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David Sirota Video of the Democratic Debate Last night- The Innocent Bystander Fable (salon) - 6/4/2007 12:33:02 PM
On the Internet? Ze Borg Microsoft is Vatching You and Knows Who You Are (salon) Sheesh. I thought I was annoyed before by Microsoft's Phishing filter on websites that, on simple entry form boxes, can popup and warn people that a site is probably phishing for their personal info (.....- 6/4/2007 11:50:40 AM
Um. Building Zones in Iraq for Merchants is a GOOD thing? US Military Thinks So (salon) Everybody knows that the United States stiffed Iraq when the US was invaded, as far as businesses and contracts. Who got the lucrative contracts for work? Most of the time, not Iraqis, who were hired .....- 6/4/2007 11:25:07 AM
If you Support Nuclear Power Plants, Would You Be Happy To Have one Built Within 5 Miles of You? (salon) Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they answer polls "Oh, Sure, I think Nuclear Energy is Great! Oh, you want to build one down the road near the school? No, wouldn't it be better t.....- 6/4/2007 11:11:43 AM
Bargain Basement Time for Photo-Ops With Bush... Price Keeps Dropping (salon) heh. That's what happens when you're UNPOPULAR and fewer people want to pay good money for a pic of ya! I see Bush after he FINALLY leaves office lurking around military bases with his by-now-tattered.....- 6/4/2007 10:47:11 AM
Damn it! SB 792, the fake moratorium bill, sits on the governor's desk... (pstern) The bill is awaiting the "Turkey" from Turkey!When Gov. Perry returns from his trip to Turkey one of the first things on his agenda will be to sign SB 792, which will enable his special inte.....- 6/4/2007 10:34:51 AM
But What About the Bats? Rahall Trying to Stop Wind Energy From Going Forward (salon) Had to laugh when I read this article about Nick Rahill pushing legislation that would regulate wind energy to protect bats, birds, etc that might fly into wind turbines. And it isn't just that if you.....- 6/4/2007 10:01:33 AM
Bosque County, Texas Still Working to STOP the WEC Commercial Waste Injection Well at Kopperl (salon) Background, including video of meeting from a couple of months ago. It looks to me from my reading of this that the evidentiary hearing would be after that some evidence is gathered but is not schedul.....- 6/4/2007 9:46:40 AM
Patrick Barkman of Cleburne on the Travesty of the (Finally Ended) Texas Lege Session (salon) Best Editorial I've read on what happened yet!I think itís safe to come out of the bomb shelters and storm cellars now. Itís over. Our long state nightmare has ended; the Legislature has adjourned sin.....- 6/4/2007 9:37:46 AM
Odious Article By Ben Wear Compares Governor 39 Percent to Churchill (over the TTC) (salon) I've been in a funk for days thinking about how the Texas Legislature screwed over Texans re: the Trans Texas Corridor. And I don't like Ben Wear of the A-AS; not sure why I even read†him, except that.....- 6/4/2007 9:18:43 AM
Update ON Anti-Wind Meeting in Stephenville (Erath County) TX the other day (salon) - 6/3/2007 11:46:40 PM
Didn't Watch the Dem Debates But DID See Dodd's *Talk Clock* (salon) On Chris Dodd's websiteReminds me that I haven't seen anyone yet ask ALL the people running the Permanent Bases question. Clinton and Obama have already said they're leaving forces in Iraq after a so-.....- 6/3/2007 11:31:07 PM
*It takes 20 years of peace to produce a man and 20 seconds of war to destroy him* (salon) Thoughts on Memorial Day from Charley Reese.How long are the American people going to allow liars to lull them into sacrificing the most precious treasure the country has Ė its youth Ė in a futile, li.....- 6/2/2007 2:19:53 PM
Atmos Gas Being Sued by Fort Worth Church Over 2005 Gas Blast from Overloaded Natural Gas Line (salon) A local church is suing Atmos Energy Corp. after its fellowship hall was severely damaged two years ago when an overloaded natural gas line exploded, shutting down a 15-block area of Sundance Square d.....- 6/2/2007 11:44:42 AM
Erath County, TX Group Opposed to Wind Farms (salon) I saw the notice that a local rancher around the Horse Hollow Wind Project was going to have a meeting to discuss issues, this is the Stephenville E-T's article on it. Brings up a good question- is it.....- 6/2/2007 11:41:20 AM
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