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Baby Gosling Hatched (salon) Went out to check on the baby ducklings that hatched out last week, whose mama was killed by the raccoon, and saw that all the adult geese were standing around near the dog house where one of the Afri.....- 6/12/2007 2:07:56 PM
NAIS-RFID Tagging your Animals-Conference to include Canadian and Mexican participation (salon) Sure smacks of North American Union type of activities AND they will be discussing RFID tagging of animals.NIAA: Johanns, Canadian & Mexican Counterparts Invited To Address Premier ID Event BOWLIN.....- 6/12/2007 2:03:58 PM
Jauson King Riding Her Steer Across Iowa to Protest NAIS (National Animal Identification System) (salon) She's riding the steer to tell Iowans why she opposes a national animal identification system, or NAIS. This government system would force farmers to keep track all of their animals at all times, by u.....- 6/12/2007 9:42:13 AM
Problems Inherent in Financing Public Education and Private School Double Tax: Remnants of the Middle Class Fading Fast (pstern) There are many reasons for the problems inherent in providing financing for our public schools.It is a fact that an average of 80 percent of a homeowner’s property taxes goes to the local county distr.....- 6/12/2007 9:22:38 AM
US Voters *May* Face Campaign Fatigue- MAY? THE ELECTION Is 18 MONTHS AWAY (salon) The ONLY way I"m going to perk up about these elections is if I hear that any of the candidates are actually involved in a REAL debate, with follow up questions, where they don't have to raise th.....- 6/12/2007 9:10:33 AM
Think Your Local Newspaper is Local? Maybe Not. Macquarie of Australia buys up MORE American newspapers (salon) Already know that the Stephenville (Erath County) newspaper is owned by Macquarie, as well as, among others, the Waxahachie Light. Well, Macquarie is buying MORE United States community newspapers.Mac.....- 6/12/2007 9:06:18 AM
What Happened to Fort Hood Soldier Who Disappeared During Training? (salon) It's been SO hot here the last 4 or 5 days. One of the soldiers, Lawrence Sprader, who was doing training in the 15,000 acre training ground made a phone call that he had reached a paved road... and t.....- 6/12/2007 8:57:33 AM
Obscenely Rich-The Private Equity Kings Who Take Over Our Roads and Other INfrastructure (salon) Let's see. Blackstone Group's CEO, Stephen Schwarzman, made $398 MILLION dollars last year. Why does this matter? Because pension money going to support these guys. When Blackstone goes public, he wil.....- 6/12/2007 8:46:29 AM
California Public Employees Pension Funds Get Invested in ... INDIA.. and H1B Visas (salon) Have been thinking about pension funds being invested in private equity firm projects. Here's another example where it seems to me that United States pensions are being invested in projects that haste.....- 6/12/2007 8:38:10 AM
California Teacher's Retirement PENSION Funds to be Invested in Toll Roads, other PPP projects (salon) Yesterday I read that the Federal Govt is looking to put restrictions on PPP toll road projects, which is giving companies such as Goldman Sachs, etc, some queasiness. I've also wondered about the iss.....- 6/12/2007 8:06:49 AM
Bush Administration Flouts SEC decision to let shareholders SUE Wall Street Banks for Enron damages (salon) Everyone knows that some investment banks, including Merrill Lynch, Barclays, and Credit Suisse Group helped Enron commit fraud against shareholders. The question is, should shareholders be able to su.....- 6/12/2007 4:32:40 AM
Crazytalk's Visit to the Creation Science Museum in Kentucky (salon) - 6/11/2007 10:53:41 PM
Snicker: The George W Bush Presidential Library Bookmobile (salon) Kelso of the Austin-American Statesman cracks me up.The other idea I had was to put the George W. Bush Presidential Library in a bookmobile and drive it around Texas. That way, it could be out of ever.....- 6/11/2007 9:56:51 PM
Perry signs Transportation bill SB 792 --- there goes the neighborhood! (pstern) Texans and generations of our children's children are doomed to pay for toll roads currently being planned and the TTC-35, a.k.a., the Trans-Texas Corridor. No matter what legislators and/or advocacy .....- 6/11/2007 5:10:51 PM
Mary *Hawg-Ridin'* Peters- You VILL Pay To Ride Our Roads, They Vill be Toll and Ve Will Track All Your Movements (salon) Seems that when Mary Peters, Transportation Secretary, is toolling around the country looking to see how she can make the US government get out of paying for highways while padding the pocketbooks of .....- 6/11/2007 12:50:16 PM
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