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NO NAIS (National Animal Identification System-Tom Vilsack-TIME OUT PLEASE (salon) and quit trying to force mandatory NAIS down the people's throats.I liked this article from Capital PressIf ever there was a good idea gone bad, it is the National Animal Identification System.In fact.....- 6/1/2009 5:04:12 PM
In an Unethical and Despicable Move, Lawmakers Cover the Governor's Butt (pstern) Lawmakers Cover the Governor's Butt They change the law to overturn the court decision that Perry must open his travel records to the public. According to an article in the Austin .....- 5/31/2009 9:44:33 PM
Phone House Representatives to KILL HB 300 after 12 PM Sunday [today] (pstern) BREAKING NEWS!!!URGENT!!!Phone House Representatives to KILL HB 300 after 12 PM Sunday [today]  .If you don't want infinite and costly tolls all over Texas I'd advis.....- 5/31/2009 11:53:26 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for May 31 2009 (salon) I have poison ivy all over me. Now, I don't know where the fool I got it, but I was walking in it last Sunday so maybe it was on my shoes, which I have now washed but TOO LATE! Here's how I treat it (.....- 5/31/2009 12:46:03 PM
Everybody Knows that the 9/11 Terrorists Were Mostly Saudis, Right? (salon) I was reading this morning that a group of 9/11 victims are angry that the Saudis are wanting to be removed from a lawsuit that is suing them. And it's not only that. Obama's Justice Department suppor.....- 5/31/2009 11:44:57 AM
Nice Article on Fossil Rim (Glen Rose) in the Austin-American Statesman (salon) LinkIt's dusk, time for the nightly show at the Safari Camp at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, where I've got a front-row seat at the watering hole.The sandhill cranes open the performance, warning nosy i.....- 5/30/2009 7:41:53 PM
Texans Need a REAL Governor (pstern) Governor Rick Perry is an Enemy of the People The incumbent governor does NOT deserve another term in office.Remember back in October 2006 "proper" Perry pounced on the diversion o.....- 5/30/2009 4:16:21 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for May 30, 2009 (salon) Froomkin on Obama's Not- So-Open Government- one wonders, is the whole "Let's examine open government" just a PR ploy to appease those aren't paying close attention while continuing the same.....- 5/30/2009 4:18:12 PM
Rick Perry Not King of Texas-Can't Keep HIs Travel Records a Secret (salon) Good. Now let's find out how much time he spends OUT OF THE COUNTRY, as in places like Dubai.The Third Court of Appeals, in an opinion written by Justice Alan Waldrop, said the Texas Department of Pub.....- 5/30/2009 2:15:14 PM
WHY is it that these terrorism suspects *Can't Be Tried*? (salon) From Ted RallWhy is it, exactly, that some prisoners “cannot be tried”?The Old Grey Lady explains why Obama wants this “entirely new chapter in American law” in a boring little.....- 5/30/2009 2:10:03 PM
Our property taxes just went up (Somervell County) (salon) Quick reminder about why- about the certificate of obligation and special hearing to raise the rate.  Now I do like the idea that my home has increased in value but, wow, the taxes really went up.....- 5/30/2009 12:28:34 PM
More than 10% of Texans currently wanted by police (OldBridge) http://www.pegasusnews.com/news/2007/jul/22/more-10-texans-currently-wanted-police/"Says Shapleigh, "A couple of weeks ago, the local paper printed names of El Pasoans with outstanding arres.....- 5/30/2009 12:33:06 PM
Where O Where to Put Guantanamo Bay Prisoners? Europe Says Why Doesn't US Want To Take Any? (salon) This would be funny if it weren't so tragic. It's like somebody coming to your town and telling you that they don't want prisoners in their town and want you to take them. And YOU say, well, heck, if .....- 5/30/2009 12:14:25 PM
Comanche Peak - Computer Intrusion in March- Ex-Energy Futures Holding Employee Investigated by FBI (salon) Wired While logged into the VPN, the intruder sent an e-mail to the engineering group operating the Comanche Peak nuclear reactor. The message asked questions about the safety of the reactor, in .....- 5/30/2009 1:41:22 AM
Lawsuit Against *National Day of Prayer* to Continue (salon) - 5/29/2009 7:08:02 PM
Upcoming NRC Hearing in June 2009 About Luminant's Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant (salon) - 5/29/2009 5:19:56 PM
Special Meeting City of Glen Rose June 2 2009 at 5:30 pm (salon) - 5/29/2009 3:20:50 PM
