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Fire Hazard Disaster Proclamation for a LOT of Texas Counties (salon) - 7/17/2009 11:31:33 AM
Agenda for Special Session of Somervell County Commish Court - June 20 2009 (salon) - 7/17/2009 11:20:38 AM
Videos-Mariachi Friday (salon) - 7/17/2009 11:03:36 AM
Why You'll Pay More To Drive Even If You Don't Use the Toll Road (North Dallas Tollway Rate Hike) (salon) from the Dallas Morning News, which explains that after the rate hike the North Texas Tollway Authority is doing, less people will take the tollway, thus jamming more of the *free* road and costing mo.....- 7/17/2009 8:46:08 AM
J.P. Morgan Chase Achieves Stellar Second Quarter Earnings by Ripping-Off Customers (pstern) Socking-it to Overburdened Credit Card Carriers Pays Big Returns  The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times announced that J.P. Morgan Chase along with Goldman Sachs and Citigroup .....- 7/17/2009 8:24:43 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 17 2009 (salon) Lawsuit against country club in PA where not only the members but the guy running the place said some unfortunate things. First, the link to the lawsuit.While swimming at the club on June 29, Wright s.....- 7/17/2009 8:43:11 AM
A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING (humanbeing) I asked around a bit to find out what in God's name is being done to the river in town. To my horror, I was told the city is 'cleaning it up'...those sandbars and tree sprouts and things.  What t.....- 7/16/2009 10:53:56 PM
Yup. This is creepy (salon) - 7/16/2009 9:06:13 PM
Audio and Selected Video from Somervell County Commissioners Court July 13 2009 (salon) - 7/16/2009 5:31:11 PM
18 Percent of the State in Exceptional Drought (Texas) (salon) - 7/16/2009 4:14:43 PM
Mysterious Glowing Clouds in Night Sky (salon) from WiredReminds me that a couple of years ago after midnight hub and I had walked out in the yard and we saw these long red streaks in the sky. They only lasted about 15 minutes and I want to say th.....- 7/16/2009 3:19:11 PM
Youtube increases size limits on uploaded files (salon) You may have noticed that sometimes the video clips we put up on youtube are a little grainy. As I've explained before, that's due to the size limit on Youtube files -the files had to be less than 10 .....- 7/16/2009 2:49:49 PM
US House District 17 Election for 2010-Who's Running and How Much in Chet Edward's Campaign Chest? (salon) - 7/16/2009 2:35:16 PM
Forget the Black Buzzards-Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies (salon) - 7/16/2009 2:32:06 PM
Campaign Contributions to Perry Show Wealthy Special Interest Slant (pstern) It is NOT the People of Texas who want Perry  The millions in Gov. Rick Perry's reelection campaign "trust fund" were contributed by a handful of select investors.  It is the .....- 7/16/2009 1:55:56 PM
Video-More Guardian Troubles for Susan Mclendon (salon) - 7/16/2009 3:12:59 PM
Agenda for 4b Tax Advisory Board Meeting July 20 2009 (salon) - 7/16/2009 11:51:56 AM
Is it inappropriate to put a picture of a disabled person in a family holiday photo? (salon) MP3 to listen-right click to downloadI feel pretty stirred up by the Susan Mclendon story about her son Luke Humphrey and lack of visitation by her to see him. I want to talk about a couple of things .....- 7/16/2009 11:40:52 AM
Is Glen Rose Nursing Home a Completely Private Entity Or Is the Status Murky? (salon) Been thinking about Susan Mclendon\'s fight to be able to visit her son in the Glen Rose Nursing Home. I listened yesterday to a tape of a recording with the attorneys, with the father, with the s.....- 7/16/2009 11:04:15 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 16 2009 (salon) - 7/16/2009 8:57:27 AM
Religious News and Notes from the Distaff Side -for July 16 2009 (salon) The Tony Alamao case continues. Child bride testifies about Alamo's marriage to an 8 year old girl.What in the fool is the C Street Group that Mark Sanford belonged to?More on fhe Family from Harper's.....- 7/16/2009 8:40:19 AM
Pretty cool! On Girls Night Out this Saturday July 17th in Glen Rose (salon) - 7/15/2009 7:29:22 PM
Red Rover Shenanigans at Glen Rose Nursing Home (salon) Got a missive from Susan Mclendon about a visit she made to Glen Rose yesterday. Not including the whole thing but recapping part and then quoting part. Basically, she was under the impression tha.....- 7/15/2009 8:43:46 PM
Video-I find this hugely amusing. (salon) - 7/15/2009 5:31:18 PM
Ooops! The TCEQ Meeting for tomorrow night (July 16) is CANCELLED (salon) - 7/15/2009 5:29:32 PM
Audio re: Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey- from 2/18/2006 Scott Killough's Office (salon) MP3-the file is about 21 mg to download. right click and save to your hard drive to listen.Ms Mclendon was not allowed to attend this meeting because the father refused to attend if she did, but her h.....- 7/15/2009 4:51:31 PM
