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Time Magazine's Condescending People of the Year issue-You Work for Nothing But Maybe Time Will Get Paid if you buy their rag (salon) A lot of people have commented recently on Time Magazine's pandering choice of choosing anyone who breathes people who use the internet to share their view of the world to be Person (?) of the Year. N.....- 12/17/2006 3:05:20 PM
Why Should TXU be the energy policy maker in the state of Texas?????? (salon) The Environmental Defense group raises some good questions.TXU should not be dictating the power policy in Texas, said Colin Rowan, director of regional communication for Environmental Defense.Envir.....- 12/17/2006 2:36:33 PM
Uh.. How Crazy is this? Raise the Gasoline Tax but still have new toll roads. ... Huh? (salon) Did a double-take when I read this Austin American Statesman opinion piece about what a great idea it is to raise the gasoline tax to pay for highway construction, etc... except keep the toll roads. H.....- 12/17/2006 2:32:34 PM
By 2008 will we see an end to Electronic Voting Machines that don't include paper trails? (salon) Article in the Chron discusses national bill debates that will go on when Congress starts up again next year. This caught my eye in particular.States and counties that bought the machines will have to.....- 12/17/2006 2:20:34 PM
Private Airplanes and Luxury Hotels- Sheesh! It's LUCRATIVE when Texas legislators use campaign money for goodies! (salon) Maybe EVERYBODY ought to run for office and have others cough up dough for them? Did you think when you donated money to some of these clowns that it was going for, uh, campaign expenses, instead of N.....- 12/17/2006 2:11:44 PM
Another reason to consider about military service- Returning soldiers suffer from stress disorder (salon) "If you cannot predict what can happen to you, it is extremely traumatic," Reeves said. "You can put up with the 24/7 stress for about six months, but after that, it makes you vulnerabl.....- 12/17/2006 1:59:50 PM
Burn Them CowPies! Star-Telegram Does Article on Stephenville's (Erath County, Texas) BioGas Operation (salon) Have written about Microgy's operation here before. Energy from cow poop.The processing plant will consist of eight large tanks similar to grain silos that can process manure from up to 10,000 cows a .....- 12/17/2006 1:55:15 PM
Underperforming Texas Charter Schools to be Examined in this Lege Session-Will it include Erath Excels? (salon) Apparently a new bill to be introduced this session (I don't think it has yet) would close down ALL the charter schools, immediately reopen the good ones and close down the bad. "We have to rewar.....- 12/17/2006 1:46:29 PM
Texas Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant -Did the NRC Find that the Quench Tank Has been Dry for Years? (salon) Got an email from the author of "Who\'s Playin\' " blog from Denton County, who said that he was listening to NPR (KERA locally) this last Friday and heard it said that the NRC .....- 12/17/2006 1:09:31 PM
Texas Railroad Commission Unfair to Citizens Versus Oil and Gas Companies- Hearing Notices at Christmas (salon) From Bill Gordon regarding waste disposal well at Bluff Dale (Erath County) Texas"Bluff Dale Citizens receive early Christmas from RRC!" The Citizens of Bluff Dale, Texas (Erath County) rece.....- 12/17/2006 12:19:15 AM
Missing the *Two Grannies* Restaurant in Glen Rose, Texas (salon) Ft Worth Star-Telegram has a charming article about the restaurant with down-home cooking where hugs were not optional. It's been closed down and is for sale."My family is all huggers," Whit.....- 12/16/2006 2:37:07 PM
Astounding-At least one Johnson County Texas man believes it's good we're in Iraq because there's Muslims there to kill (salon) Every once in a while letters to the editor from surrounding papers catch my attention, as these 2 did.From the Cleburne Times Review December 3, 2006-W V BondsI dont know all the ins and outs of Isl.....- 12/16/2006 1:44:59 PM
On the Texas State Legislators Belatedly Realizing the State Parks Need Money (salon) It isn't just that there hasn't been enough money allocated for state parks; it's that the money allocated has been SHIFTED to other funding. Article in the Waco Trib seems to want to say that there's.....- 12/16/2006 12:36:32 PM
SMU'S School of Theology Doesn't Want the Bush Library- *Bush's Abysmal Record* (salon) What's a dictator president to do when one of the places that he's like to have his airbrushed tribute to his legacy has theologians.. that don't want it there? (One has to wonder why Baylor wants it .....- 12/16/2006 12:03:39 PM
Want to Hear from Experts about Waste Injection Wells and the Effects on Communities? Bluff Dale, Texas Tuesday Night (salon) (That's Erath County). Georgia Scott has planned a Town Hall meeting in Bluff Dale on Tuesday, December 19th at 7pm at the Bluff Dale Fire Hall. People in the "know" will tell us about injec.....- 12/15/2006 6:38:48 PM
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