4b Tax Advisory Board Meeting Glen Rose Meeting on June 1 2009 at 6:15 pm (salon) - 5/29/2009 3:21:36 PM
CPAC (Comprehensive Plan Advisory Commmittee) Glen Rose meeting for June 1 2009 at 7:00 pm (salon) - 5/29/2009 3:20:07 PM
Would John Cornyn Say This if He were Senator From Another State Besides Texas? (salon) - 5/29/2009 12:14:53 PM
Interesting Twist on Home Newspapers-Printing Your Own Copy (salon) Saw this article via E&P that says that MediaNews Group out of Chicago is doing a test whereby a customer prints customized news on a home printer and pays a nominal subscription fee.I dunno. I'm .....- 5/29/2009 11:47:29 AM
Searching for former Happy Hill Farm House Parents (cyborger) I am trying to assist family members in making an informed decision about becoming a House Parent at Happy Hills Farm. I am interested in hearing about the experiences of former employees of Happ.....- 5/29/2009 11:02:26 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for May 29 2009 (salon) Now Obama's Justice Department wants those rape photos blocked. And Congress may step in. I think it's absurd. The photos are already out and have been shown in Australia. Yesterday Taguba said, yes, .....- 5/29/2009 11:01:47 AM
Agenda for Somervell County Commissioner's Court Special Session for June 1 2009 (salon) - 5/29/2009 10:03:50 AM
What Standard of Evidence When Someone Accuses Another of a Crime? (Glen Rose) (salon) Last night I got a telephone call from a concerned citizen, who wanted to discuss the post on Sour Grapes Club, as well as the posts that we have here on Joelle Ogletree. I told him re: SG  that .....- 5/29/2009 9:32:25 AM
Incidentally I deleted a post (mine) and want to explain why) (salon) I wrote a snarky blind item type post earlier today that concerned a real life story I had heard concerning some questionable video. It didn't originally occur to me that the way I wrote it might give.....- 5/29/2009 1:03:50 AM
Something that Offends Me... On Lack of Evidence and Telling Stories (salon) I"ve been thinking tonight about situations where a person wants to tell stories about someone else and say, basically, well, there's evidence to the contrary of what you believe and if you only .....- 5/29/2009 12:40:30 AM
WHAT DO YOU THINK? (humanbeing) I discovered a leak under my sink. I put a call into my plumber. He was a no-show for the scheduled day but did call around 4 or 5 to say he wasn't coming.. He did show the next day, almost 2 hours af.....- 5/28/2009 8:12:46 PM
Joelle Ogletree Update of May 2009-Spoke at the GRISD (Glen Rose ISD) School Board Meeting Last Week (salon) I was, as readers know, down at the NAIS (National Animal Identification System) "Listening Tour* in Austin last Wednesday, so missed the school board meeting. We like to attend when we can for a.....- 5/28/2009 7:11:40 PM
Nuclear Power Plant News O Day-Indian Point 3 Nuclear Power Plant in NY Shut Down (salon) New Orleans Times-PicayuneEntergy Corp. said its 1,068-megawatt Indian Point 3 nuclear power plant in New York shut down automatically this morning after an increase in water levels in one of four ste.....- 5/28/2009 2:05:28 PM
Video- Don't Look at ME! Sez Alberto Gonzales -from Countdown (salon) - 5/28/2009 9:19:48 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for May 28 2009 (salon) More on the unreleased Abu Ghraib photos that the ACLU has a court judgment to see but Obama refuses to release. but have been shown on Australian television.The photos include rape, both of women and.....- 5/28/2009 9:09:59 AM
Video from Countdown- Waterboarding is Torture (salon) - 5/27/2009 8:56:48 PM
What to Get as a Gift for Your Favorite Zombie Lover- A JELLO MOLD! (salon) - 5/27/2009 6:21:24 PM
Great Article on Who is Behind NAIS (National Animal Identification System) (salon) One of the best, most succinct articles I've read about why this must NOT happen. The NAIS abolishes private property rights in farms and in animals. Run by a branch of the USDA, the NAIS considers yo.....- 5/27/2009 5:54:24 PM
Video-Rachel Maddow on a Tale of Two Speeches.. by Obama (salon) and I have to say that I"m a little creeped out by the references to the movie "Minority Report". I always thought that movie was way too far in the future..but it's not.Um. This is not.....- 5/27/2009 5:46:11 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for May 27 2009 (salon) GIANT BLOG BLOB FOUND DEEP IN GROUND UNDER NEVADA. Now, I have to confess that I was reared on movies like The Blob so I pictured a screaming woman yelling RUN RUN!Tanning beds to be illegal for .....- 5/27/2009 2:49:54 PM
