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Trans Texas Corridor Big Pig! $106.6 BILLION DOLLARS for the TTC-35 Portion ALONE- State Auditor (salon) How much of the TTC roadway does the TTC-35 portion represent? 14 percent. Let's see. 14 is to 100 as 106.6 billion is to X. “Although there are weaknesses in the Department of Transportation’s oversi.....- 2/23/2007 12:58:39 PM
Chet Edwards, YOU need to STOP BUSH! (Chair) Its bad enough the presidents budget proposal cuts funding for vets..he is creating more of them everyday.Chet Edwards, YOU voted to give him authorization...take that permission away or you are as mu.....- 2/23/2007 9:51:59 AM
*Pat Me On the Head*- Toll Road Meeting for 121 in Collin County, Texas Next Monday (salon) Why would TxDOT bother to have meetings in which the citizens can comment about 121 being a toll road all the way to 75 (Central Expressway)? It must be only so that the citizens can let off steam, po.....- 2/23/2007 9:46:09 AM
More on Phil King (Texas) Nuclear Power Bill that Stiffs the Public- Those Decommission funds (salon) Phil King's bill and more on how it screws the public while helping out the nuclear power industry. I re-read the Star-Telegram article on this and it's worth saying, AGAIN, that the money that gets p.....- 2/23/2007 9:30:07 AM
Sample Letter to Send to the Texas Railroad Commission Protesting the Bluff Dale, Tx Injection Well (salon) Please use as a starting point for your own letter, and send it off to the RRC, Put your name, signature, street, etc at the end. Texas Railroad Commission Environmental Services Section P. O. Box 129.....- 2/22/2007 4:14:35 PM
Texas Railroad Commissioner Lawyers Won't Allow Chairman Elizabeth Jones To see Protest Letters (salon) This is for EVERY Texan. Got this from Bill Gordon about protesting the waste disposal well in Bluff Dale, Texas (Erath and Hood Counties-notice, ironically, that the company that wants to put in the .....- 2/22/2007 4:10:29 PM
Ran Over His Head? (salon) Got a call this morning from a Glen Rose resident who had been to the meeting on waste injection wells this last weekend in Somervell County. We were talking about gas well roughnecks coming into the .....- 2/22/2007 4:00:33 PM
Texas Ground Water Conservation districts do NOT regulate the water used by *exempted* oil and gas industry (salon) I went to a meeting today in which the Texas Water Development Board talked about groundwater districts. Groundwater districts do the following:Develop management plans to conserve and protect natural.....- 2/22/2007 3:43:17 PM
Some interesting events coming up in Glen Rose- Rodeo and Bluegrass (salon) I was just looking at the City of Glen Rose site's list of upcoming events, and there are three that are particularly interesting to me. Somervell County Professional Rodeo at the Somervell Expo Cente.....- 2/21/2007 11:17:17 AM
Merck Decides that Pushing Gardasil on States Wasn't Such a Hot Idea (salon) Heh. Despite all the money they are giving to legislators, I suppose they couldn't have guessed all the negative publicity that would arise from Pinhead-The-Emperor-Perry mandating the HPV vaccination.....- 2/21/2007 10:29:46 AM
Judge Blocks Perry's Order to Fast-Track the Coal-Fired Plants-Says Perry Doesn't Have Authority to SideStep the Process (salon) Perry thinks he's King and can just issue orders and avoid all the *encumbrances* (read LAW) that prevent him from being able to help out his cronies. But a judge had none of it.State District Judge S.....- 2/21/2007 9:51:15 AM
Solar News Roundup (salon) Saw some interesting articles in the last couple of weeks about solar energy. First up,the Concentrating Solar Power technology-hadn't heard of this before, but, basically, if you've ever used a magni.....- 2/20/2007 2:35:57 PM
P.S. On Geoffrey O'Connor -Those Rumours about being Perry's Gay Lover (salon) Didn\'t want to put this on Peter Stern\'s wonderful answer to Mr O\'Connor\'s energy letter, but Mr. O\'Connor was the one rumoured to be having an affair with Rick Perry, at w.....- 2/20/2007 10:31:10 AM
Former Texas Secretary of State Geoffrey O'Connor Attacks Democrats-Peter Stern Smacks Him Back (salon) O'Connor wrote an editorial to the North Texas E-News in which he said, in part:Meanwhile, the Worldwatch Institute, while it lauded Bush's biofuels proposals, dismissed his other calls for more nucle.....- 2/20/2007 10:25:56 AM
Video and Audio from Gas Waste Injection Well Meeting in Glen Rose, Texas Last Weekend (salon) As noted before, the title of the presentation was "The Truth about Gas Waste Injection Wells" and speakers were Dale Henry of Lampasses, Lionel Milberger of Robertson County, Bill Gordon of.....- 2/20/2007 3:40:32 PM
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