Guy Who worked in Microsoft Premier in Las Colinas Now Managing Director of the FCC (salon) Steven VanRoekel, who started 13 years ago in Premier Networking, then went to the Houston sales office (must have been South Central District)  and then Dallas and on and on. I notice he was als.....- 7/15/2009 1:40:44 PM
Video- Texas State Board of Education Rewrites Textbooks - From Countdown (salon) - 7/15/2009 11:31:10 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 15 2009 (salon) Labs must be really intelligent dogs, as a breed. Day 2 of me getting pup to quit chewing.. on me. And it's still working. I think he must see me as the Alpha Female now as he's definitely settled dow.....- 7/15/2009 11:22:06 AM
Movie Watch- Synechdoche NY (salon) Wasn't my favorite movie to watch, but I have to say that it stayed with me. It was one of those movies where, at the end, you say, what the fool was THAT all about? And in an effort to try to resolve.....- 7/15/2009 9:10:54 AM
Glen Rose Riverwalk Pics from January 14 2009-Fight for the TREES! (salon) A few here, all on Flickr. Hub and I thought we would go down to look at the progress on the River Walk yesterday. We went down there after 6:30 pm and I took some pictures. One main reason I wanted t.....- 7/15/2009 8:54:11 AM
Special Open Meeting for City of Glen Rose on July 18 2009 (Saturday) (salon) - 7/14/2009 5:55:41 PM
Selected Video from City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting July 13 2009 (salon) - 7/14/2009 6:01:09 PM
Minutes from the City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting July 13 2009 (salon) - 7/14/2009 1:04:22 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 14 2009 (salon) I figured out the trick to getting puppy to stop treating me like his personal chew toy (or trying to, anyway). I found a little squirt gun last night and loaded it up with water today. When puppy cam.....- 7/14/2009 12:50:47 PM
Evolution of News *Papers*- Charging for Online Content? (salon) I remember a long time ago when corporations were takling about going *paperless*. The idea was (and is) that you don't have to print items but can put them into various types of electronic formats, s.....- 7/14/2009 9:26:12 AM
Audio from City of Glen Rose Meeting July 13 2009 (salon) MP3 Part 1   MP3 Part 2 (the meeting was about 1:45 mins so I chunked these into thirds;this second part is extremely interesting to listen to, about the look of the Riverwalk)  MP3 Par.....- 7/14/2009 11:50:26 AM
Craig Dodson-Removal from 4b Committee at City of Glen Rose Meeting July 13 2009 (salon) Mitchell George is replacement. I\'ll have some audio and selected video clips from the meeting later today  but wanted to put this out here. I didn\'t get the agenda until&nb.....- 7/14/2009 8:41:06 AM
Some Pics from the Glen Rose Tractor Show from July 11 2009 (salon) - 7/13/2009 4:08:57 PM
Minutes from the 4b Tax Advisory Board Meeting from July 6 2009 (Glen Rose) (salon) - 7/13/2009 3:49:42 PM
Afternoon Fluff (salon) I don't know, this hot weather is making me SO lazy. We looked at the thermometer on the porch and it was 110... in the SHADE. I don't see a couple of my cats that normally hang out on the porch and I.....- 7/13/2009 3:48:24 PM
Agenda for City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting for July 13 2009-5:30 pm (salon) - 7/13/2009 2:29:57 PM
Remember that Oilfield Chunk that Fell Off a Truck and Killed a Johnson County (Tx) woman? (salon) from September 2008Pioneer Drilling Company Settled with Family for $16 million. From the Cleburne Times-ReviewSeems that the driver not only had a terrible driving record but documents were falsified.....- 7/13/2009 12:56:11 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 13, 2009 (salon) Duck Pwns baby-I had a dog like this once-really sneaky-he'd inch closer and closer so that you didn't notice how close he was to your sandwich in your hand until WAMMO!Wonder what these shoes feel li.....- 7/13/2009 10:34:21 AM
Health Care Crisis: Why do Americans need 2 health care plans to be fully covered? (pstern) It's hard enough to afford one plan.  These days 20 percent of Americans are not insured for health care.  Why not?  The cost of health care insurance is astronomical.  In add.....- 7/12/2009 6:47:16 PM
More on Gail Lowe (Soon to be Texas SBOE Prez) and Polystrate Fossils and Whales (salon) I wrote about Lowe's faux scientific drivellings at the time after listening and chunking audio of one of the science TEKS hearings. And, although the audio quality is not wonderful, here's from the p.....- 7/12/2009 9:42:40 AM
EFH (Energy Futures Holding) To Discuss Financials on August 4 2009 (salon) Inotice that not only can investors join in on the call but the conference call will be webcast live at www.energyfuturesholdings.com in the Investor relations section.EFH, of course, is the company t.....- 7/12/2009 9:34:59 AM
