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Where Will The Water Go? Shocking Statistics About Proposed Comanche Peak Reactors Water Use (salon) From Reader Karen RichardsonHere are the shocking statistics about the proposed Comanche Peak reactors water use.33 billion gallons will be withdrawn from Lake Granbury per year. Of that water, 18 bil.....- 1/25/2009 9:36:13 AM
Options for Financing the Building and Maintenance of Roadways (pstern) .Options for Financing the Building and Maintenance of Roadways           a.       Implement a small busi.....- 1/24/2009 5:18:48 PM
Got a Bull Today-Pics of Him and the Girls (salon) - 1/24/2009 4:46:21 PM
Toll Roads 4 Dummies? (pstern) A good toll road is no toll road at all.  But don’t take my word for it. Just ask people in New York, New Jersey, Florida and California.  They've had toll roads for years and&nbs.....- 1/24/2009 3:35:48 PM
What do YOU think about the Somervell County Hospital District Vote for Glen Rose Medical Center? (salon) Open comments today-sign up and post what you think-comments moderated to weed out spam.Let me recap what *I* think.Didn't know what the hospital district even was until I attended the Town Hall Gary .....- 1/24/2009 9:54:24 AM
BlogNetNews Has RSS Feeds Now (salon) That's a biggie for me because I prefer to look at the sites I enjoy reading (or exploring) through my Sharpreader rather than A. going to the site or B. hoping to randomly see an interesting title in.....- 1/23/2009 7:13:34 PM
Video Verizon Wireless Can't Figure Out Math (salon) - 1/23/2009 6:53:29 PM
Ugh-Obama Sides with Bush on ILLEGALLY SPYING ON AMERICANS -Warrantless Surveillance (salon) - 1/23/2009 3:32:19 PM
Must be Kidding-Proposed Virginia Law Wants Mothers to Report Miscarriages (salon) - 1/23/2009 3:20:52 PM
Cartoon- Nuclear Reactor Used Car Salesman (salon) - 1/23/2009 2:06:25 PM
Audio- March Somervell County Commissioner's Court Meetings 2008 (salon) I was trying to remember the other day why I didnt' attend, nor have any recordings of any meetings from this month. That was the month of the presidential primaries and we were all really busy with t.....- 1/23/2009 10:45:36 AM
The Ongoing Rebirth of Eminent Domain: Is the Emperor Wearing His New Clothes? (pstern) Texas Gov. Rick Perry is "chomping at the bit" again.  It is a new legislative session and the first thing the governor wants to do is to stir-up old business.  The topic is ".....- 1/22/2009 7:23:09 PM
Somervell County Water District Gets Grant Money from Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission (salon) Somervell County Water DistrictThe Somervell County Water District requested a 75 percent matching share grant in the amount of $450,000 to construct a new two-lane boat ramp, courtesy docks, restroom.....- 1/22/2009 6:43:41 PM
*God Wanted Me To Punish You By Driving You Off the Road* (salon) - 1/22/2009 6:26:44 PM
Hah! Preliminary Vote of SBOE Takes out Strengths and Weaknesses Language (salon) despite nutbag Cynthia Dunbar's best efforts to leave it in“I think the safest and best route to go, then, is to keep the exact language as it currently exists, which has been tried and true for.....- 1/22/2009 5:14:21 PM
More on the Proposed Glen Rose Hospital District (salon) Got to wondering about some background to this and thought it would be interesting to look at open records around this. First, I heard that the Glen Rose Medical Foundation leases the land and buildin.....- 1/22/2009 2:45:43 PM
Microsoft will eliminate up to 5,000 positions over the next 18 months (pharper) In an email sent to all employees today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wrote:...As part of the process of adjustments, we will eliminate up to 5,000 positions in R&D, marketing, sales, finance, LCA,.....- 1/22/2009 9:46:02 AM
DOES THIS RING ANY BELLS? (humanbeing) Mothers for Peace Take on Nuclear Waste Storageby Erica WernerSAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - At the western edge of a largely dormant anti-nuke movement, three generations of mothers are tilting at nuclear.....- 1/22/2009 8:55:06 AM
Time to 'Kill' the State Board of Education (pstern) Power & ControlThat is the daily business of the State Board of Education (SBOE).  It is another state agency that is enmeshed in politics, power & control instead of promoting quality ed.....- 1/22/2009 8:44:33 AM
