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TXU Continues to be Under Fire-Three Stockholder Resolutions About their Pollution with Coal-Fired Plants (salon) Even shareholders think TXU is doing a poor job and question their judgementTexas-based utility TXU (ticker: TXU) is proceeding with plans to build 11 new pulverized coal-burning power plants in its h.....- 12/20/2006 12:28:09 AM
On Craddickism- Did Craddick LIE about the check he received OR No WONDER people want to see his calendar! (salon) McBlogger's post about whether Craddick committed perjury caught my eye earlier, and of course I'm always interested in anything that involves Craddick and checks, mostly because of Sid Miller's invol.....- 12/20/2006 12:17:22 AM
Grayson County, Texas Commissioners Put Moratorium on Fast-Tracking of TXU's Coal-Fired Plants (salon) Here's a citizen commenting on it at the commish meeting“Last week I felt like I didn’t communicate with you,” Feld said. He said he asked himself what he had missed when he talked to them about the p.....- 12/19/2006 4:32:17 PM
TXU not content with polluting only Texas with coal-fired plants-Wants to build them in Northeastern Pennsylvania (salon) But, er, PA isn't eager to have their stinky polluting coal-fired plants... EITHER. A Texas utility company’s expansion plans could include the construction of coal-fired power plants in Northeastern .....- 12/19/2006 4:26:45 PM
Should School Districts Rely on Oil and Gas Revenue? Denton County, Texas-35 percent of the budget (salon) In the Weatherford Democrat this morning, there's an article about Devon Energy's presentation about the economic benefits for Parker County. Among other things, this was interesting.In Denton, 35 per.....- 12/19/2006 10:54:33 AM
Harry Reid! Listen UP! Don't Listen to Bush about *Surging* More Troops to Iraq- His approval rate DOWN to 28 percent (salon) When I read yesterday that Harry Reid of the Senate said that maybe it would be a good idea, as long as it was only a couple of months, to *surge* some more troops to Iraq, I thought, did he LISTEN to.....- 12/19/2006 12:21:40 AM
Drove around looking at Christmas lights in Glen Rose just now (salon) I really enjoy looking at how people in town light their houses and yards. Out in the county where we are, there aren't a lot of lights up, mostly, I suspect, because you can't see a lot of people's h.....- 12/18/2006 9:45:19 PM
Lexus Lanes (Toll Roads for the Rich) to come to Fort Worth (Tarrant County) Texas (salon) Blah. I can see it now. Here I will be, driving on the *free* existing lanes on I-35, or Loop 820, or 121/183, and, waving at me from their expensive SUVs will be the well-favored who can afford to ri.....- 12/18/2006 9:37:30 PM
Collin County Texas Citizens ANGRY over the North Texas Outer Loop-Which could become part of the TTC.... (salon) Who says the majority of people like these toll roads? Besides politicos who don't want to spend money where it ought to be spent and would rather let private companies ream the public after taking th.....- 12/18/2006 8:11:01 PM
Recycling Water for Gas Wells in the Barnett Shale (Texas)- Devon Energy Trying This (salon) Glad to read this. I read last week a report that Devon had commissioned about how economicially great they are for the area-well, yes, part of their responsibility must not simply be economic but env.....- 12/18/2006 12:08:03 PM
Texas School Vouchers Next Trojan Horse Attack on Public Education- Autistic Children (salon) Again, how about taxpayer money goes for PUBLIC education, that if a parent doesn't like one school's special education program for his or her kid, s/he can transfer said child to another PUBLIC schoo.....- 12/18/2006 11:25:39 AM
FBI Lets Military Recruiters Continue to Visit Schools- When they KNEW the Recruiters were Cocaine Traffickers (salon) The FBI knew for THREE YEARS that not one, but a dozen military recruiters were taking bribes to transport cocaine. Now, none of them is accused of giving drugs to students, but the astonishing factor.....- 12/18/2006 11:09:51 AM
Regarding that Rumour about Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant as Heard about Supposedly on NPR (salon) Wrote about it earlier today here after hearing from WhosPlayin in Denton County.WhosPlayin has written up his thoughts about the whole thing here.  He says he heard the story about the NRC finding a .....- 12/17/2006 11:59:11 PM
Quick Techie Note-I added a registration piece a couple of weeks ago in order to allow comments (salon) IF you have any problems at all with registering or logging in, email me at salon    at     glenrose.net. Whosplayin alerted me to an error after registration that made it look like a person wasn't re.....- 12/17/2006 11:50:45 PM
Mack White of Austin's Christmas Show Podcast- Fantastic Selection- Jazzy, Rockabilly (salon) - 12/17/2006 10:51:04 PM
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