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Speaking of Oil & Gas Fraud-ConocoPhillips Coughs up $97.5 MILLION DOLLARS for underpaying royalties (salon) Hmmm. Regular reader sent this, and of note is that Burlington, a division of Conoco, is also who had the problem with the gas leak in Robertson County, Texas recently.A unit of ConocoPhillips has agr.....- 8/20/2007 6:03:17 PM
Wah, Wah- Panhandle Gas Producers Crying Because Injection Well With Too-High H2S Leveis Might be Shut Down (salon) First, before I excerpt part of this. Texas Railroad Commission, DO YOUR JOB and don't pander to these guys. The Sneed Injection Well isn't supposed to be POLLUTING THE AIR!!!!!On Thursday, about eigh.....- 8/20/2007 5:48:04 PM
Remember that Robertson County (Texas) Oil Swindle by Attorneys? Settlement (salon) from the Bryan Eagle on August 17 (and here's the background of what I wrote about it before).  A regular reader sent in the update.A lawsuit filed against two Hearne attorneys accused of stealing the.....- 8/20/2007 5:40:47 PM
Few Bits from the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper of August 16, 2007 (salon) from the Glen Rose Reporter, which is not associated with this blog on a formal basis, but I love the paper, and subscribe to it. Pics on the front- nice pic of the new Tiger stadium that uses artific.....- 8/20/2007 5:31:49 PM
Fluffy Stuff - Geese and Ducks and Kitties (salon) - 8/20/2007 5:01:16 PM
Oh Please. Leahy-I'm Warning You. Times Up. I Really Mean It! Okay, I'll Give You Till September (salon) One can only wonder what this man's children grew up like. Were they the kids that everyone despised because they ran freely through the schools, came up to people at restaurants, yelled noisily in th.....- 8/20/2007 4:35:54 PM
A Few Photos From TimeSlice Technologies -On the Property Preparing to Blast (salon) Mid-morning I heard some heavy machinery, which also started the dogs to barking and carrying on, too. I looked out and there, in the back of the property, was a big huge machine, a truck and a man on.....- 8/20/2007 3:42:24 PM
Oh, BROTHER. So Petraeus Might Do His Dog and Pony Report on September 11th? (salon) - 8/20/2007 3:08:26 PM
Gee! Iraqis Don't Like US Air Strikes on Them- Protests in Sadr City (salon) - 8/20/2007 3:04:50 PM
Speaking of Artificial Sweetener-China Company had METAL SHAVINGS in the *sweetener* (salon) Boy, first I read earlier today that chinese kids clothing, the kind Walmart sells (because, really, Walmart doesn't sell anything Made in the USA anymore) had FORMALDEHYDE in it. But since I use arfi.....- 8/20/2007 3:02:35 PM
Warner Bros-Ve Are Vatching You and Filming You Vile You Vatch Ze Movie (salon) Another reason why watching movies from your home with your pals, with cheap popcorn you can make in your own microwave for 15 cents is the BEST.Here's the creepiest complaint we've received in a long.....- 8/20/2007 2:57:27 PM
More Smackdown for AT&T-who is looking more and more like the Bully On the Block (salon) The question is (and it's really about AT&T, because that Big Ole Monster Ate Cingular), if a telecom company has a clause that says that if you use their service, you can't sue them but MUST use .....- 8/20/2007 2:52:02 PM
Boing Boing on Karl Rove's Father's Um.... Personal, Private Decoration (salon) I made the mistake of clicking on a picture of Karl Rove's father earlier today. Well, actually his stepfather. Who was gay. And the picture was not of Karl Rove's stepfather's face. I've decided that.....- 8/20/2007 2:43:00 PM
The Patriot Act Gag Order is Unconstitutional- ACLU argues against the Library Silence NSLs (salon) It occurs to me as I've been reading (finally) about some of these court cases that are coming up about all the damage the Bush administration and a complicit Congress has done is... does it really co.....- 8/20/2007 2:37:16 PM
Heh! Allen, Texas Now Site of Premier Election Solutions, Formerly Diebold Election Systems (salon) Seems that the, un, Diebold name isn't the most trusted in election voting equipment, EVEN THOUGH THE DANG COMPANY MAKES ATM MACHINES. !!!!!   !!!!! The mind boggles. Anyway, Diebold had some trouble .....- 8/20/2007 2:31:30 PM
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