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I've Moved On from MoveOn- Sent them an email to tell them to quit sending me emails. (salon) This was AFTER I read of Chet Edwards vote on what I consider a pat on the head from Democrats to those of us that actually want to end the war, and BEFORE I read an article from Salon that indicates .....- 3/25/2007 3:07:12 PM
Is that Documentary You're Watching Really a Shill for Corporations To Press Marketing or Other Agendas? (salon) Such a fine line between what you would hope would be one person or one group's view of a subject and, more cynically, a documentary created in order to sell product. Wrote before about Big Pharm doin.....- 3/25/2007 2:31:30 PM
How Our US Congress Voted This Week-Hutchison, Cornyn and Edwards (salon) First off, Cornyn and Hutchison are ALL FOR our social security being used, not for what it's intended but to be put back into the general funds. They also don't much like Special Education. To their .....- 3/25/2007 2:20:47 PM
Outsourcing News O Day- Brand Loyalty When the Product is Made on the Cheap in Another Country (salon) I was reading a bit ago an article about Indian outsourcing and it got me to thinking about how many companies are doing this now, and then I saw Hershey's. I Hurt! Hershey's is one of those that has .....- 3/25/2007 1:31:52 PM
The Americanization of Indian Education- US Universities want to set up satellites in India aka What's Karen Hughes Up To? (salon) Remember when Bush, in a time where Americans are losing their jobs to outsourcing in India, said that, after all, Americans need to quit whining and get educated (in so many words) and after all, we .....- 3/25/2007 1:10:54 PM
Susan Combs Continues her Fat-Tax Crusade in Which TaxPayers Would Pay for Obesity (salon) Somehow when this woman was running for Comptroller, I was paying more attention to her lurid romance novels than her crusade against the overweight. But, you know, She's Just Looking Out for Business.....- 3/25/2007 12:20:57 PM
How Much Did it Cost For the KKK To Go to Stephenville (Erath Co) Texas? (salon) - 3/25/2007 11:48:03 AM
Gov. Rick Perry: "Texan of the Year" or "Enemy of the People"? (pstern) Rick Perry:  Friend or Foe?The Governor's Press Office relays the message that Perry was hailed as "Texan of the Year", but does that honor really hold merit? To read more: See my article. P.....- 3/25/2007 11:08:52 AM
Harrah's (Gambling) Using RFID to Track Its Workers AND Track YOU Gambling (salon) Creepy, Creepy. For the people who WORK for Harrahs' a chip is inside their uniform's and they are tracked wherever they go. Woe to the cocktail waitress who is caught loafingOn a recent night at The .....- 3/25/2007 2:17:07 AM
How Carbon-Free... How GREEN... in Nuclear Energy (salon) Have heard a number of arguments pro and con about nuclear power plant energy and have discussed quite a few of these here before. Here's yet another take, based on a new reason being dished out by pr.....- 3/25/2007 2:03:41 AM
Jack Motley of Edna Texas Sings About The Trans Texas Corridor Taking HIs Home (salon) I recorded him at the Senate Transportation Committee hearing. Video on my youtube page now. For the past three decades, as Jack Motley of Edna worked to perfect the land on his ranch, he.....- 3/25/2007 1:55:35 AM
Injection Wells Safe? NO! Texas RailRoad Commission Shuts Down Hydro-Fx's Near Boyd (Wise Co )Tx (salon) I had read in the Weatherford paper the other day that the RRC might have Actually Shut Down A Well, in Wise County. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I thought I'd do some hunting on where that.....- 3/25/2007 1:47:13 AM
Judicial Watch Finds 2005 Chertoff Implementation Memo on Security and Prosperty Partnership (salon) - 3/24/2007 9:49:39 PM
Waste Injection Well in Matagorda Co, TX Near Evangeline Aquifer- Reddy Disposals LLC (salon) From the Victoria Advocate: Haskell Simon was alarmed when he first learned that under current Texas law a company could receive permission from the Texas Railroad Commission to inject oilfield waste .....- 3/24/2007 9:17:01 PM
More of Chet Edwards on the Iraq War Resolution-His Explanation No Doubt Intended to Reassure His Republican Base (salon) (Said only partly tongue in cheek-Edwards did not put that he was a Democrat on his campaign literature nor his web site, but said, and continues to say that he is independent). As mentioned before, E.....- 3/24/2007 8:51:19 PM
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