Comanche Peak and Mitsubishi Doing Contract Development for Reactors (Glen Rose) (salon) Mitsubishi, of course, is the creator of the US--APWR design which is still under review by the NRC.  (also from Bloomberg)Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Comanche Peak Nuclear Power .....- 7/12/2009 9:32:47 AM
*We're Going to See Jesus and It's For You* (salon) Henrietta couple commits suicide-this is nutty. Seems like the mom believed that it would take drastic action, like KILLING HERSELF, to keep her adopted son from marrying a woman she didn't like......- 7/12/2009 9:27:23 AM
Put a pic of a baby... any baby... in your wallet (salon) - 7/12/2009 9:22:19 AM
Heh! Videos from Dutch Beer Advertising (salon) - 7/12/2009 9:20:18 AM
Derek Thompson of Glen Rose-Honorable Mention on Texas Sports Writers Association All-State Baseball Team (salon) - 7/12/2009 9:17:48 AM
Somervell County Expo Center Showed Shortfall of $300,000 in 2007 (salon) Via Athens Review, in an article about whether Henderson County's Fairpark Complex would have a budget shortfall (yes)Tackett said it is unusual for facilities like the Henderson County Complex to sho.....- 7/12/2009 9:15:37 AM
New Report Confirms it was Bush that sent Gonzales to sickbed Ashcroft's bedside (salon) - 7/12/2009 9:07:19 AM
Wyoming Families Sue School Over District's Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy (salon) on grounds that the whole policy is unconstitutional. I didn't realize till I read this that the policy is written into No Child Left Behind Law. Sheesh, is there anything that NCLB doesn't include?Th.....- 7/12/2009 9:00:56 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 12 2009 (salon) Ten Commandments moved out of city park-Duchesne lawsuit vs Summi OVER. After years of fighting, a lawsuit over whether a religious group has the right to install its Seven Aphorisms in the same Duche.....- 7/12/2009 8:49:27 AM
SICK (humanbeing) - 7/11/2009 8:41:48 AM
Video-Evian Water Babies (salon) - 7/11/2009 7:29:08 AM
Amazon's Kindle Contract Stinks (salon) - 7/10/2009 10:13:45 AM
Turning Urine Into Hydrogen- GREAT IDEA!!! Plenty of that, eh? (salon) - 7/10/2009 9:55:59 AM
Agenda for Somervell County Commissioner's Court July 13 2009 (salon) - 7/10/2009 8:52:39 AM
What's Wrong with Extending Medicare for All Americans? (pstern) How Much Profiteering Is Really Needed?  Private health care insurance is bleeding Americans dry.  Approximately 40 percent of Americans are without health insurance.  Another way .....- 7/10/2009 7:51:06 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 10 2009 (salon) Online video watching cutting into television viewing. Interesting. We ourselves haven't yet gotten an outside antenna and set it up, because, frankly, there's nothing much we care if we watch AND we .....- 7/10/2009 8:51:30 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 9 2009 (salon) One more plug for our fine animal control services here in Glen Rose. I had a stray cat that somebody dumped. I wish I could take in every stray that shows up, but we already have 5 cats. And the prob.....- 7/9/2009 10:07:38 AM
Mention of Jessica Jarrett (Glen Rose) at Livestock Camp in Odessa (salon) - 7/9/2009 10:00:03 AM
Perry Appoints 'Bible-Thumping' Cynthia Dunbar to Head SBOE??? (pstern) NOT ON MY WATCH!!!Perry has lost his mind completely!I have no problem with the Bible.  I think the Old Testament is a great work of mankind.  I believe every person should read it at least .....- 7/9/2009 8:34:01 AM
The Dumbing-Down of America (pstern) The Endless Loop of Public Education:  "Is Our Children Learning?"The Endless Loop of Public Education:  "Is Our Children Learning?"The Endless Loop of Public Education:&.....- 7/8/2009 4:46:04 AM
God Favors Those Who Donate TO MY FOUR MILLION DOLLAR GATED HOME! -David Cerullo (salon) - 7/7/2009 7:52:25 PM
Video-Slo-Mo Photography (salon) - 7/7/2009 7:26:09 PM
Are you happy enough for work? Smiling enough>? (salon) - 7/7/2009 7:20:47 PM
Video-Don't Fly United Airlines-They Break Guitars (salon) - 7/7/2009 7:11:48 PM
Baseball NOT COMPELLED PATRIOTISM wins out at NY Yankees (salon) - 7/7/2009 3:24:12 PM
Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) Mentioned in Article about Indicted Donor in Kickback Scheme (salon) PoliticoRichard “Rick” Ianieri, the former CEO of a Pennsylvania contractor who has been indicted for taking $200,000 in kickbacks, was a big donor to Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) and other De.....- 7/7/2009 3:07:08 PM
15 Creepiest Vintage Ads of All Time (salon) - 7/7/2009 3:00:03 PM
Couple of interesting Geek Stuff- Bike Laser Light Lanes & Mickey D's (salon) - 7/7/2009 2:06:06 PM
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