Federal Judge- Moment of Silence Law in Schools in Illinois is UNCONSTITUTIONAL (salon) Here's the PDF From the NY TimesA federal judge ruled Wednesday that the state law requiring a moment of silence in public schools across Illinois is unconstitutional, saying it crosses the line separ.....- 1/21/2009 11:26:42 PM
SBOE looking to axe evolution? (pstern) It is unbelievable that Texas is considering not teaching evolution in public school.  Are we in the 1950's? Let the State Board of Education (SBOE) know that evolution is part of .....- 1/21/2009 5:24:06 PM
Extremist Cynthia Dunbar on the Texas State Board of Education WRONG about Werner Arber (salon) I listened, can you believe it, to the entire hearing in November about the science TEKS and made audio clips of every person who testified, whether I agree with him or her or not. In one of the clips.....- 1/21/2009 5:33:24 PM
Woah! Listening to the Texas Board of Education Science TEKS Hearing (salon) just late in the afternoon-will have to listen again from the beginning after they post the audio on the SBOE website. But oh boy somebody just took the board to school. Then Dentist took a recess. So.....- 1/21/2009 5:07:59 PM
Nuclear Fallout-About the 2 New Proposed Reactors at Comanche Peak- Glen Rose/Somervell (salon) from Fort Worth WeeklyFor artist Suzanne Gentling, who lives five miles south of Glen Rose, water is already the issue. Like most county residents, she depends on a well for water, she said, drawing f.....- 1/21/2009 4:30:03 PM
Gee, I Despise John Cornyn- Wants to Make Sure Officials Who Tortured ARen't Prosecuted (salon) Blaharg.  About confirmation of Holder“It could well be there will be a request to delay the markup for a week so those questions can be asked and answered,” Cornyn said. “Part .....- 1/21/2009 4:04:56 PM
Video-Jon Stewart Takes on Obama's Inaugural Speech (salon) Cheese.cc_box a:hover .cc_home{background:url('http://www.comedycentral.com/comedycentral/video/assets/syndicated-logo-over.png') !important;}.cc_links a{color:#b9b9b9;text-decoration:none;}.cc_show a.....- 1/21/2009 4:00:59 PM
Apparently You're not a Fit Parent If you Name Your Child Adolf Hitler (salon) First up, this post from Mayor McSleaze on McBlogger made me laugh.When I went to the URL listed there, I read that little Adolf "Nein Cake For You" was taken away from his parents but there.....- 1/21/2009 3:09:26 PM
National Park Service Cuts Down Gettysburg-Era Trees WHICH THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT (salon) - 1/21/2009 2:53:17 PM
Mom! You're a Terrorist! Stop Spanking Your Kids on the Plane (salon) - 1/21/2009 2:45:29 PM
You! You Get Paid Too Much! I'm Replacing You With Cheapo Teachers (salon) Sheesh. Michigan School District shows how much they value (NOT!) teachers.. and the children taught by them.Mt. Pleasant Public Schools will offer its senior employees as much as $45,000 to quit and .....- 1/21/2009 2:41:12 PM
Supreme Court Rules that Cops Cannot Be Sued for Searching a Home Without a Warrant (salon) Oh, please. I understand that this guy deserved to be in jail. He was peddling drugs. But the person who informed the police about this did it in enough time that surely the police could've gotten a s.....- 1/21/2009 2:21:06 PM
In UK, Advertising Standards Agency Says Atheist Bus Ads Not Misleading (salon) - 1/21/2009 2:09:36 PM
Audio and Video from GRISD School Board Meeting for January 2009 (salon) Here's the audio MP3 of the entire meeting -if your connection is slow, right click and download to your own hard drive before listening.  And here's some pics clipped from the video-might be a t.....- 1/21/2009 4:54:55 PM
Some Students Watched the Inaug. Why? So They Could Pass TAKS (salon) I was up for reading some heartwarming stories about students watching the inauguration yesterday. I heard that the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper is going to do some photos and an article about GRISD k.....- 1/21/2009 1:05:56 PM
Seems not Everybody With A Ticket Got To see the Inauguration (salon) Said before we stayed home and watched it on teevee and felt just as much a part of history as anyone in DC. And the invitation we got in the mail was NOT a ticket-it was an invite to go stand on a st.....- 1/21/2009 11:29:20 AM
Audio from the Town Hall Meeting about the Glen Rose Hospital District Last Night (Jan 20 09) (salon) I'll be putting up a couple of video clips and some pics as the day wears on, but for right now here's an MP3 (right click and download to your drive if you have a slow connection). .   Also.....- 1/21/2009 10:23:50 AM