Musing about Milk-Got some Raw Milk Today from a Place Near Cleburne, Texas (salon) Quite a pleasant drive. I have never before had the pleasure of drinking unpasteurized milk and had been looking for a certified raw milk dairy in Texas that was fairly nearby. I did find one closer t.....- 5/27/2009 2:31:27 PM
Reading this week- Jesus Interrupted, the Golden Compass, and Flavor Bible (salon) Let me start out with the Flavor Bible, which is pretty cool. It's not so much a recipe book as it is a book about what flavors go with what other flavors. So, for example, I decided to make a tropica.....- 5/27/2009 1:55:56 PM
Boy did we get the weather last night-Hail, Winds, Rains (May 27 2009)-Glen Rose (salon) - 5/27/2009 1:28:59 PM
Minutes of Special Meeting for City of Glen Rose for May 26 2009 (salon) - 5/27/2009 1:08:38 PM
Bill for Disabled Veterans Exemption Passes House!!!!! (pstern) It is final!I was just contacted directly by a House Representative:"HB3613 was passed at 11:40 this morning.  It was amended in the Senate to include the language of SB469.  It was pas.....- 5/27/2009 12:56:37 PM
HB 742, SB 469 Disabled Veterans Exemption (pstern) I have written one last time on behalf of Disabled Veterans, asking that Texas House of Representatives quickly approve one of these measures so that home property tax exemptions will be provided to D.....- 5/27/2009 6:10:52 AM
USDA to have MORE *Listening* Sessions for NAIS (National Animal Identification System (salon) besides the ones that have been scheduled already, and have had a big turnout AGAINST NAIS.Here's the two left on the original listWednesday, May 27: Storrs, Conn.Monday, June 1: Greeley, Colo.From DT.....- 5/26/2009 9:16:12 PM
Who's Jerking Tom Vilsack's Chain? Oh, Yeah, the European Union- About Mandatory NAIS (salon) Saw an article from a guy from the EU that is telling the US what they ought to be doing pushing mandatory NAIS on US farmers and ranchers. "There needs to be a level playing pitch - a law o.....- 5/26/2009 6:37:06 PM
Video of Panther Cave in Somervell County TX (salon) - 5/26/2009 6:07:04 PM
Ferris Bueller's Day Off -Glass House for Sale (salon) - 5/26/2009 5:54:46 PM
The Spying on Americans Case- Judge Threatens Sanctions against the Obama Administration (salon) - 5/26/2009 5:03:12 PM
Russia Signs Deal to Supply More Enriched Uranium To Luminant, Other Companies (salon) From Boston HeraldTenex director Alexei Grigoryev said the deals would enable the company to increase its share of fuel supplies for U.S. nuclear power plants from 23 percent now to as much as 30 perc.....- 5/26/2009 4:25:55 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for May 26 2009 (salon) Here's a decision of Obama's that I LIKE- bringing back state's rights on issues like environment, health, etc. Now let's hope he gives a smackdown to Tom Vilsack.The White House described the move as.....- 5/26/2009 12:41:48 PM
Nuclear Reactor News O Day for May 26 2009 (salon) - 5/26/2009 12:26:35 PM
Video-A Mother's View of NAIS (National Animal Identification System) from Austin May 2009 (salon) - 5/26/2009 12:02:31 PM
VIdeo-Keith Olbermann on Rick *Goodhair* Perry's Millions to fix his Governor House (salon) - 5/26/2009 11:56:01 AM
You will NOT threaten me into shutting down this blog! (pharper) I had a comment that showed up today with someone threatening to expose my previous criminal record if I did not shut down the blog. They thought it might turn everyone against me since I am chairman .....- 5/26/2009 10:07:25 AM
Apparently at least one person in Glen Rose doesn't like this blog and wants it shut down (salon) As readers know, this blog is moderated, so all comments wait to be approved. When I looked this morning, an anonymous person had posted a threat message, which I will of course save, suggested tha.....- 5/26/2009 9:55:17 AM
Remembrance of Memorial Day in Somervell County in 1948 (salon) - 5/25/2009 9:17:55 PM
My email to House Speaker Joe Straus... (pstern) Please feel free to contact the Speaker to convey your comments.Dear Speaker Straus: Contact link:  http://www.house.state.tx.us/speaker/welcome.htm Your recent public comments blaming .....- 5/25/2009 4:19:33 PM
Some Pics from Panther Cave in Somervell County May 24 2009 (salon) Went with Morris Bussey and Ken Frye and some lucky raffle winners to Panther Cave near Glen Rose yesterday. Here are some pictures-and will be putting up a short video clip in the next few days. A fa.....- 5/25/2009 7:32:00 PM
