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Ice Storm-Photo of the Yard (salon) - 1/15/2007 10:52:09 AM
Children as Passive Marketing Targets-Fort Worth Schools to Saturate Schools with Tray Liners (salon) I recall when Grapevine high school put a big Dr Pepper ad on top of the school so that planes could fly over and see it (Maybe it's still there, don't know if the 10 years has expired yet). A 10-year.....- 1/15/2007 9:47:16 AM
John Cornyn Hawks Television Show-Maybe when He Loses in 2008.... (salon) - 1/14/2007 12:11:40 PM
One more Comment about the *Digestible* RFID Ink Used to Stamp Cattle and People (salon) Wrote about this the other day and I find it CREEPY.  I must not be the only one because here's another article about the ink that hastens to assure people that it is SAFE to eat the ink (remember tha.....- 1/14/2007 11:38:36 AM
Perry's Hogs At the Trough Say He Deserves More Credit (salon) Had to laugh when I saw this article from the DMN entitled "Perry deserves more credit, some say". I always want to know WHO the *some* are and WHY they are blowing a big horn for Perry. So .....- 1/14/2007 10:48:48 AM
Note to Cheney: Go F*** Yourself (joe) and your ILLEGAL pulling of American's credit reports. If you go reading things on the Internets it appears Cheney appeared on the evilnetwork and told them its ok for the military to obtain credit re.....- 1/14/2007 10:21:27 AM
Bush, here's my plan you keep asking for...leave Iraq NOW! (joe) Its a pretty simple plan...even something YOU can't screw up. You keep asking folks for other plans since you seem to think yours is so great. Here is my plan....our troops come home and we thank them.....- 1/14/2007 10:19:13 AM
Congress Set to Smackdown TXU Plans to Build Those 11 Dirty Coal-Fired Plants (salon) What local lawsuits against TXU might do or not, seems that McCain(R) and Lieberman(I) aren't fans of greenhouse-gas emissions. The bipartisan Senate bill, co-sponsored by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz.; .....- 1/14/2007 10:10:11 AM
Gossip, Entirely Speculation Time-on Bush's Moving to Highland Park, Texas After Giving the Bum's Rush to Crawford (salon) Wrote about this yesterday and then saw Panhandle Truth Squad's reference to some queeny gossip regarding Highland Park and Bush. I read an article about Kenny Goss, a Dallas gallery owner who also ha.....- 1/14/2007 9:54:58 AM
Texas About to Sell Land Leases to Develop GeoThermal Energy (salon) My first question about this is, if they are going to use water to develop the energy, where is that water going to come from? Will it be the same problematic situation where gas and oil companies are.....- 1/14/2007 8:56:07 AM
TXU and ((Houston based firm???)) Included Among Companies Paying for Rick Perry's 2 MILLION Dollar Inaugural (salon) But why should we po po folks complain because if we can afford internet, dammit, we can WATCH them eat cake. Something I thought was odd about the article, which I\'ve seen repeated in a n.....- 1/14/2007 8:49:31 AM
Update on Waco Friends of Peace Protesting Chet Edwards for his Iraq War Stance (salon) - 1/13/2007 6:32:57 PM
Chet Edwards votes Yes on passage of H.R.4 "Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act of 2007" (Chair) - 1/13/2007 12:45:14 PM
BEST New Year's Resolution from Cleburne (Johnson County)'s Patrick Barkman (salon) Going to post this in its entirety. Made me laugh.“If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging symbol. If I have the gift of prophecy a.....- 1/13/2007 11:50:32 AM
What happens to Crawford, Texas When Bush Leaves and Moves Back to Dallas? (salon) Anyone that's been to Crawford knows it's a pretty small burg, and that the boom it's had on its main street has been due to Bush buying land there for his PR push before running for president. Here's.....- 1/13/2007 11:36:13 AM
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