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Waxahachie Editorial- Paying Taxes to be Propagandized by TxDOT (salon) Great editorial by Paul Perry (no relation to 39 percent) in the Waxahachie Daily Light)Talk about grist for my mill or even fodder for my cannon: Ready, aim, guess what? Everyone’s favorite “underfun.....- 8/26/2007 3:17:16 PM
Why Does Clinton Sneer At Democracy in Iraq? Al-Malaki Tells Critics To Stop (salon) I saw an article about Cllnton joining with Levin to call for Al-Malaki's removal the other day. That, including Bush's comments about how he supports Al-Maliki, while other factions in the Bush admin.....- 8/26/2007 3:00:32 PM
Bush, AWOL from Vietnam, Pushes Out Idiocy to The Gullible (salon) - 8/26/2007 2:29:28 PM
Obama Panders to Republicans in the Name of Bi-Partisanship (salon) I don't have any problem with the 2 parties working together to get things done, but I sure object to pandering to Republicans, whose policies have been extremely detrimental to our country, by wannab.....- 8/26/2007 2:28:22 PM
Bush's Torture Executive Order- The LoopHole for CIA Interrogations that Violate the Geneva Conventions (salon) Since Bush already has been allowing violations of Geneva Conventions, and wanted to have the CIA free from being treated as war criminals (despite his lies about "We do not torture"), it's .....- 8/26/2007 2:26:05 PM
Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59), the RVAA (Religious Viewpoints AntiDiscrimination Act) and Schools Like SISD (salon) I confess that when this bill, about promoting and protecting student's free speech rights in schools, came up, I couldn't understand why it was even needed. But then, I read that it was to push relig.....- 8/26/2007 2:23:16 PM
Clueless President = Lost Nation (pstern) Maybe the president needs to clean the White House windows to get a better view of middle America.  Eleven million Americans are out of work, while thousands have lost their homes to foreclosure.  Hun.....- 8/26/2007 12:08:03 PM
More on that Hydrogen Sulfate Contamination -Momentum in Albany, Texas Sues DCP For Toxic Gas Migration (salon) The other day I wrote about a meeting concerning DCP in which gas producers were whining about the injection well getting shut down by the Texas Railroad Commission because, um, too much H2S gas getti.....- 8/26/2007 10:38:35 AM
FWST tells people to Get Over RFID Toll Tags-You Vill Haff To Have Vun Anyway, Someday (salon) Right in the article is a part about how easy it is now for evidence about your driving habits to be used in court, because of the tags. And you also can't anymore go ON the toll roads if you don't ha.....- 8/26/2007 10:29:49 AM
Arrggh- TxDOT's Toll Campaign Compares the TTC to Eisenhower's Interstate System (salon) BUT THE INTERSTATE SYSTEM WAS AND IS FREE. Pfftttt! I notice the Brownsville paper doesn't seem too pleased with the idea that TxDOT, while whining that they don't have money to do NEW, FREE ROADS, is.....- 8/26/2007 10:22:32 AM
Boom! Explosions Taking Place on the Property-TimeSlice is back! (salon) Yesterday afternoon,  I heard a loud explosion that sounded like the toilet fell on someone. Looked out and there was a guy from Timeslice on his four-wheeler out in the back property, apparently sett.....- 8/26/2007 10:18:26 AM
Should you Vote for a Flawed Candidate Whose Views You Despise ONLY Because YOu Think He or She Will Win? (salon) Not a secret here that this writer intends to vote for Dennis Kucinich in the primary because I absolutely do not agree with the views of the so-called frontrunners, CALLED so because they have the mo.....- 8/26/2007 10:15:20 AM
How Much DO We Pay for Bush's Visits? (salon) from DemocracyForNewMexicoAnother Republican campaign expense to be be borne by taxpayers -- this one by Americans as a whole -- is the cost of Air Force One. According to the Journal, flight costs fo.....- 8/26/2007 9:57:51 AM
Gas Well Drilling Coming to Dallas County-Grand Prairie Sets Limits On How Close the Wells Can Be (salon) I noticed this Dallas Morning News article says "Don't Say You Weren't Warned", which was a theme in another article recently as well. Isn't that human nature, though, not to pay attention t.....- 8/26/2007 9:55:46 AM
VIDEO-Part 3 of Chet Edwards Town Hall Meeting Granbury (Hood Co) Texas- Questions from the Audience (salon) I have to say that the difference between a Chet Edwards meeting and what I've read about Bush meetings is that Chet actually takes all questions, good and bad, favorable to him or unfavorable, unlike.....- 8/26/2007 9:21:15 AM
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