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Friendly Roomba It Ain't - Taser Electric Shotgun to be Mounted on IRobot Military Machines (salon) Yes. I have a roomba and it does a GREAT job of vacuuming the floor. I just don't want Roomba zapping me with a Taser! iRobot has deals with the military to create various robots. As this article says.....- 7/10/2007 2:48:30 PM
Our Govt Spying On Us-The NSA Snooped on Lawyers and they KNEW the spying was illegal (salon) Wrote about this the other day after disgustedly reading that an appeals court dismissed the NSA spying case, which is secret, because THOSE plaintiffs couldn't prove that they were being spied upon, .....- 7/10/2007 2:31:05 PM
On that House That Exploded in Cleburne (Johnson Co) Texas Due to Gas Leak (salon) The Pawlik family has filed a suit against ATMOS Gas. Wonder if this new information will kill the lawsuit? David Pawlick, a resident at 632 Woodard Ave., called the Cleburne Fire Department’s non-eme.....- 7/10/2007 1:48:27 PM
One More Bit About Flooding Around Here (salon) When I was out and about yesterday, I heard on the news that roads in Glen Rose had been closed due to flooding the other day when we had yet ANOTHER storm blow through the area in the evening. Crossi.....- 7/10/2007 1:36:42 PM
Hmm! Waco Tribune ALSO Thinks Chet Edwards Should Reveal Earmarks-Father Knows Best Paternalism (salon) I wrote about this yesterday after reading that Edwards thought telling his constituents the *wish-list* earmarks might confuse them. Pfftt. Looks like Edwards attitude didn't set too well with the Wa.....- 7/10/2007 1:25:02 PM
Two More July 4th Parade Photos from Glen Rose-The Somervell Democrats Float (salon) - 7/10/2007 10:45:14 AM
Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) PR O Day- (salon) Where would newspapers be if they couldn't republish PR sent out by flacks as news? As reader Somervell Sally pointed out, the Stephenville paper has put out a PR release sent by a group called Empowe.....- 7/10/2007 10:28:50 AM
An Average Of A $500 To $700 Refund Available To EVERY Texas Taxpayer! (pstern) Governor, Legislators Sitting On TaxPayer Dollars Why are legislators and Gov. Perry keeping the $14 BILLION in overpaid taxpayer dollars? An average of a $500 to $700 refund is available to ever.....- 7/9/2007 10:02:44 PM
Newly Declassified Window Film Keeps Out Hackers, Phone Calls, EMPs (joe) Like a tinfoil hat for your house, new technology promises to block hackers' access to your wireless transmissions—and protect against EMP attacks and explosions, to boot By Christopher Mims When a Bo.....- 7/9/2007 3:14:23 PM
Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) Thinks Posting *Wish List* Earmarks Would Confuse Us, His Constituents (salon) Read this and tell me if this doesn't seem like Edwards just flat doesn't want to post his earmarks.. and if so, and he won't do it until AFTER they've passed.. why?In response to calls for transparen.....- 7/8/2007 9:13:18 AM
Clinton on H1B Visas and *Allaying American Fears About Outsourcing* (salon) Ever since I saw Bush go to India and tell Americans, basically, to suck it up that their jobs were being taken by Indians but we'd get some mangos in return, I've wondered who, besides, businessmen, .....- 7/8/2007 1:27:21 AM
US and NATO Airstrikes Kill Scores of Innocent Civilians in Afghanistan This Week (salon) Let's please stop calling killing people, such as women and children, *collateral damage*. No, that makes it FAR too impersonal. These are people who are being killed because the United States chooses.....- 7/7/2007 8:32:51 PM
Terrorists Caught in Burleson, Johnson Co, Tx-Ooops, They're WHITE and CHRISTIAN (salon) Gee. Should we start bringing troops to Burleson so these terrorist won't follow us home to Somervell County? Because you know, if don't fight them there, they'll come here. That's what Bush says abou.....- 7/7/2007 6:19:31 PM
Texans Need Gubernatorial Impeachment Legislation (pstern) Gov. Rick "39-percent of the votes" Perry Lies to Texas Voters From the "git-go" Gov. Rick Perry has lied to Texas voters and has pushed the legislature to approve special interest.....- 7/7/2007 3:37:04 PM
ONE Man KNOWS He was Illegally Wiretapped... Court Says Others Have no Standing-Tosses NSA Lawsuit (salon) How crazy is this? You know, because Bush has said so, and it's been all over the papers for the last 2 years at least that the Bush administration has been illegally eavesdropping, without a warrant,.....- 7/7/2007 8:29:13 AM
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