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Day 2 of the Intrusive Gas People in Texas (salon) Wrote about how, on the weekend, we looked out and saw a guy riding around on a four-wheeler on the property. Who was he? Who knows? He didn't come up to the door first to SAY what his business is. I .....- 8/14/2007 4:59:42 PM
Oh. Once the DMN Found Out Cops Were Racially Profiling During Traffic Stops, *Study* Is Discontinued. (salon) Funny how that works. DPS Cops illegally stop cars and ask for social security numbers and *Your Papers Please* immigration papers... until DMN does a FOIA and finds out they're doing it. The Departme.....- 8/13/2007 4:44:45 PM
The Issue NOT Being Debated by Presidential Democratic Candidates- Military Intervention Policy (salon) GREAT article by Charley Reese....regardless of who wins the nominations and regardless of who ends up in the White House, you will be saddled with same failed interventionist policy. As in the past, .....- 8/13/2007 2:22:43 PM
Uh-Oh- John Edwards on *All Volunteer Force* in America (salon) I just got done writing about how Bush's comments about our military all-volunteer force is a LIE. People might be happy and deluded in this country to think that we're not outsourcing the military by.....- 8/13/2007 2:09:05 PM
An *All-Volunteer Military* is a LIE- United States as Corporation Outsourcing Cheap, Expendable Military Labor (salon) Why in the world would the Bush administration push a draft, which might make some of the wealthy have to go actually serve their country and tick off those who don't want to go, when they can spend t.....- 8/13/2007 1:46:57 PM
If you Vote for Centrist Democrats, You are an Enabler (salon) Yet another article that shows that Chet Edwards stance on keeping troops in Iraq but calling it something different (We're Fighting Al Qaida There) is what all the government entities have agreed to......- 8/13/2007 1:22:54 PM
Smarmy! Perry's New Texas Secretary of State Got Bribes From TexasOne (salon) Okay, the article doesn\'t call the money TexasOne paid to the non-profit ecomonic development organization that Phil Wilson managed as (private? No!) Perry\'s deputy chief of staff a *bribe*......- 8/13/2007 1:07:56 PM
*Availability Payments* for Texas Toll Roads- Lipstick on a Pig? (salon) So, let's see. The Texas Lege (except for a bunch of exceptions, including the Trans-Texas Corridor) did away with the concessions for private entities, such as Cintra, that build and lease toll roads.....- 8/13/2007 12:58:59 PM
The Continuing Drama of Oil and Gas On Private Property in Texas (salon) We plan to document what happens on this property with regard to gas drilling, not only in writing, but also with photos. Some months back, a company that plans to thump the ground to discover if ther.....- 8/13/2007 12:31:12 PM
Bizarre! Company Has No Permit,Isn't Authorized, But it would take the Texas AG to Shut Them Down (salon) Wrote about this before: Bill Gordon wrote a letter to all the staties about this catch-22 situation. Basically, Liberty Pressure Pumping doesn't have a permit authorizing them to operate a plant. And.....- 8/13/2007 12:23:49 PM
Privatizing County Jails- CiviGenic's Concern (Parker County, Texas)? Can We Make a Profit? (salon) What really is the purpose of running a jail? Or deciding to turn over the running of it to a private corporation? Is it so that the county can save money? That might be, but a private, for-profit cor.....- 8/13/2007 12:13:59 PM
So... Clinton's Strategy is to Give Her Candidacy a Sense of Inevitability? (salon) Like a freight train running you down while you're standing in the middle of the tracks, I suppose. Well, I will not vote for her. And all the money she throws at her campaign or however many times sh.....- 8/13/2007 12:03:11 PM
Humor O Day-50 Religious Insights from George Bush (salon) - 8/13/2007 11:59:46 AM
On How Easily the Democrats Gave Bush HIs Spy-On-Americans With No Warrants Bill (salon) - 8/13/2007 11:57:55 AM
Thee of the Democratic Presidential Candidates Tamping Down Anti-War Concerns (salon) When I read this article about how there's really no difference between the 3 candidates with the most money, because they ALL are going to leave troops in Iraq and beef up the military, I started to .....- 8/13/2007 11:56:21 AM
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