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Speaking of Corporate Welfare Handouts-Should Taxpayers Subsidize Nuclear Power Plants? (salon) I mentioned yesterday that I'm always a little surprised when I hear somebody vehemently argue against any welfare for people living in this country while not batting an eye while his or her taxes go .....- 10/24/2007 8:36:21 AM
Bribery WORKS! Telecoms Find Big Payments to John Rockeller Bring Them Immunity from Illegally Spying on Americans (salon) Again, another system of justice for YOU and ME and one for the Corporations that Break the Law. One would think that the Senators who are elected to office and swear to uphold the Constitution actual.....- 10/23/2007 1:22:17 PM
Indian News Editor at Cleburne Times-Review Outraged by Outsourcing (salon) Interesting to see the viewpoint of someone whose family nationality is Indian. India doesn’t have a minimum wage, unemployment benefits or workman’s compensation. So why would a business owner pay al.....- 10/23/2007 1:16:14 PM
I don't believe that crap about Mikal Watts Quitting for his Children (salon) It kind of falls into the same category as "I need to step down to spend more time with my family" shortly before somebody gets indicted or because they are embarrassing to someone or becaus.....- 10/23/2007 12:47:11 PM
Cheney Back to Publicly Being President Again? What, is Bush Off on a Bender? (salon) I saw a snip of Cheney war-mongering about Iran the other day and thought not just "Here We Go Again" but Why is HE doing all this drumming up war instead of Bushie boy? I've always thought .....- 10/23/2007 12:36:49 PM
So. Dumbledore of Harry Potter Fame.. is Gay. (salon) A quick confession, first. I've never read one of the books nor watched any movies because they seemed like children's stories to me. I have heard they are not, but they just haven't been as interesti.....- 10/23/2007 11:52:29 AM
Heh. TSA Asked San Diego Passengers To Smuggle Fake Bombs On Plane (salon) - 10/23/2007 11:34:52 AM
Chet Edwards Condemns Democrat For Personally Attacking War-Mongerer Bush (salon) Chet Edwards demanded an apology from Pete Star, who said Republicans were sending troops to Iraq to "get their heads blown off for the president's amusement". He said it was a personal atta.....- 10/23/2007 11:28:11 AM
My Texas Republican Cousin (salon) I was in Houston over the weekend at a conference and decided to stop by to visit with a cousin I haven't seen for a few years. It was a great visit and surprisingly, we talked politics even though sh.....- 10/23/2007 11:10:24 AM
How to Vote on Those 16 Proposed Constitutional Amendments (pstern) I've been asked quite a bit to re-post this one, so here it is...How to Vote on Those 16 Proposed Constitutional Amendments  Election Day voting is November 6th.[Early voting begins October 22nd]Who d.....- 10/22/2007 1:01:56 PM
Mistrial declared in Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development case (joe) When the jurors were being polled about their verdict, three of them said that the verdict was read incorrectly. When the judge sent them back to the jury room they ended up sending a note out saying .....- 10/22/2007 12:54:47 PM
RNC Executive Committee unanimously recommend taking half of the delegates away for 5 states (joe) WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican Party leaders on Monday recommended punishing five states for shifting their nomination contests earlier, moving to strip New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan.....- 10/22/2007 12:44:41 PM
The Property Tax Cut and Other Legislative Fairy Tales (pstern)  Usually fairy tales don't come true.  Well, I told you so.    Last year when Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, House Speaker Craddick and various other elected officials, e.g., Rep.Jimmie Don Aycock,  &.....- 10/22/2007 10:55:08 AM
Toll Roads: Biggest Scam Going! (pstern)  Texans falsely are being promised...  Toll  R  a  i  n  b  o  w  s  !!!   Painting False "Rosy" Pictures of Toll Roads Doesn't Help Anyone but Profiteers NO ONE in power has addressed the R.....- 10/20/2007 9:55:26 PM
CNN makes me sick (joe) Here we are on a Saturday night and what does CNN have running? An attack on Al Gore and Global Warming...they spent an entire hour trying to talk about the top 10 things he is wrong about in the movi.....- 10/20/2007 9:25:02 PM
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