VIDEO- NAIS (National Animal Identification System) Will Hurt the Livestock Auction Barn Business (salon) - 5/25/2009 11:38:33 AM
Texas House Video? Copyrighted, According to Charlie Geren (salon) Readers will recall that a few weeks ago I was in the thick of trying to determine why, despite the Real Player being the preferred player on the Texas Legislature Online website, one could not downlo.....- 5/25/2009 11:36:24 AM
KILLING IT... (humanbeing) Just got back from my walk and was disappointed to see that the new 'steward' down the road who has possession of a field of about 5 acres next to his house has mowed it down to a nub once again. This.....- 5/25/2009 10:59:27 AM
EDITORIAL FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES (humanbeing) May 24, 2009EditorialKBR Does It AgainFar from suffering for its shoddy military contracting in Iraq, Congressional investigators have found that KBR Inc. was awarded $83 million in performance bonuse.....- 5/25/2009 9:24:07 AM
Blast from the Past-NO NAIS Videos from 2007 from No NAIS Don't Tag Texas Rally in Austin Texas (salon) - 5/24/2009 11:57:51 PM
Texas Governor Rick Perry is an Enemy of the People (pstern) The incumbent governor does NOT deserve another term in office.Remember back in October 2006 "proper" Perry pounced on the diversion of tax dollars as though he was going to be everybody's h.....- 5/24/2009 10:07:37 PM
More Articles on the NAIS (National Animal Identification *Listening Session* (salon) from the AtlanticAnd what will the NAIS accomplish for us little farmers and back-yard chickenists? It will cause onerous insults to our privacy (GPS identification of our home), more labor (sending r.....- 5/24/2009 1:00:49 PM
Contact the House Speaker to stop playing politics... (pstern) Texas House Representatives are not dealing with our urgent issues.  Instead lawmakers are playing head games with each other and letting the time run out on the 81 Legislative Session......- 5/23/2009 5:35:55 PM
It's Saturday and Lawmakers are still playing with our lives and tax dollars (pstern) Both parties are using the Voter ID bill to do nothing and to make the other side look like the bad guys.Meanwhile, little else is getting done as lawmakers refuse to get past the ID bill to resolve s.....- 5/23/2009 3:31:23 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for May 22 2009 (salon) Remember that woman from A&M who worked for McCain and faked an attack?She got probation.Imagine that! Something I have in common with GOP women. NO WOMAN wants to hear some Idiot man imply his fe.....- 5/22/2009 2:03:17 PM
City of Glen Rose City Council Special Meeting on May 26 2009 Agenda (salon) - 5/22/2009 1:08:05 PM
The SG Club Meets To Discuss Glen Rose Shadow Government (salon) because, you know, it helps when you lose out on your plan to soak taxpayers for a project, to have others to cry in your beer with, as you plot your next round of taking over power in the city. .....- 5/22/2009 1:03:24 PM
Voter ID Bill is the Catalyst for all others (pstern) And so it comes to light...Voter ID Bill is the Catalyst for all others  That's the game the GOP is playing with our tax dollars in Texas.  If you want other bills to get approved agree.....- 5/22/2009 10:28:27 AM
Open Letter to Legislators: (pstern) Open Letter to Legislators: Sorry to be so blunt, but you legislators lied to the People of Texas. You said the TTC was a dead issue.  You said there is a moratorium on t.....- 5/22/2009 9:54:27 AM
One More Video I really like NAIS Listening Tour- Sandra Trawey -Austin (salon) I may be completely spelling her name wrong, but she is one of hte people who spoke yesterday at the National Animal Identification System Listening Tour held in Austin Texas (May 20 2009). She's 74 y.....- 5/21/2009 11:25:32 PM
Texas Legislators-Your Friendly Neighborhood Censorship Board-Only Propaganda for Us (salon) I was amused to see a comment on the ST site about how the Texas Film Commission turned down *tax incentives* (read: Money Giveaway) for a movie that apparently presented the Waco David Koresh de.....- 5/21/2009 9:55:01 PM
Texas Legislators Ramming Through TTC and Toll Roads Behind Our Backs (pstern) Lawmakers Lied to Texans! The equation is simple, the People of Texas do NOT want the Trans-Texas Corridor and Toll Roads, but Gov. Rick Perry, lawmakers and their special interests do.  So .....- 5/21/2009 5:48:52 PM
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