Video-Don't Let the Crowd Topple You On the Way Out... (salon) - 1/21/2009 9:28:16 AM
Kip Averitt (Texas Senate District 22) Campaign Expenditures for January 2009 (salon) - 1/21/2009 9:21:56 AM
Who Contributed to Kip Averitt (Tx Senate District 22)'s Campaign-from January 2009 (salon) - 1/21/2009 9:17:41 AM
Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) Expenditures for January 2009 (salon) - 1/21/2009 8:56:54 AM
Who Contributed to Sid Miller (Tx House District 59)- for January 15 2009 (salon) - 1/21/2009 8:49:14 AM
No Such Thing as Clean Coal-Phil King Wants Corporate Welfare for Coal Plant Companies (salon) Let me repeat that. I don't care what these companies that want to make burning coal sound like... it is NOT clean.Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, has filed a bill offering up to $300 million in tax cr.....- 1/21/2009 8:26:14 AM
Glen Rose Newspaper fails to deliver on scholarship awarded last May (pharper) Last May the Glen Rose Newspaper awarded the first 'annual' academic scholarship for $1,000 but has yet to deliver on that scholarship. According to the mother of the girl awarded the scholarship,She'.....- 1/20/2009 9:13:01 PM
PRESIDENTIAL PARDON (humanbeing) BREAKING: Bush Pardons Osama bin LadenWASHINGTON, DC: In a stunning late-hour development, President George W. Bush has granted Osama bin Laden a pardon for the murder of more than 2,700 Americans in .....- 1/20/2009 7:10:50 PM
The Blue Dog................. (salon) - 1/20/2009 6:26:33 PM
Not Much Posting Today-Watching All of the Inauguration Festivities on Teevee (salon) Obama is out right now walking down the street. I'm suprressing the urge to yell "GET BACK IN YOUR CAR!!!!".I continue to feel that this is one of the most momentous elections in the history.....- 1/20/2009 3:59:53 PM
Heh. Bush Post-Presidency (salon) - 1/20/2009 12:38:56 PM
44!!! 44!!! I am SO PROUD of Barack Hussein Obama (salon) We've been glued to the teevee for the past couple of hours watching the inauguration and so thrilled and proud to have Obama as our president. We, meaning both me and my hub, voted for him. .....- 1/20/2009 12:15:47 PM
Nice Article about the LS Ranches Longhorn Museum (salon) - 1/19/2009 10:32:53 PM
Bush Leaves the White House, or, *ding-dong the witch is dead* (pstern) Finally the American people are rid of the Bush administration.  There should be dancing in the streets! Pres. George Walker Bush is the most unpopular U.S. president since Richard M. Nixon,.....- 1/19/2009 6:34:03 PM
GRISD is recording meetings again and has been for a few months (salon) We went to the school board meeting tonight and were going to ask specifically about why the meetings had stopped being recorded and found out from Wayne Rotan that the attorney told them to go back a.....- 1/19/2009 10:16:52 PM
Throwing Shoes at Bush Effigies the Fun New Protest (salon) - 1/19/2009 5:32:56 PM
This Amused-From the Waco Tribune About Director for Bush Library Named (salon) - 1/19/2009 4:33:31 PM
71% of the State of Texas is in a Stage of Drought (salon) From Friday's A-AS.Cattle dying as drought reaches 71% of state Drought conditions in Texas have worsened significantly in the past week, drying out parts of the state so badly that cattle are keeling.....- 1/19/2009 4:32:32 PM
Bush Commutes Sentence But Does Not Pardon the 2 Border Patrol Agents Who Killed a Mexican Drug Dealer (salon) Um, I don't agree with the following. There were PLENTY of people who thought that the sentences that these US Border Patrol agents got was fair.. because they TRIED TO COVER UP THE SHOOTING!Bush&rsqu.....- 1/19/2009 4:12:08 PM
No Off-Campus Free Speech for YOU, You Naughty High School Student! (salon) Isaw this ruling from Judge Mark Kravitz of the US District Court that basically says that a high school student who posts something that the school might not like, ie, criticizing an action the schoo.....- 1/19/2009 4:03:54 PM
There's a Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow Night on the Glen Rose Hospital District (salon) but I also saw that there's one in February. I think I will wait and go to that one, after reading what was said at the first, to see what I still don't understand at that point. Plus, tomorrow is a h.....- 1/19/2009 2:58:53 PM
