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Video - Ron Hankins Makes Motion for Proposed Tax Rate Raise for 2016 (salon) Somervell County Hospital District. Proposed tax rate from motion Ron Hankins made is 1235. And of course, Ron Hankins continues to keep the crown for the Belligerent Board Nut-no challengers h.....- 8/27/2015 11:26:48 PM
Video- Ray Reynolds Evaluation Put Off Again by Somervell County Hospital District Board (salon) 8/27/2015 Hahah. The excuse THIS month for this EMPLOYEE of the district who serves AT THE WILL OF THE BOARD is that it might somehow interfere with the lawsuit the Turks have against Ray Reynolds......- 8/27/2015 10:53:28 PM
Video- Somervell County Hospital District Meeting-Full 8/27/2015 (salon) - 8/28/2015 12:15:03 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 8/26/2015 (salon) Scientists try to replicate climate denier findings and fail Rowan, KY- Appeals Court tells clerk to issue marriage license for same sex couples. Separation of church and state: Cross on go.....- 8/26/2015 10:27:12 PM
Today is August 26, 2015 is Women's Equality Day- Right to Vote in 1920 (salon) Black women? Issues in exercising the vote Despite the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, African-American women, particularly those inhabiting Southern states, still f.....- 8/26/2015 4:50:17 PM
Proposed Preliminary Glen Rose Medical Center Budget for 2016 (Hospital and 501a) (salon) If you'd like to hear this discussed, watch the video and related post about it I did the other day I remind that I have on at least two occasions over the years asked for salaries for GRMC, .....- 8/26/2015 12:36:05 PM
Why was George P Bush Trying to Keep DRT Out of the Alamo? (salon) The Daughters of the Republic of Texas had to go to court and were granted a 14 day restraining order so they can get in the Alamo. FW Star-Telegram The Daughters' lawsuit focuses on the c.....- 8/25/2015 9:54:43 PM
Video- Somervell County Hospital District Budget and Finance Committee Mtg 8/25/2015 (salon) Rough transcript Reynoldsl Not a meeting Harper You can't cancel it. The only way the Budget and Finance committee can be cancelled is if nobody shows up Parker: She had sent me th.....- 8/25/2015 9:12:32 PM
Suzanne Gentling Misleading Statements and Innuendo- Round 2 (salon) As mentioned in my previous post, Suzanne Gentling was posting erroneous information, on purpose, on a Facebook gossip site. She said that my husband, Paul Harper, owns this blog site, Somervell Count.....- 8/25/2015 11:30:08 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 8/23/2015 (salon) Great weather!  Texas Health Department Threatened With Contempt of Court Over Abortion Law Hard lesson: U.S. appeals court rules Texas must pay $1 million in legal fees in case state had a.....- 8/23/2015 5:13:56 PM
Video- Doctors Salaries in Budget- Glen Rose Medical Center (2015) (salon) Somervell County Hospital District meeting 8/20/2015 The numbers for this years budget are hard to make out on the video -numbers for this year here on the proposed budget for 2016 (Texas Public In.....- 8/22/2015 5:50:57 PM
Video- Ray Reynolds Does Not Believe Doctor Salary Information Paid by Taxpayers Should be Public (salon) from Somervell County Hospital District meeting 8/20/2015 This is really offensive. When Glen Rose Medical Center opted, after getting a 14.4 milllion dollar certificate of obligation guaranteed by.....- 8/22/2015 2:07:46 PM
Video- Glen Rose Medical Center Revenues and What about Tobacco Money? (salon) - 8/22/2015 1:58:25 PM
Videos- Two about 501a - Glen Rose Medical Center (2015) (salon) - 8/22/2015 1:56:18 PM
Video- Indigent and Monies to Somervell County for Inmates (2015) (salon) - 8/22/2015 12:47:40 PM
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