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On Impeaching Bush-It Only Took 3 Months for Judiciary Committee for Nixon to Resign (salon) Good commentary.On the excuse from Holt and others of lack of time, it only took three months for the Judiciary Committee to bring the three articles of impeachment that forced Nixon to resign. Even t.....- 10/30/2007 5:18:06 PM
Karzai (of Afghanistan) Wants the US To Quit Using Airstrikes- BECAUSE THEY KILL CIVILIANS (salon) What have we been saying here about how fiendishly removed and impersonal airstrikes are... and certainly not *surgical*.Afghan President Hamid Karzai wants the US military to limit airstrikes against.....- 10/30/2007 5:06:12 PM
Corroded Radiation Barrier at Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant- Can It be Monitored Real-Time? (salon) New Jersey wants continuous monitoring of a corroded radiation barrier at the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in Lacey, as well as confirmation by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the barr.....- 10/30/2007 4:57:37 PM
Nuclear Plant Near Oswebo Ny Shut down AGAIN for the third time in over a month (salon) For the third time in just over a month, a storm on Lake Ontario forced the James A. FitzPatrick nuclear power plant. In a report filed with federal safety regulators, the reactor operators say they h.....- 10/30/2007 4:50:41 PM
What about the Nuclear WASTE? Scientists Tell Bush To Dump His Nuclear Waste Plan (salon) Amidst all the rosy scenarios for nuclear energy that PR firms are churning out daily, the issue of what happens to nuclear waste remains. Do we store it at each site? (Comanche Peak does that now). O.....- 10/30/2007 4:49:31 PM
Breazeale Nuclear Reactor at Penn State Continues to Leak Radioactive Water After 2 Weeks. (salon) More than two weeks after a minor leak of "slightly radioactive water" was reported at Penn State's Breazeale nuclear reactor on Hastings Road, the reactor is still leaking, a university spo.....- 10/30/2007 4:36:20 PM
Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant worker found guilty of hiding information about Worst Corrosion Ever Found (salon) TOLEDO -- Jurors have found one of two former Davis-Besse nuclear plant workers guilty of hiding information about the worst corrosion ever found at a U.S. reactor. David Geisen, the former engineerin.....- 10/30/2007 4:34:19 PM
Camped Out to See Congress- You? No, People Who Lobbyists Pay To Get a Seat (salon) Passers-by might think that the people camped out at dawn to ensure a seat in a Congressional committee hearing are a shining example of democracy in action. In fact, chances are that they are a perfe.....- 10/30/2007 4:21:44 PM
Arrogant Bush Says Congress is *Wasting Time* Because They were Trying to End His War of Adventure (salon) Oh, and it seems he also doesn't like oversight and investigations into what has happened under his administration. Booo-hoo. President Bush lashed out at Congress today, the third time he has done so.....- 10/30/2007 4:08:15 PM
Lawsuit to Get TxDot to STOP Using Texas Taxpayer Money to Propagandize Us for TollRoads Continues (salon) And, as a bonus, did you think that you'd still be able to drive fast on I-35? Nope. TxDOT wants to LOWER the speed limit. So not only will the road be crappier but slower so that maybe you'll decide .....- 10/30/2007 2:03:05 PM
Routine Texas Traffic Stop in Royse City-WITH SEVERED HUMAN HEADS IN THE TRAILER!!!!!!! (salon) Very weird story. Police stop this rig and the man warns them that there are severed human heads in the back, because he drives contract for a Little Rock, Arkansas company who was getting them back f.....- 10/30/2007 1:56:30 PM
Turkey Attacks Iraq with helicopter rocket attacks. (salon) Other countries trying to get them to stop, but of course, it's a little, um, hypocritical when you have a president that believes he doesn't have to have the approval of Congress and a WAR declaratio.....- 10/30/2007 1:32:17 PM
I Never Used to Watch Baseball on TV Before HD (salon) BORING! My television was a good enough size but baseball on tv always seemed like someone trying to watch water boil on the stove, without being able to see the bubbles. The problem, for me, has been.....- 10/30/2007 1:21:03 PM
Burger King's Horrible *Torture the King* Commercial (salon) Pic from which has nothing to do with torture but I think is a hilarious Separated at Birth pic. I think I saw this during the World Series games. Basically, it was truculant women striding into a bac.....- 10/30/2007 1:16:33 PM
*Revival of the Hunt for Subsidies*-What Nuclear Power Plants REALLY are (salon) or shall we call them corporate welfare handouts at the expense of taxpayers.But the 2005 Energy Act drastically changed the landscape and reduced the economic risk. So would some kind of tax on carbo.....- 10/30/2007 1:06:47 PM
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