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Bush's Finger in the eye of our Checks and Balances- Declares Justice Department Doesn't Work for Us but Him (salon) and there are no checks on the executive branch. CONGRESS WHEN WILL YOU IMPEACH HIM? AND IF YOU AREN'T, WHY NOT? I've been thinking a lot this week about how Congress. Congress's poll numbers are extr.....- 7/21/2007 8:11:24 AM
Cruel Bush Allows CIA To Go Back To Its Interrogation Program That Used Questionable Methods (salon) Bush Signs Executive Order That CIA Is Allowed to Resume Its Interrogations. Bush *says* it's not torture, but what torture is was decided by the Justice Department, SAME Justice Department that *Tort.....- 7/21/2007 5:56:06 AM
TxDOT Self-Hired Independent Transportation Consultant for Review (pstern) TxDOT Self-Hired Independent Transportation Consultant for Review Dye Management Group is the outside independent transportation company that was hired by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT.....- 7/20/2007 11:31:53 AM
Senator Obama NOT Interested in Impeaching Bush & Company (pstern) Apparently Sen. Barrack Obama joins Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a majority of Democrats who will NOT pursue the impeachment of George Walker Bush and Dick Cheney.The following is my response to Obama's e.....- 7/19/2007 7:51:29 PM
Oh! Can't Discuss Withdrawing from Iraq Because it Reinforces Enemy Propaganda? Pentagon to Clinton. (salon) Not a secret I'm not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but the attitude of the Pentagon towards a question of hers is outrageous. Um, are we a military dictatorship now instead of a democracy with freedom of .....- 7/19/2007 5:49:29 PM
FLESH-EATING BACTERIA at Texas Beach!!!!!!! (salon) I saw this a couple of days ago. While I doubt that having this happen to one is common, it's interesting that the article about it, says that sea-food eaters should be aware of the infection risk. Du.....- 7/19/2007 5:34:16 PM
Era (Cooke Co) TX Group FIGHTS Commercial Injection Well.. and WINS! (salon) The Era Concerned Citizens for Clean Water WON! (See the comment on this entry) This is truly a landmark case. Congratulations to you all for your fight! And a reminder to all of us that we should be .....- 7/19/2007 5:07:44 PM
Headline two weeks before election day opens: Bill Clinton caught with another woman (joe) We know how the republicans play, fair or not, so we should be prepared for this headline. If I were the republicans I would be throwing all the tail I could at Bill Clinton and get it on video...caus.....- 7/19/2007 4:08:24 PM
Why would someone vote for Hillary Clinton? (joe) What has Hillary Clinton accomplished that qualifies her to run the executive branch of our government for four long years?Besides her husband being a previous president (which we learned was not a go.....- 7/19/2007 3:48:15 PM
Wal-Mart Carding People for Alcohol Up to FORTY YEARS OLD (salon) Would You Card This Woman for Alcohol? Haltom City woman in War with Walmart.I feel like I have to even write an apologia for shopping at all at Walmart, so let me start with that. I HATE preferred sh.....- 7/19/2007 3:29:27 PM
TxDOTs Latest Con Game: FM 1826 vs. SH 21 (pstern) For the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), it is business as usual.It has been more than 8 months ago that TxDOTs contractor performed an unacceptable and unprofessional cold mix reseal jo.....- 7/19/2007 10:03:48 AM
Video-I enjoyed this smackdown of Steve King by Chris Matthews Last Week (salon) Again, about Scooter Libby's case and the *Underlying Crime* argument. Matthews hit him pretty hard about the inconsistency of his argument by comparing with Bill Clinton's perjury. King obfuscated an.....- 7/18/2007 11:40:37 PM
How Convenient! Audit Commissioned by TxDOT Says Tolls are TOO LOW! (salon) Now that the State of Texas has screwed over the taxpayers, was there any doubt that TxDOT, as run by Ric Williamson, would be looking for ways to jack up the price of Texans travelling on toll roads?.....- 7/18/2007 11:02:59 PM
A Few Video Clips from Patrick Fitzgerald's News Conference After Scooter Libby Trial Ended- March 06 2007 (salon) I've been wanting to clip these out for awhile and just got time. I've heard over and over the dishonest ravings of the right-wingers who, among other things, have said that Plame's status wasn't clas.....- 7/18/2007 11:21:28 PM
Once More on HPV- The Politics and PR of Cervical Cancer, Brought to You by Merck and Women in Government (salon) How Does Big Pharm Buy Access to State Legislators? Especially if they don't want to look like they're directly hand in glove with the states? Why, go give your pitch, as well as a lot of money to 501.....- 7/18/2007 9:58:03 PM
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