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David Van Os on Stopping the Money Chase (salon) I completely agree with the sentiments expressed below. As long as money plays such a prominent, if not the dominant, role in politics, good people who might otherwise be elected to office but for not.....- 2/8/2007 9:57:09 AM
HPV- Finally- Texas State Senators Nelson and Keffer Ask AG Abbott- Can Perry DO THAT? (salon) It's been my contention since last week, when I saw while on vacation that Perry had deliberately bypassed the legislature on the bill mandating HPV vaccinations for 12 year old girls, that he has no .....- 2/8/2007 7:18:32 AM
Tomorrow-Footage from the NTCOG meeting in Springtown, Texas about the Outer Loop in Parker County (salon) I'm watching some video that was recorded tonight and alternately shaking my head or laughing or applauding the citizens who spoke up against this. Too late to get this in shape tonight, but will put .....- 2/7/2007 11:59:05 PM
Comment on Nuclear Power Stories O Day from Yesterday about Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (salon) The heat generated by the comment about the original blog entry, which I intend to put portions of here, along with response, makes me suspect the author, who goes by Blaphantunnio, probably works for.....- 2/7/2007 10:57:58 PM
HPV-Perry Takes Off the Crown and Admits the Legislature Can Trump his Executive Order (salon) Maybe he was starting to believe the rumblings of impeachment? Anyway, here's some background. Gov. Rick Perry's office put the anti-cancer vaccine debate in lawmakers' hands on Wednesday, saying they.....- 2/7/2007 8:58:04 PM
Will be updating the Bill Blab later on tonight and tomorrow (salon) Due to being out of pocket for the last week and also today. We've had a lot of people come to read the Blab aka Bark N Snark and welcome any comments you might want to make about the Lege. I myself c.....- 2/7/2007 8:56:47 AM
Perry's State of the State Address Commented Upon by Peter Stern (salon) from the inimitable Peter Stern of Dripping SpringsThere's the State-of-the-State Address and then there's the REALITY Perry deviates from reality.  Let's look at a few of his accolades: "The eco.....- 2/7/2007 8:44:20 AM
ATMOS Gas Company in Texas Smacked Down by Administrative Law Judges (salon) Atmos-you remember-they tried to charge customers for their pricey meals and entertainment, which they used as part of their justification for a rate increase, until they were forced to stop. Atmos En.....- 2/7/2007 12:38:10 AM
Cornyn-Who Cares What People Want About the Iraq War? I'm Going to Vote For The Escalation (salon) Boy. That's our Senator, middle finger up to the people who voted for him. Republican Senator John Cornyn today said the unpopularity of the war among members of the public shouldn't guide how lawmake.....- 2/7/2007 12:19:13 AM
List of Commercial Gas Waste Disposal Wells by County from the Texas Railroad Commission Site (salon) Wow! I was SHOCKED to see how many waste disposal wells Wise County has- 26! Johnson County has 15. Hood has 8, Jack has 15, Montague has 20, and Parker has 6. I notice that the RRC has the stats on h.....- 2/7/2007 12:09:44 AM
Stop the Coal Rush Rally in Austin on Sunday, February 11th at 3:00 pm (salon) Got an interesting brochure in the mail yesterday from StoptheCoalrush.com "The only way to beat organized polluters is with organized people". Our Mission: The purpose of this event is to a.....- 2/6/2007 11:46:18 PM
Those 3 Criminals Who Were Going to Rob Hamilton, Texas Banks? Convicted! (salon) BackgroundThree people were convicted Tuesday in a failed plot to blow up 15 Sheriff’s Office patrol cars and rob three banks in Hamilton.A federal jury in Fort Worth convicted 27-year-old James Edwar.....- 2/6/2007 11:15:30 PM
On Women, the FDA and Drug Risks- Public Citizen Warns Against Low-Dose Birth Control Pills (salon) Can we always say that because the FDA has approved a drug that it is safe to take? No. Public Citizen says the pills increase a woman's risk of a potentially deadly blood clot more than other pills d.....- 2/6/2007 2:19:18 PM
Oh, Great. Now John Carter of Round Rock is Going to be Pushing the *Terror-Terror* theme (salon) Saw in the Waco tv site that John Carter (Texas Rep in the district next to mine) is on some kind of anti-terrorism caucus, where The caucus was created to educate lawmakers and the public about the t.....- 2/6/2007 1:54:27 PM
Bush's 2008 Budget As Relates to Nuclear Power- Squandering More than a BILLION Dollars (salon) Reminder that TXU wants to build ANOTHER nuclear power plant in Glen Rose, Texas at Comanche Peak. According to Public Citizen, here's a list of the subsidies (read: TXU ain't paying for this themselv.....- 2/6/2007 1:44:32 PM
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