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BAIT AND SWITCH- House Dems Vote To Keep Limited US Troop Presence in Iraq Past April 1, 2008 (salon) Out of Iraq? Well.. not really. The US, having illegally invaded Iraq on false pretenses, will continue to occupy it after April 1, 2008. For how long? Well, that depends on what the President says, a.....- 7/13/2007 6:51:27 AM
Bush as Unpopular as Nixon Now- Approval Level Down to 26 percent (salon) As I always wonder, who are the 26 percent that approve of what this man is doing? It's funny. Bush is so concerned, not with what people in this country, which is supposed to be a democracy, think NO.....- 7/12/2007 8:54:25 PM
Few Bits from the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper This Week- July 12, 2007 (salon) Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper .There's an amazing picture on the front of the paper this week, that of a house on Hwy 56 south of town that looks like it's ready to float away from the flooding that oc.....- 7/12/2007 8:11:01 PM
The Further Adventures of Bush in Wonderland (pstern) More Media Brainwashing? Pres. Bush is busy today (7/12/07) giving his spin to news media of the progress made in Iraq.  Bush's denial is being picked up by the media in another one of many deceptions.....- 7/12/2007 7:01:32 PM
Surfing on your BICYCLE! heh (salon) From WiredThis crazy contraption is Michaels Killian's Sideways Bike. Killian is a software engineer in Dublin, Ireland and he came up with the idea while tinkering in his shed. A complex multi-stage .....- 7/12/2007 3:22:32 PM
Court in California Rules It's Okay to Spy On What Web Sites You Visit Or Your Email Addresses-No Warrant (salon) Have we completely thrown out the constitution? What ever happened to government agencies having to get, oh, say, WARRANTS if they want to spy on you? Is it THAT tough? A federal appeals court has rul.....- 7/12/2007 3:18:00 PM
Crappy Privately-Run Prisons in Texas? Suicides? Idaho Says *Let's Send MORE Inmates To Texas!* (salon) I don't normally pay much attention to prison stories but this one seemed absurd. The GEO group, which is a business that operates prisons and is based in Florida, operates the Dickens and Val Verde p.....- 7/12/2007 3:06:52 PM
P.S. On Chet Edward's Money Hypocrisy- Earmarks That Confuse Versus Money Announcements Before the Fact (salon) Not just me but also the Waco Tribune called Edwards to task for his paternalistic attitude that telling people what earmarks are being considered would *confuse* them. And when I first wrote about th.....- 7/12/2007 2:53:39 PM
On Same Day Chet Edwards Gets Money for Brazos Valley TMC, Brazos County Says They Want TTC (salon) Might just be a funny news coincidence, except for the fact that both these articles have a TxDOT AND Brazos County tie. First, on Chet Edwards. A project that could ease local road congestion may be .....- 7/12/2007 2:38:25 PM
HOW Easy is it for a phony firm to get a licence from the NRC to buy dirty bomb materials? Very (salon) At the same time that we find out, in spades, that the Bush administration really hasn't done too much to keep our country safe from terrorists, here's a very real example.Undercover investigators pos.....- 7/12/2007 1:51:32 PM
Increased Taser Power? Why? Some Examples and Rebuff to Sid Miller of TX House Dist 59 (salon) In this last Texas Lege session, Lon Burnam wanted to restrict the use of tasers to *only* when the police are justified in using deadly force against a suspect; HB 418 - Sid Miller said, amusingly, t.....- 7/12/2007 12:48:26 PM
Time to be Upset and a Time to Respond (salon) Excellent entry from Winding Road in an Urban Area about the presidential race. Hear! Hear! If you were looking for how to lose an election, you had no further to look than Hill and Bill.  Shut the he.....- 7/12/2007 9:43:53 AM
Miers failed to appear...but will the dem's do anything about it? (joe) Are they going to hold her to the same standards I am held to? If I didn't show then I would be in trouble with a 'failure to appear' charge....will they do ANYTHING to Miers? If not then why should a.....- 7/12/2007 9:34:48 AM
TEA About to be Audited about the Awarding of State Contracts (salon) Seems that the big cheeses in TEA don't want to be seen as unethical, but can they prove it? The state auditor's office has announced that it will pursue its own review of the Texas Education Agency a.....- 7/12/2007 8:49:54 AM
Impeachment of Bush and Cheney? Priority #1 (pstern) Impeachment is a Priority Mandatory: Who’s Kidding Whom? (click on links)During the past 7 years President George Walker Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and their administration, a.k.a., advisors hav.....- 7/11/2007 5:14:12 PM
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