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Nuclear Power Plant Coverup O Day- Japanese Plant in 1999 Covered Up Mishandling Nuclear Fuel Rods (salon) A Japanese power company admitted Thursday that it had covered up a 1999 incident in which the mishandling of nuclear fuel rods led to an unintended self-sustaining nuclear fission chain reaction for .....- 3/15/2007 11:42:27 AM
Saturday will be FOUR YEARS of the IRAQ WAR- Peace Activities in North Texas (salon) Saturday:Million Musician March 4 Peace, noon in Austin at the Texas Capitol, to "send a message of peace to the world." www.austinagainstwar.orgSunday:"A Stand for Peace," 4 p.m. .....- 3/15/2007 11:39:16 AM
Doesn't 39 Percent Perry Read his Own GOP Party Platform? (salon) Republican grumbling about Rick Perry's failure to READ and FOLLOW his own party's platform. While not a Republican, I saw this a long time back with regard to the Trans-Texas Corridor, which the Repu.....- 3/15/2007 11:33:37 AM
Cornyn Tries to Deflect the US Attorney Scandal Issue by Repeating Talking Point # 13,272 (salon) I was surprised to hear Cornyn quoted as one who had problems with Alberto *I Approve of Torture* Gonzales' actions with regard to the firing of a number of US Attorneys. I wondered why Cornyn, whose .....- 3/15/2007 10:54:37 AM
Which is it, Clinton? Bring the Troops Home by 2009 Or Support Militarism by Leaving Troops in Iraq? (salon) Hillary Clinton said that if she becomes president, she'll bring the troops home in 2009. But she contradicts herself on that, as reported in an entry on HuffPo, from the NY Times. Michael Gordon and .....- 3/15/2007 10:41:16 AM
OFFENSIVE! The Texas Youth Commission Board Members, Although being FIRED by the Texas Lege (salon) plan to stay on through Friday so that they can vote to approve a plan about the TYC.News of the planned resignations came as a special legislative panel continued to examine operations of the state a.....- 3/15/2007 9:28:02 AM
Rick *Governor 39 Percent* Perry's Trip to Dubai Paid by Corporations Who Stand to Gain (salon) Mentioned this earlier in the article about A&M, that Perry's purpose for the trip to Dubai is to drum up business.  Doesn't Perry work for US? Why are private firms paying for his trip? Hey, Legi.....- 3/15/2007 12:55:00 AM
Glen Rose, Texas Mentioned in Article about the Money Barnett Shale Bringing In -and How to Spend it. (salon) Interesting article about how cities are planning (or not) to spend the money coming in from the gas boom in the Barnett Shale. Plus some statistics. Consider this rather astounding math: The Tarrant .....- 3/15/2007 12:44:03 AM
On Halliburton Moving its Headquarters to Dubai (salon) I can't wait to hear Henry Waxman's committee investigations into what Halliburton is doing. I don't understand why we are even paying one more nickel to these crooks, or why anyone believes that outs.....- 3/15/2007 12:33:21 AM
Bill Ceverha and the Trinity Parkway Toll Road in Dallas, Texas (salon) Here a toll road, there a toll road, everywhere a toll road. And here\'s another, the Trinity Parkway, a joint project of the City of Dallas, TxDot and the NTTA. I remember some years back when I .....- 3/15/2007 12:22:26 AM
Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) WAS one of those giving Bush waivers on the Iraq War (salon) and says he doesn't know if he can completely support the bill to withdraw troops by 2008. Edwards is uncomfortable with a deadline – the plan now gives the president and the Iraqi government until Se.....- 3/14/2007 11:57:35 PM
ER... Texas A&M Has Campus in... DUBAI? Public-Private Partnerships Ahoy! (salon) Saw that Governor 39 percent was in Dubai (hey! That's the Same Place Halliburton Just Went! What a Coincidence! and Hey! That's the place that wanted to buy our ports!  ) to dedicate a new university.....- 3/14/2007 12:53:23 PM
Gas Well Explosion and Lawsuits O Day (salon) Man in Kern County, CA dies when two natural gas wells exploded and caught fire. The blasts and fire killed the driver of a vacuum truck owned by Johnston Trucking of Taft, Kern County Fire Department.....- 3/14/2007 12:03:46 PM
Remember Kenneth Lay? I thought it would be fun to do searches on the white house web site for him... (joe) Not much but here is a question someone had from May of 2001, I wonder what Mr. Hebert thinks today: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/briefings/20010531.htmlQ    Ari, Kenneth Lay is a close friend of th.....- 3/14/2007 12:09:19 PM
Amused by TXU's comment in response to report that it had Screwed the Public (salon) Here's the info about how TXU was illegally driving up prices and was CAUGHT.  And we find that Texas wants to find TXU 40 MILLION dollars for their scheme. But here's what amused. TXU replied that it.....- 3/14/2007 11:34:05 AM
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