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Rick Perry Idiocy of Day-Calls the Charleston SC Massacre an *Accident* (salon) The comment came during a TV interview in which Perry was asked about President Barack Obama's response to the shooting, which left nine people dead at the historically black church in Charlesto.....- 6/20/2015 7:43:38 AM
Confederate Flags Back in the News (salon) First, for some gawdawful reason, after the Charleston white terrorism against a black church, the Confederate Flag is still flying. Not only is this offensive in its own right, but isn't South Ca.....- 6/19/2015 12:22:49 PM
On Gun Violence (Charleston et al) June 2015 (salon) I have to confess that I usually don't think about guns one way or the other. My family has guns, but none of us are active sportsmen, don't go to shooting ranges for recreation, but have them.....- 6/19/2015 11:15:21 AM
What about Local Government meetings and CHL/Open Carry? (Texas) (salon) I was wondering the other day about whether it was permissible to carry a gun to a local government meeting. Was part of a discussion that had quite a bit of different answers, so called up John Benne.....- 6/18/2015 4:47:13 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 6/17/2015 (salon) Have been binge watching "Sons of Anarchy" and now it's done. Looks like that final death scene was packed with Jesus references AND now also done watching Game of Thrones.... until.....- 6/17/2015 7:55:02 PM
Started a Somervell County Democrats Group on Facebook (salon) - 6/16/2015 9:46:39 PM
Poultry Musings-Nature is Violent and Random (salon) Have had quite a bit of poultry drama here in the last 2 weeks. One set of geese, male and female, had a gosling.I had it separate from the other geese, since the male geese especially have a tendency.....- 6/16/2015 9:08:26 PM
Can*t Do Anything About People Who want to listen to Gossip Without Verifying IF True (salon) Some people lately have wanted to let me know about some gossips who are spreading misinformation on the internets. Everyone is, of course, entitled to an opinon. That doesn't make the person with.....- 6/16/2015 10:31:16 AM
SCOTUS Turned away challenge to Mandatory Sonogram Law re: Abortion candidates (salon) Everybody here remembers how Sid Miller was so misguided as to push women being forced to watch a sonogram or listen to it being described as part of a legal abortion procedure. Read today that the Su.....- 6/15/2015 6:01:32 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused - 6/15/2015 (salon) I'm pretty much against there being such a LONGGGGGGGGG time for people to run for president. The good news is that, at this point, there are only 2 candidates I seriously will be watching. One is.....- 6/15/2015 5:51:03 PM
Educating Ron Hankins on Candidates and Agendas (salon) Ron Hankins is sorely in need of being educated on whether candidates for office and/or elected officials have agendas. He believes that if someone runs for office with an agenda, they should expect t.....- 6/15/2015 10:19:14 AM
On Bernie Sanders-Americans Generally Agree With His Agenda (salon) - 6/14/2015 2:39:38 PM
What is the Sign that Businesses Have To Display If they Don't Support Open Carry? (salon) I noticed this in an article about the Texas Open Carry Bill   "We just take the word 'concealed' out in every section," he said.  "Also what we are doing is addi.....- 6/14/2015 11:21:43 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 6/14/2015 (salon) Wisconsin protesters win in court A judge has awarded nearly $45,000 in legal fees and damages to six protesters issued citations during demonstrations at the Wisconsin State Capitol four years a.....- 6/14/2015 11:09:27 AM
Glen Rose Healthcare Inc Filings (salon) Texas Franchise Tax Information Report  for 2013, dated 6-17-2013  -Karen Burroughs, President, Alex Tseng Vice President, Julie Greene, Secretary Texas Franchise Tax Infomation Repo.....- 6/14/2015 8:06:02 AM
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