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11 Texas Schools, including Westwood High School in Austin, are putting in Solar Panels for Energy (salon) Very cool! The article about it saysEach of the two 3.4KW installations can produce more than half the power needed by the average home.A related article says there are plans to outfit all Texas schoo.....- 12/8/2006 2:43:12 PM
The Question for the Baker-Hamilton Report is *Are We Leaving Iraq Soon OR NOT?????* (salon) The American public wants to get out of Iraq. Bush The Stupid wants to stay in Iraq and put on a dog and pony yesterday with Tony Blair to bleat out his tired old same old same old. In at least a curs.....- 12/8/2006 2:21:56 PM
More on the NAFTA Superhighway Sensors (NASCO Corridor) and Poppy Bush Era Ties to Savi Corporation (salon) Wrote about this yesterday- RFID sensors to be placed on entire NASCO corridor (of which Trans Texas Corridor- TTC, is a part). More on who is investing in this- (amazing that the one thing that bring.....- 12/8/2006 1:35:14 PM
Republicans Screw Veterans of Iraq/Afghanistan-Republican Controlled Congress Refused to Pass Veterans Affairs and New Military Construction Projects in Spending Bills (salon) Really makes "Support the Troops" empty words and fading yellow ribbons on SUVs instead of actual help. You know, I am against the Iraq war, and unlike the Baker-Hamilton ISG report, I think.....- 12/8/2006 12:32:00 PM
Chuckle O Day from TXU (salon) Incidentally, and this is a chuckle, from TXU's third quarter earnings from 2006TXU’s third quarter 2006 reported earnings were $1,004 million, $2.15 per share, as compared to net income available to .....- 12/8/2006 12:24:37 PM
And Speaking of TXU Smackdowns- SHAREHOLDERS Questioning How Smart it is to build the 11 Coal-Fired Plants (salon) heh. Seems that burning so much coal and creating so many greenhouse gas emissions MIGHT BE ILLEGAL and that, I'm sure, would affect the shareholder's bottom line if TXU gets sued.A group of TXU Corp......- 12/8/2006 12:15:03 PM
Smackdown for TXU in Waco, Texas- Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce Joins the Suit against Coal-Fired Plants (salon) Challenges to Tradinghouse Lake and Lake Creek permits. More than 200 people showed up to watch the preliminary hearings Thursday. By day’s end 13 individuals and five organizations had been accepted .....- 12/8/2006 12:11:44 PM
Chet Edwards (US Cong Dist 17- Texas) Top Contributors (salon) Interesting. The top contributor was, drumroll, please... TXUChet Edwards (D)*TXU Corp $17,403 College of William & Mary $16,000 PMA Group $15,500  (insurance)L-3 Communications $13,250 (defense)C.....- 12/8/2006 11:59:33 AM
Amused-Where is Van Taylor (West, Texas) Now? Is He Gonna Move Back to His Rich Dallas Digs? (salon) Saw this blog entry from TexasToday and it made me laugh because I wondered the same dang thing. Since we know that Van Taylor ONLY moved to West, Texas just to run against Chet Edwards, and had to se.....- 12/8/2006 11:49:22 AM
When Public Service Is Cast In Militarism- US Public Service Academy's Uses Military Style for Civilian University (salon) Been thinking about the difference between the Peace Corps and Americorps. As I understand it, Peace Corps was created by JFK as a way to boost world peace and friendship. I remember reading stories o.....- 12/8/2006 11:03:26 AM
Some of Glen Rose's Dinosaur Tracks on Display in Austin's Texas Memorial Museum-They're Deteriorating (salon) I knew that when the dinosaur tracks were discovered and excavated (some, of course; you can see more at Dinosaur Valley State Park) that some of them went to a museuem in New York. But I didn't reali.....- 12/7/2006 8:30:25 PM
Geez. Besides TAKS tests, students in some districts are taking up to 5 field (try-out) tests, too (salon) How frustrating. Not only, as this article points out, do some students not take these tests seriously because they know they're practice tests, but how much time does a district spend TAKING TESTS........- 12/7/2006 4:17:01 PM
RFID Personal Firewall-Protecting Yourself from intrusive RFIDs (salon) I've read a number of ways to try to deal with the intrusion of RFID tags in virtually every item that exists-one solution is to send out jamming signals from a "blocker", another (that I ha.....- 12/7/2006 3:52:50 PM
Iraq Oil- Here's the REAL reason the Iraq Study Group Wants Iraq Stabilized (salon) and we don't see a quick exit. We haven't commercialized Iraq's oil industry yet. One of the most honest articles yet. The Iraq Study Group report identified oil as the lifeblood of Iraq's economy and.....- 12/7/2006 3:03:21 PM
Texas Transportation Institute Says Texas CAN FINANCE ITS HIGHWAYS *WITHOUT* TOLL ROADS (salon) Listen up! The baloney being spread by Rick Perry and his pals about how state highways to be built (to include Trans Texas Corridor) must be run as toll roads (and that also includes existing highway.....- 12/7/2006 2:38:21 PM
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