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Skinny on the North Texas 121 Toll Road Deal with Cintra/JP Morgan (salon) Wrote about this the other day but this has ALL the goods for details on who is profiting.. and how. Texas Transportation Commission has accepted a proposal by Cintra and JP Morgan to pay $2.1b in an .....- 3/11/2007 3:21:56 PM
Bush's Escalation Grows-Wants More Troops and More Money-WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? (salon) Bush has already HAD his chances, in spades, to try to make the best of the bad situation HE caused. I voted for Democrats because I want them to END this war... QUICKLY (and that goes for YOU, Chet E.....- 3/11/2007 2:53:04 PM
Did the FIVE BILLION DOLLARS spent on Bioterrorism after 9/11 Make the US safer? Who knows? (salon) Give ME 5 billion dollars and I can go flush it down the toilet just as easily as this government agency has. Government health officials say they can't show how $5 billion dollars spent on preparatio.....- 3/11/2007 2:51:53 PM
"Gates to the rescue" should be "Competence meets the White House" (joe) - 3/11/2007 10:01:11 AM
Cintra- *We Meet All the Time- Especially If There's an Election Coming* (salon) Infuriating article from WFAA, also repeated in the DMN, about Cintra, and its various projects around the world. Seems that Cintra raised its tolls in Toronto. Here's what Mr. Lopez, Cintra's directo.....- 3/11/2007 8:51:29 AM
Caught!!! American Express Channeling *Minority Report* with RFID People Tracker (salon) Seems that American Express was a more than a little chagrined when CASPIAN published their patent which included readers in all sort of public places (like supermarkets, schools, etc) that would read.....- 3/10/2007 6:55:48 PM
Chris Bell's *Faith in Texas Fund*-Got an email about this (salon) and read it before I unsubscribed. First up, especially after the last few days of reading about the Adulterous Republicans running for President, and the Southern Baptist kissup to them on the basis .....- 3/10/2007 8:52:25 AM
Who Manages and Advises about the Cintra 121 Toll Road in North Texas? (salon) I'm not going to pretend to understand the ins and outs of money management (although I can handle a budget very well), but I thought this was interesting. I know that Cintra has applied for federal l.....- 3/10/2007 7:52:34 AM
Gotta Love This- Mayan Priests Will Purify Site After Bush Leaves -Bad Spirits! (salon) For the rest of us, we await Bush getting the heck out of office."That a person like (Bush), with the persecution of our migrant brothers in the United States, with the wars he has provoked, is g.....- 3/9/2007 6:37:39 PM
Sid Miller (Tx Dist 59) Eats Horses, Don't He? (salon) I snorted at the title of this Chron blog post about Miller's bill to allow eating of horses OUTSIDE THE UNITED States, entitled "What's for Dinner? Mr Ed, They Hope" -heh. What's particular.....- 3/9/2007 6:08:16 PM
TXU to build IGCC Coal-Plants- A Bow to Environmental Defense? Or Just a Shyster Trick? (salon) Remember how, in the last few months, Environmental Defense slammed TXU on its coal-fired plants and TXU said "Wah, Please Remove Your Ads!" (this was while they were secretly trying to sell.....- 3/9/2007 1:53:12 PM
FBI has been Abusing National Security Letters (Patriot Act) -NSL Instead of WARRANTS based on probable cause (salon) The very first time I heard, in some Senate hearing, that the FBI wasn't abusing the Patriot Act provisions of National Security Letters, which can get information on people without the ones wanting i.....- 3/9/2007 12:03:03 PM
New Mexico Signs Surface Owner Protection Bill-Strongest in the Nation (salon) It requires oil and gas companies to notify surface owners 30 days before entering their land, and to describe their drilling plans.They must pay for any damages caused by drilling or road-building, a.....- 3/9/2007 11:35:15 AM
On Treatment of the Wounded-Letter to Editor in Waxahachie, Texas paper (salon) from Beth Dawson -excerpt I feel it is important to point out one common denominator in all this. The Veteran's Administration budget is funded by Congress. Up until two months ago, the Congress had b.....- 3/9/2007 11:31:50 AM
BRCC Meeting in Hood Co, Texas Next Tuesday at 7:00 in Granbury at Langdon House (salon) Brazos River Conservation Coalition. The March 13th meeting will surely be of interest.  Co-chairs Josh Rosenfeld and Billy Teels will be joined in a panel discussion by County Commissioner Dick Roan .....- 3/9/2007 11:18:23 AM
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