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Since when is it ok to use an airstrike against a "suspect"? (joe) I thought when you were a suspect that you were either charged with a crime and arrested or let go. In the Bush world it appears that if he or the "government" beleive you are a suspect then.....- 1/8/2007 7:03:21 PM
New Passports Not Wonderful-Why? Might Mean a Dip in Tourism (salon) Why? Because a lot of people don't like the RFID chip in their passport, not to mention that a lot of people simply don't know they will have to a have a passport to go to and from.. Mexico! Or Canada.....- 1/8/2007 5:49:27 PM
Fantasy Football? No, Fantasy Congress! (salon) How intriguing (and a little sad) that in order to actually be PART of Congress, you must join leagues and pretend to BE Congress. I suppose that's the closest a lot of people will ever be in actually.....- 1/8/2007 5:40:52 PM
Privacy Guidelines for Use of Personal Data (salon) Was reading an article describing the hodgepodge of state regulations regarding the use of personal data and came across these sensible privacy guidelines. Limits on the collection of personal data w.....- 1/8/2007 4:59:18 PM
Electric Car-Chevy Volt -in Pictures (salon) - 1/8/2007 4:35:30 PM
Secret TSA Laws to Remain Secret- Supreme Court Declines Case (salon) Remember John Gilmore, who challenged airport rules about having to show ID and said that the TSA should have to *show* the law that requires it? Went all the way to the Supreme Court but the Supreme .....- 1/8/2007 3:12:35 PM
East Texas Legislators Merritt, Hughes and Eltife Think Increasing the Gas Tax Better than Trans Texas Corridor (salon) Good to hear. According to www.keeptexasmoving.com, plans call for the corridor to be completed in phases over the next 50 years with routes prioritized according to the state's needs. The Texas Depar.....- 1/7/2007 8:18:42 PM
Victoria, Texas had a Trans Texas Corridor protest this week- 50 people attended (salon) - 1/7/2007 8:08:15 PM
GM, Slammed with Killing the Electric Car, Resurrecting the.. .Electric Car! Chevy Volt (salon) Background General Motors Corp., accused in the 2006 documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" of conspiring to cancel its 1990s EV1 model, was to unveil the Chevrolet Volt sedan conce.....- 1/7/2007 8:05:29 PM
What the FOOL is WRONG with Bush? Besides Troop Escalation, 1 BILLION DOLLARS for IRaqi Jobs? (salon) C'mon. If we have that much money that we can afford to spend, let's spend it HERE. No offense to Iraq and I'm sorry the Idiot In Chief invaded your country but there'a already been so much waste and .....- 1/7/2007 8:02:12 PM
How Chet Edwards (Us House District 17) Voted Last Week, Beginning Week of Democratically Controlled Congress (salon) Here's the resolutions and bills1. House ethics rules: Adopted, 430-1, Democratic-sponsored changes in House ethics rules for the 110th Congress (H Res 6). The new rules bar members from accepting rid.....- 1/7/2007 2:35:35 PM
Your Credit Report Is Clear-But Utility Companies Using Specialized Scores to Rate You. (salon) Here's a Creep-You-Out article that shows that customers might not be aware that all types of information, including utility payments, are being tracked now and used with specialized scoring programs .....- 1/7/2007 12:21:59 PM
Border Cameras in Texas Not Helping Much- Gee- $20,000 Per Undocumented Worker Seems like a RIPOFF! (salon) Wondered reading the article about how border cameras not netting much effect if it's just that there aren't that many bored or *no life* people in this world to sit and watch the border or if those t.....- 1/7/2007 12:03:20 PM
Hangings in Texas Including Gatesville and Denton (salon) People upset over seeing the footage of Saddam getting hanged? Or that there were people mocking him in the crowd? Our Texas Heritage included crowds at hangings. Article in the DMN talks about an 189.....- 1/7/2007 11:41:53 AM
Video- Excitement When Recording the Gas *Sweetening* Plant in Hood County, Texas (salon) I like to record events and things of interest, so I wasn't expecting the level of scrutiny from the sheriff's department yesterday when we were on a public county road and went to take a recording of.....- 1/7/2007 10:47:18 AM
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