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Globe Snark On Bush- Queen Meddles in Bush Divorce War-Bush Tells Her MYOB (salon) The Globe has really been going to town on hitting Bush on his boozing, upcoming divorce and bisexual liason while he was married.  (Here's the last cover we put here). And now, even the Queen of Engl.....- 5/24/2007 8:28:57 AM
Hays County Commissioners Ignore Recent Road Bond Election (pstern) How many times do voters have to say "No!" ?Hays County Commissioners are: Judge Liz Sumter, Karen Ford, Debbie Ingalsbe, Will Conley and Jeff Barton (Sumter, Ford and Barton were recently e.....- 5/23/2007 3:21:58 PM
Up Your Nose With a Rubber Hose (salon) - 5/23/2007 12:30:05 PM
You Can't Be A Democracy and FOR Democracy If You Do Covert CIA Ops To Overthrow Democratic Governments (salon) The whole sham of hearing "The United States is a Democracy and We Want To Bring Democracy To Other Countries" is exposed when one reads an article that shows that we, the United States taxp.....- 5/23/2007 11:38:42 AM
Enough of the Unofficial Two-Party System- Democrats Wimp Out (salon) It wasn't until I was watching Countdown last night that the ineffectualness of the Democrats stopping Bush on the Iraq War fully hit me. I'm not sad, I'm furious, because the decision by the Senate D.....- 5/23/2007 10:57:57 AM
SB 792 Without Amendment 13 Allows Toll Roads!!! (pstern) The way SB 792 is worded it enables TxDOT to circumvent the moratorium portion of what was in HB 1892 that would stop privatization of toll projects for a 2-year period..Rep. Lois Kolkhorst wrote Amen.....- 5/22/2007 4:28:37 PM
You're a Texas Legislator-Your Wife Runs an Unacceptably Rated Charter School - Should You Vote Against Higher Standards? (salon) Sheesh. Sid Milller of our District 59 thinks there's no conflict of interest in voting for a bill that directly affects his wife's livelihood. Um. Hello! CONFLICT OF INTEREST LESSONS HERE.....- 5/22/2007 10:52:08 AM
US Embassy in Iraq- Under Budget-On Time- Monument to George Bush's Folly (salon) - 5/22/2007 7:50:53 AM
New Jersey- State's Pension Fund Owns Almost 32 Million Shares of Stock in Toll Road Companies (salon) I've been reading up on Private-Public Partnerships and pension funds for awhile and I knew that there are a lot of corporations who, unbeknownst to the people who work there, are investing PENSION FU.....- 5/22/2007 7:26:43 AM
John Edwards-Does He Support Militarism, Too? Does He Want to Bring Back the Draft? (salon) Saw this article yesterday which, in part, has to do with a call to speak up against the Iraq War on Memorial Day. That, naturally, doesn't sit too well with the American Legion. But what got my atten.....- 5/22/2007 7:13:45 AM
Bush to Iraq-You Either Sign that Oil Law Or We'll LEAVE and Quit Giving You Money! (salon) Because, and it should be extremely clear to everyone know, It's All About Signing the Oil Law. First up, there was this interesting comment that Iraqi's military was drawing up plans in case US troop.....- 5/22/2007 6:54:40 AM
Should Iraq Post-Bush Be a US Project? We're Leaving Troops In Iraq With EITHER Party- (salon) The American people have said they want us to get OUT of Iraq. And that does NOT mean, *Oh, Except for the Special Forces and the bases and other permanent structures that will keep United States Mili.....- 5/22/2007 6:40:03 AM
Be a Patriot-Call for Impeachment of Alberto Gonzales (salon) - 5/21/2007 11:25:47 AM
No Gas Tax Increase? That's the Reason for Toll Roads! (salon) Yes. I know the price of gas is really high right now. I drove to Dallas yesterday and it was over 3 bucks a gallon to fill the tank. I DO drive a hybrid so I get great gas mileage, but I also think i.....- 5/21/2007 10:33:57 AM
China to Buy $3 Million Stake in Blackstone Group-Private Equity (salon) China has agreed to acquire a $3 billion stake in the U.S. private-equity firm Blackstone Group. The deal marks the country's long-anticipated move to expand how it invests its huge foreign-exchange r.....- 5/21/2007 10:22:21 AM
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