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Wildflower Picture O Day- the Prickly Pear Cactus is Blooming (salon) - 5/6/2007 9:21:10 AM
Warning to the United States from Texas-Bwhahahahaahahah (salon) - 5/6/2007 9:15:37 AM
Slimey Media Ownership Rules Sneaking Up On Us Again- Tribune Petitioning FCC for Waiver (salon) Or why the ESOP implemented by Zell led to the filings for cross-ownership of multiple types of media in the same markets. Let's break this down as this is not only a HUGELY underhanded move to alter .....- 5/6/2007 8:15:58 AM
FM 1826 Meeting Today was TxDOT Politics as Usual (pstern) -TxDOT and Special Interests:  it must get awful crowded in that bed!   Question:        How many meetings can you hold without moving forward to resolve urgent issues? Answer:          An infinite am.....- 5/5/2007 5:06:46 PM
Bush-Lowest Approval Rating in a Generation-TWENTY EIGHT PERCENT (salon) Heh. He's as unpopular as Jimmy Carter was in 1979, and he's LOWER that his father's approval rating (quite a kick in the gut for a loser who wanted to best his Poppy).A majority of Americans believe .....- 5/5/2007 4:15:07 PM
Ah! Saturday! The Smell of the Oven Baking..... Dog Food (salon) Heh. I've just finished making two different kinds of dog biscuits (in the shape of dog bones, of course), and two types of kibbles. Some of it is cooling, ready to put into plastic bags and stored (a.....- 5/5/2007 1:51:48 PM
US Continues to Harbor Terrorist Posada Carriles- Even though FBI Has Info Proving His Guilt (salon) Not only did Carriles admit in 1999 that he was involved in bombing a Cuban jetliner in 1979 but the FBI has documents about 1997 bombings in Havana. High explosives concealed in shoes and shampoo bot.....- 5/5/2007 1:10:50 PM
Grupo Ferrovial-The Next Trend is Not Just to MANAGE but to Own a Stake (salon) Follow the ownership on this one. Indianapolis International hired London-based BAA Ltd to run their airport operations in 1995; before that Indianapolis International had been publicly run. This made.....- 5/5/2007 8:40:09 AM
Fair for a Church School to Join a Public School UIL Sports League? Texas Bill Proposed (salon) You know, if people don't want to send their kids to public school, fine. I saw yesterday that the SoBapt convention wants their churches to pull the kids out because they believe the public schools a.....- 5/4/2007 5:49:52 PM
EPA- Always Thinking of YOUR Health- Liquid Hazardous Waste Injection O Day (salon) this time in Kansas. Atlanta,GA - Georgia.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved a petition by Occidental Chemical Corporation to inject liquid hazardous waste from their chemical manuf.....- 5/4/2007 5:16:09 PM
Reliant Energy Fined For Violating Wholesale Energy Rules-Now WHY DO WE HAVE DEREGULATION AGAIN? (salon) PFFFTTT!!! Not sure if that is related to this LAWSUIT where Reliant stiffed Californians and has to compensate the rate-payers-perhaps it's just more of Reliants crooked dealings accumulated.The docu.....- 5/4/2007 5:08:26 PM
Your Pension Fund- Company Investment that would get a share of Shark Buyout Corporation (TPG) (salon) Yesterday, I was listening, open-jawed, to a man in New York who told Bryon Dorgan that his company's pension funds are invested in Halliburton... who, to dodge US law and be able to do business with .....- 5/4/2007 4:38:50 PM
FISA- Why Bush Doesn't Want To Get Rid of Crooked, Incompetent Alberto Gonzales (salon) I've been watching and clipping from the FISA hearing the other day in which some sly changes to the FISA law are being attempted by the Bush administration. One of the changes has to do with granting.....- 5/4/2007 3:14:41 PM
Bush Administration Trying to Change FISA Law-Exempting Bush From it and Excusing His Illegal Previous Use (salon) Bush broke the law and was spying on Americans. When he was caught he tried to excuse it by saying it was part of the Terrorist Surveillance Program as if that should make me feel better that maybe Bu.....- 5/4/2007 3:18:08 PM
My Fave Weird Video Moments from the MSNBC *Debate* Last Night (salon) Crazy Unca John and his Osama Gates O Hell comment. What made me laugh was when he finished sternly waggling his finger as he started straight at the camera, he got this big goofy grin on his face tha.....- 5/4/2007 1:25:11 PM
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