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Perry's Been Spending Too Much Time Watching Cartoons (salon) - 5/2/2007 2:43:00 PM
Super Bowl in 2011- in FRISCO??????????? (salon) heh. I was reading an article in the Frisco paper about how some people were speaking up against the 121 toll road, (GOOD! because the Texas Legislature EXEMPTED that one from their *moratorium*) when.....- 5/2/2007 2:19:07 PM
Jessica Lynch-Who's Your Daddy? (salon) Made me laugh although I take issue with the whole Republican Daddy party versus Democrat Mommy party crapola (you can tell when a Republican or a Republican suckup is around, because THAT is the meme.....- 5/2/2007 2:00:36 PM
Major Pension Funds Paying For Our Own United States Buyout? More than 10 BILLION dollars (salon) I don't know who invests in Macquarie but it obviously includes not only anonymous United States investors but companies who are gambling their employees pensions. Headquartered in New York and establ.....- 5/2/2007 1:51:08 PM
Gutting the Aircraft Unions by Outsourcing Upkeep to other countries (salon) Major airlines don't want oversight or to have to pay union wages for AMERICANS to do the work. The issue isn't whether airlines have outsourced work to third parties that were HERE but that to overse.....- 5/2/2007 1:46:00 PM
Tainted Food-Melamine for HUMANS- Since the FDA Can't Keep Us Safe (salon) from taint, due to ingredients being assembled for food from places that aren't regulated, why should we believe that they're good at other angles designed to regulate the PUBLIC (ala NAIS). I think w.....- 5/2/2007 1:10:52 PM
Alliance, Texas To Get Inland Port Designation? Hello, Eminent Domain (SB1693) (salon) FW Star-Telegram has an article this morning about SB1693 and Alliance becoming an inland port and has a pic of a whole bunch of trucks. Don't know about you, but seems to me that Ross Perot's Snatch .....- 5/2/2007 12:57:22 PM
Racist Republican Comment O Day- Tarrant County Judge *Slaves Bigger and Better Athletes* (salon) And that's not ALL he said. The man did try to pull the Alberto Gonzales tactic of "Gee, I don't remember saying that".County Court at Law Judge Brent Keis is being accused of making raciall.....- 5/2/2007 12:07:22 PM
TXU's Wilder - WILDLY RICH!!!!! What's the lesson here? You can screw the public and STILL come out ahead! (salon) TXU Chairman John Wilder saw his total compensation in 2006 soar to $17.3 million, which included nearly $13.7 million in stock awards and also $365,916 in upgrades to his home's security system.Take .....- 5/1/2007 10:04:57 AM
*Right here! Get Set! Point! Fire!*-Man Shot at Kent State University Says AudioTape Reveals Fire Command (salon) Seems kind of amazing that the Kent State University shootings happened in 1970.  Not surprising that an audiotape of that time is around. I lived in northeastern Ohio around that time, and the shooti.....- 5/1/2007 9:47:36 AM
Iraq War-Don't Care About People Dying or Wounded? WEll, then How About How Much It Costs? (salon) for the cold-blooded pragmatics among us. The war will soon cost more than $500 billion.That's about 10 times more than the Bush administration anticipated before the war started four years ago, and n.....- 5/1/2007 8:56:36 AM
Latest Pro-Road Bond Myth: Children in School Buses are Safer on Big Highways (pstern) What a crock this one is!    Honesty anyone? What makes our children safer on their school buses is NOT bigger, wider and more heavily congested highways. Our children on school buses are safer when: .....- 4/30/2007 11:04:14 PM
Arlene Wolgemuth Still Trying to Pad Her Pocket- As Lobbyist, Got Lege To Put in Budget Provision (salon) that, gosh-a-mighty, benefits HER company. Now how did THAT happen? Heh, the article says that the "Original version" slipped through.. yuh-huh. Just amazing how someone that isn't an electe.....- 4/30/2007 2:00:10 PM
Hey Rice, you are the largest failure of the Bush Regime so get off my TV (joe) The last person I want to hear from is the person who failed to do her job on 9/11 and the run up to 9/11 as the National Security Advisor. Seeing her on some talk show on Sunday made my stomach turn......- 4/30/2007 11:26:37 AM
FM 1826 Road Meeting Rescheduled At the State Capitol (pstern) --FM 1826 Road Meeting At the State Capitolis rescheduled for Saturday, May 5th at 10:30 AM2nd Floor Legislative Committee Room E2.026 -- Capitol Extension (for further information and an inside map o.....- 4/30/2007 9:47:55 AM
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