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Can Speaker Craddick Be Removed? Jim Keffer (Hood County, Texas) Filed Request with AG (salon) If you watched the proceedings of the House a month or so ago, you would have seen some amazingly corrupt practices by Speaker Craddick; both Democrats and Republicans found what he did outrageous and.....- 8/5/2007 1:02:31 PM
Clifton, Texas-What Happens if you have Old, Majestic Live Oaks and ATMOS wants to clear them for a pipeline? (salon)  CLIFTON — Last week, when ATMOS Energy came in to clear the 50-foot right-of-way for its natural gas pipeline that runs to Chemical Lime, just south Clifton, a group of local residents became vocal i.....- 8/5/2007 12:57:34 PM
More on the Parker County Democratic Party *Dustup-Letter to the Editor from Behrens (salon) I wrote about this last month when I saw it in the Weatherford Democrat paper after Dick Yoder quit. Darrel Behrens wrote a letter to the editor to try to smooth the waters.He indicates that some kind.....- 8/5/2007 12:52:11 PM
Paris Texas Physician Ted McLemore on Cutting Edge of Lung Cancer Research (salon) - 8/5/2007 12:25:25 PM
Who is TxDOT Accountable to? Certainly not to communities and taxpayers! (pstern) Under state law the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) virtually is omnipotent. The only entity that has some authority over the agency is the state legislature. The senate has its Committee o.....- 8/5/2007 12:06:26 PM
Chesapeake Energy Stiffed on Tarrant, Parker County Oil Leases? Lawsuit for Fort Worth Energy (salon) You know, it's not that Chesapeake thought they had a deal with Fort Worth Energy (and  XTO was trying to get one with Fort Worth Energy) to buy up a bunch of leases, it's THIS line that stands out.Ch.....- 8/5/2007 11:58:38 AM
FISA Video Bits From Last Night- Sestak, Ellison and Cohen (salon) - 8/5/2007 11:36:30 AM
FISA Video Bits from Last Night- Mel Watts, Jan Schakowsky-CONSTITUTIONAL Democrats (salon) - 8/5/2007 11:21:43 AM
Mark Your Calendars to Watch METEORS all night next Saturday/Sunday night August 12th -Perseids (salon) Circle this date: Sunday, August 12th. Next to the circle write “all night” and “Meteors!” Attach the above to your refrigerator in plain view so you won’t miss the 2007 Perseid meteor shower.“It’s go.....- 8/5/2007 10:35:29 AM
FISA Video Bits- Inslee, Langevin and Harmon Speak Out Against Bush's FISA Bill Expansion of Spy on YOU powers (salon) - 8/5/2007 12:23:59 AM
It's almost midnight, do you know what your congress is doing? (joe) They are doing the military appropriations....giving away our tax dollars to charter schools, to corporations who make a profit and don't need it just because they are in someone's district, and givin.....- 8/5/2007 12:00:41 AM
FISA Video Bits- John Conyers on Reverse Targeting and Bobby Scott (salon) - 8/4/2007 11:47:46 PM
John Murtha is just as corrupt as William Jefferson IMO (joe) I am sitting here listening to CSPAN where Murtha is defending earmarks that he should not be defending. He is pretty corrupt using our tax dollars to fund things that do not need to be funded. I like.....- 8/4/2007 11:12:15 PM
FISA Video Snips- Sheila Jackson Lee and Anna Eshoo Speak OUT against Bush Excesses (salon) Although I think they all knew that there were too enough *Democrats* who were going to vote with the Republicans that it was a losing cause, made me proud to hear that they spoke out against Bush's s.....- 8/4/2007 11:18:29 PM
FISA Video Bit-Crazy Louis Gohmert from Tyler (salon) I don't normally clip Republicans because they are so antithetical to the way I think, but Gohmert made me laugh. I have to think that people in Tyler and Longview must not really listen to him, becau.....- 8/4/2007 10:54:00 PM
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