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Federal Appeals Court LOVES High Power Sonar, Hates Whales (salon) - 9/4/2007 12:54:38 PM
Now THAT's Presidential- McCain Calls High School Student a Little Jerk (salon) Evidence that McCain has flipped over the edge into complete irrelevancy. I thought his little Bomb Iran song showed he was missing more than a few rungs on the ladder going up to the top, but WHO in .....- 9/4/2007 12:47:09 PM
Mrs John Ashcroft Stuck Out Her Tongue at Alberto G and Andy C- At the Godfather Mafia Hospital Room Scene (salon) I supposed there's no one that doesn't know about the shameless visit by Alberto Gonzales and Andrew Card to the bedside of a highly ill John Ashcroft, who was not only extremely sick but had given ov.....- 9/4/2007 12:38:05 PM
Hah! Bush Caught in Another Lie After He Tried To Lay Blame on Iraq Army Disbandment on Bremer (salon) New book on Bush coming out, Dead Certain, based on interviews which Bush gave the author. Bush said some really bone-headed things but I'll let that pass because that's his M.O. But when I read this .....- 9/4/2007 12:29:15 PM
Two New Movies, Two Stars Bash Bush-Gere Implies Bush a War Criminal, Theron for Iraq Mistake (salon) "How did we elect Bush twice?" Gere asked rhetorically while promoting his new film, "The Hunting Party."Don't ask me, Gere. I didn't vote for him either time, was happy about it t.....- 9/4/2007 12:19:22 PM
Cool Neighborhood Electric Car, Zenn, Uses Austin Company's EEStor Battery (salon) Electric cars ARE coming and with the kind of battery power we're talking about here, neighborhood tool-around-the-block cars will be all the rage. I looked up the Zenn Car and it goes maxium speed ab.....- 9/4/2007 12:15:01 PM
RFID Chipping Your Horse For NAIS- Not Content To Chip Alzheimer's Patients. Digital Angel Turns to Animals (salon) NAIS (National Animal Indentification System) is supposedly voluntary, and yet plans continue behind the scenes, with more and more organizations signing up with the USDA. And that includes companies .....- 9/4/2007 12:10:29 PM
Converting FREE Interstates into Toll Roads- Now Pennsylvania Wants To Do it (salon) Um. Mary Peters Evil Aura Infects State Departments of Transportation. It isn't bad enough that the Bush administration would rather pay BILLIONS of dollars to be fighting in another country that WE i.....- 9/4/2007 12:03:14 PM
Cleburne (Johnson Co) Texas Letter to the Editor- Impeach Bush and Cheney (salon) I totally support the movement to impeach Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. There is a laundry list of impeachable offenses, chief among them is the deception to lead us into war in Iraq and then the co.....- 9/4/2007 11:25:36 AM
Ugh Rick Perry's Spy-On-Texas Database Was NOT Controlled by the Texas Legislature (salon) Why the heck NOT? I remember when the issue of Governor Perry's Office having control over Texas Homeland Security was such a burning privacy issue that it looked to be stopped. Peter Stern wrote abou.....- 9/4/2007 11:23:02 AM
NAFTA Superhighway a Myth? 1998 Document Shows NASCO Originally called North American Superhighway Coalition (salon) It's funny. Two of the questions to Chet Edwards at his Granbury (Hood County) Texas Town Hall Meeting were about the NAFTA Superhighway and whether he thought it was a myth or not. There's sure been .....- 9/4/2007 11:06:15 AM
Remember Billy Mitchell of Aledo (Parker Co) Texas Whose Land Was Taken Through Eminent Domain for a Pipeline? (salon) He put up a billboard on I-30 in west Fort Worth - "Eminent Domain-Stealing What Others Work For". (Wrote about him before a couple of times) Mitchell said he spent $2,000 on the sign, which.....- 9/4/2007 10:43:32 AM
The Ongoing Crusade for Toll Road Privatization (pstern) The Alternative to Toll Roads: An Adequate and Unrestrained Gasoline TaxToll Roads are NOT cost-effective A fuel tax, a.k.a. gasoline tax, is a sales tax imposed on the sale of fuel. The fuel tax in T.....- 9/3/2007 4:28:53 PM
Having a Lovely Labor Day Weekend-Hope You are Too! (salon) - 9/3/2007 1:48:01 PM
Beware of County Triple-Taxation! (pstern) The people of Hays County should know the facts re: how they are NOT being represented.  Texans in other counties should be advised it may soon happen to them.     Why aren't Hays County Homeowners  &.....- 9/1/2007 3:45:14 PM
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