Cringe Video O Day- Today Show Comparing Obama to 50 Cent (salon) - 1/19/2009 2:13:57 PM
You Are Not Allowed to Ask................... (salon) Reminder that, with open records in the state of Texas, the person who is the officer for public information is not allowed to ask what the requestor is going to do with the record. In other words, th.....- 1/19/2009 2:04:51 PM
Schedule for Barack Obama Events Tomorrow For Those of Us Staying Home! (salon) I did think about going to Washington DC-my sister lives in a burb around there and so does a grand-uncle, and hub's brother also lives in a burb. So it isn't that we couldn't have had a cheapy place .....- 1/19/2009 10:34:10 AM
Somervell County Salon Blog Stuff-Housekeeping and Notices (salon) You may have seen a short interruption last night on Somervell County Salon while the server was updated. I personally think the site loads faster now, what do you think? I\'m doing a callout h.....- 1/19/2009 9:01:47 AM
Bush-Don't Let Any Science Questions Get Into My Briefings! (salon) Not surprising. It will be SO nice to have a smart president again.Seed: Did you see President Bush ever change his mind based on the scientific evidence that you presented him? John Marburger: As far.....- 1/18/2009 6:09:41 PM
Interesting Civil Cases in Somervell County (salon) recently filed.David Polley vs Clifton Buse. The civil lawsuit alleges that PD&R Construction has failed to make full payment for a debt of 209,025 for goods and services.Patti Berry s J Martin En.....- 1/18/2009 5:03:44 PM
Wonderful website- Lost Cities- with photos (salon) When I was a kid, I loved to read "Richard Halliburton's Book of Marvels" and dreamed for awhile of what it would be like to be an archeologist, discovering lost civilizations. I credit that.....- 1/18/2009 3:37:24 PM
Another Nigerian Scam Story where somebody GAVE THEM MONEY (salon) I can only shake my head at this story. Who in the world hasn't gotten those nigerian scam emails, most of the time with some entertaining stories about how YOU, of all people in the world, were picke.....- 1/18/2009 1:22:55 PM
More Geeky Teevee Stuff-Computer as the Teevee (salon) In this house, we regularly talk techie stuff.  Readers know that we, the other day, made an HD antenna so that our old analog television could finally get signals from DFW television stations. A.....- 1/18/2009 1:01:04 PM
Will There be a Contested Case Hearing Called for Chalk Mountain Texas? (salon) Saw the legal notice in this week's Glen Rose Reporter newspaper about how the TCEQ has issued a *preliminary* permit for Tommy Davis of Slick Machines to run his rock-crushing operation at a property.....- 1/18/2009 12:34:20 PM
GRISD (Glen Rose Independent School District) Meeting Coming up on January 19 2009 at 7 (salon) I saw the legal notice posted in the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper. I notice that,at 6:00 pm, there's going to be a closed door executive session meeting to talk about Rotan's evaluation and contract. .....- 1/18/2009 12:14:27 PM
The GOP just *ain't* Republican any more (pstern) Moanin' the Grand Old Party Blues   I've been a registered Republican since the Eisenhower administration --- for those of you too young or too old to recall, that is since the late 195.....- 1/18/2009 11:07:49 AM
Corporations Working the TCEQ Refs- About the Corruption in ASARCO (salon) You simply must read this. The Dallas Morning News has an excellent article, heavily researched about the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approving the Asarco smelter plant in South Tex.....- 1/18/2009 6:54:16 AM
I ask again-WHO are the 22 percent who APPROVE OF GEORGE BUSH? (salon) from ScienceBlogsPresident Bush will leave office as one of the most unpopular departing presidents in history, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll showing Mr. Bush's final approval rating.....- 1/18/2009 6:46:01 AM
Video-Jon Stewart on Bush's Exit (salon) Bush trying to spin his legacy. heh.cc_box a:hover .cc_home{background:url('http://www.comedycentral.com/comedycentral/video/assets/syndicated-logo-over.png') !important;}.cc_links a{color:#b9b9b9;tex.....- 1/18/2009 6:36:37 AM
Made Me Laugh-Homeland Security Parody Site (salon) - 1/18/2009 1:09:01 AM
Video-The Desperate Pastors (salon) - 1/18/2009 1:03:36 AM
Heh! Nick Nolte In Your Wallet (salon) - 1/18/2009 12:58:55 AM
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