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Chet Edwards (US Dist 17) Says War Position More Influenced by Combat Troops Than Those In Congress (salon) Generally speaking, can't fault Edwards for paying more attention to his DISTRICT than to the other Dems in Congress. Edwards, who represented Fort Hood for 13 years, said his position on the war has .....- 3/8/2007 12:28:51 PM
The Weird *Environmental* Defense Deal with TXU (salon) In some of the articles about the HUGE buyout of TXU by KKR and Texas Pacific Group, the *environmental* groups have been quoted... in one I read, that was groups as in singular... Environmental Defen.....- 3/8/2007 12:13:22 PM
How Does Railroad Corporate Welfare Relate to Kip Averitt's Emission Bill (Texas) SB12? (salon) Read a bit ago about how we, the taxpayer, are helping PRIVATE CORPORATIONS Burlington Northern and Union Pacific buy some new locomotives. How? Through the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP). As I.....- 3/8/2007 11:28:27 AM
Video and Audio-Trans Texas Corridor- Senate Hearing March 1 07-Part 7 (salon) Previous partsAs I said, I didn't get it all, and there were more than 100 people who wanted to speak after I left. OVERWHELMINGLY, the citizens of Texas are AGAINST not only the TTC but the idea that.....- 3/8/2007 11:44:04 AM
Woah! Texas Taxpayers Subsidize Most of Burlington Northern and Union Pacific New Locomotives (salon) Hmm. Can you say CORPORATE WELFARE? Texas has a state environmental program for emissions-reduction that's funded by vehicle registration fees. I never thought about what it might be for, but sure did.....- 3/8/2007 9:46:54 AM
Cheney Unmasked as the Funny Uncle He Is (salon) Best editorial I've read in a while -Cheney Post Plame. Testimony depicted Cheney as bitterly obsessed with Plame's husband, Joe Wilson, whose New York Times article exposing the phony "intellige.....- 3/8/2007 9:37:35 AM
The Backdating Stocks Scandal Or How Corporations Profited From 9/11 (salon) Have been reading about this for quite a while but until this article didn't realize the scope of just how many corporations backdated stock options. Companies, in other words, gave stock options to e.....- 3/8/2007 9:24:07 AM
The Texas House, Trans Texas Corridor Kill Bills, and Sid Miller (salon) Just a reminder to Sid Miller (Texas District 59) on voting. If Miller's vote is not outright AGAINST turning our highways into toll roads, including using foreign corporations to run them, then he is.....- 3/8/2007 6:38:23 AM
Raising the Gas Tax for Roads OR Paying for Toll Roads (salon) McBlogger takes on the argument. After you read that, watch this short clip of Senator Shapleigh talking about the COST of the toll with James Bass of TxDot, and  this short clip of the Senator Shaple.....- 3/8/2007 6:33:04 AM
Cintra 121 Deal in Denton/Collin, Texas-WHO TO VOTE OUT and Deal STILL conditional (salon) As I've been clipping the TTC Senate hearings from last week, I heard one TTC apologist say that people are managing to get around Dallas without 121-the implication being that somehow, because it's n.....- 3/8/2007 6:23:37 AM
Kip Averitt a Signer on the Bill to HALT the Trans-Texas Corridor (salon) What I can't tell from this is, the description says "Any further"-does this mean that the existing Cintra deal would go through? On Monday, state Sen. Robert Nichols filed legislation that .....- 3/7/2007 11:29:38 PM
89% of Messages Sent to Perry OPPOSE his HPV Order (salon) and most of them wish they hadn't voted for Perry. I wish you all hadn't, too.Please, reconsider. Please, return parental choices, control, power to parents," wrote Bette D. Bittner of Caldwell.N.....- 3/7/2007 6:25:48 PM
Video- Trans Texas Corridor Senate Hearing March 1 07 Part 6 (salon) Previous PartsHave to say that this has been the most informative AND APPALLING hearing that really lays bare the flaws of the Trans Texas Corridor. In some parts, the participants aren't debating tol.....- 3/7/2007 10:53:58 PM
The Need for Gubernatorial Impeachment Legislation in Texas (salon) from Peter Stern of Dripping Springsor Provide Gov. Perry With the Opportunity to Teach Political Science 104: "How to Lie to Texas Voters" From the "git-go" Gov. Rick Perry has li.....- 3/7/2007 4:47:01 PM
If Bush pardons Libby, why should any of us ever tell the truth again to any law enforcement? (joe) I mean...if the president doesn't feel that obstruction of justice is a big thing...I guess that gives the rest of us a green light to do what we want and lie our way through it? What's a felony as lo.....- 3/7/2007 4:42:50 PM
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