that since Gitmo Bay, etc prisoners were tortured with methods that were *alternative* that they can't talk about it, AND that even bringing this up .....- 11/23/2006 10:12:28 AM
*Down Home Christmas* in Glen Rose (Texas) on Saturday (salon) Before I describe the events, first off, remember to bring canned and non-perishable food items to the events to donate to the Food Bank. Kudos to Karen Richardson and Karen Davenport for what looks l.....- 11/23/2006 9:55:45 AM
Sheesh! Texas Republican Legislators to Challenge the 14th Amendment (salon) So, if you're a kid born in the United States, but your parents are illegal aliens, you're not a citizen? Oops, that's unconstitutional! In Austin, Republicans began are heading to the state Capitol w.....- 11/23/2006 9:44:17 AM
Eating and Drinking NanoSilver-EPA decided to regulate it (salon) Ah the things you learn!Consumer products using extremely small particles of silver to kill germs will need Environmental Protection Agency approval, part of the government's first move to regulate th.....- 11/23/2006 9:32:54 AM
On Thanksgiving, Remember the *Trail of Tears* (salon) We think of Indians on Thanksgiving as part of the Pilgrim-Indian history play. How many people know about the history of the Trail of Tears, when, as part of a long campaign to rid this country of In.....- 11/23/2006 9:10:15 AM
Millions Enter US on Visa Waivers... but you and me? We'll Have to have Passports to Enter or Leave (salon) Irony O Day - Yes, those countries with whom we have friendly relations still have their citizens have passports, but they get in O So Easily. Citizens here are the ones under suspicion. The governmen.....- 11/22/2006 8:53:46 AM
Clean Air Coalition Says Texas Coal Plants Will Lead to More Deaths (salon) According to the report, which was commissioned by Washington, D.C.-based environmental group Clear the Air, the proposed plants will produce more than 100,000 tons of new pollutants annually and cont.....- 11/22/2006 8:43:49 AM
No Child Left Behind-Unless You're Hispanic or African-American-The Achievement Gaps Remain (salon) At some point, will we not pull the plug on Bush's education experiment?  I believe everyone in Texas knows that NCLB was based upon Rod Paige and his schools in Sharpstown (Houston area). And that th.....- 11/21/2006 8:48:41 AM
Hico (Texas) Disposal Well- Texas Railroad Commission Does a Poor Job of Inspecting It (salon) On November 9th, Bill Gordon wrote to the EPA to ask why the casing around the wells had apparently not been inspected. He asked Phillip Dellinger of the EPA what the status was on November 17, when h.....- 11/21/2006 8:35:05 AM
*Go Big, Go Long Or Go Home*-What? Are we playing FOOTBALL or Fighting a WAR??????? (salon) Boy, does that phrase from senior military officials offend. I'm not going to speak at all to whether these choices are valid or reasonable, but that to talk about a war in which our own military, not.....- 11/21/2006 8:16:03 AM
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