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WHO'S TO BLAME? (humanbeing) We are.  We, the citizens of the United States of America, are the ones who have created the fraudulent, toxic systems that have taken control and serve no one. How? By becoming a nation of self.....- 8/10/2009 9:22:52 PM
I Have Seen the Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and It is Not Thoughtful (salon) I'm a little fed up right now with the comments that have been appearing on the post I did calling for Chet Edwards to have a town hall meeting. I am NOT part of that effort by some who want to organi.....- 8/10/2009 9:17:48 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for August 10 2009 (salon) Up to my ears in stuff I have to get done this week, don't think I will make it to the city meeting tonight, but will get audio later.George Bush: Religious CrackpotSleep paralysis or night terrors. E.....- 8/10/2009 1:51:55 PM
McBlogger on the Health Care Reform (salon) sums it up for me. (a swear word or two in the link).To add to it, Dick Durbin sells out. No public option for him. Don't Watch What I'm Doing, Listen to What I Say-I didn't like it when Republic.....- 8/10/2009 1:02:22 PM
A PRIMER ON THE DETAILS OF HEALTH CARE REFORM (humanbeing) From the NY Times by Robert Pear and David M. Herszenhorn: www.nytimes.com/2009/08/10/health/policy/10facts.htmlWASHINGTON — With the debate over the future of health care now shifted from .....- 8/10/2009 12:30:13 PM
AVERTING THE WORST (humanbeing)  From the NY Times by Noble Economist, Paul Krugman:"All in all, then, the government has played a crucial stabilizing role in this economic crisis. Ronald Reagan was wrong: sometimes the pr.....- 8/10/2009 12:14:43 PM
DEATH PANELS WITHOUT THE PANELS (humanbeing) From The Atlantic Monthly by Robert Wright:"What more is there to say about Sarah Palin’s now-famous claim that President Obama’s health-care plan features “death pane.....- 8/10/2009 11:27:39 AM
Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) (pharper) I think this is being referred to in the public as 'cash for clunkers' but here is the official program that is still going on for those looking to purchase or lease a vehicle and trade in an old one .....- 8/9/2009 8:50:13 PM
Howard Dean says Sarah Palin is making things up (pharper) - 8/9/2009 12:44:36 PM
About the Lawsuit Against VarTec Telecom (Joe and Connie Mitchell of 10xxx Glen Rose) (salon) Noticed an update in Dallas Business Journal regarding a lawsuit filed against Joe and Connie Mitchell in 2006.A couple of the complaints by trustee Mims then were:According to Mims' complaint ag.....- 8/9/2009 8:08:47 AM
THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE (humanbeing) - 8/8/2009 10:51:35 PM
Update: Chet Edwards No Face to Face Town Hall but By Telephone (salon) As mentioned before. Edwards office told me he was not planning to have any town hall meetings in this district. Well, I guess he must have been listening to the outcry in District 17 that WANTS him t.....- 8/8/2009 7:51:42 PM
Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard at Dairy Queen in Glen Rose (pharper) - 8/8/2009 4:30:08 PM
Saw an article in American Profile on Billings Productions (Glen Rose) (salon) in the August 2-8 2009 issue which comes with the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper. Billings, which is right now in McKinney, is going to move operations to Glen Rose. (or at least the Commish approved in.....- 8/7/2009 8:57:40 PM
THIS IS A TRUE STORY (humanbeing) I had an interesting talk with my brother today. He's a retired surgeon and we started talking about the health insurance reform debate. He supports the single-payer option as I do. He told me about a.....- 8/7/2009 9:19:25 PM
Gerard Thompson of Rough Creek Lodge (Glen Rose) in FW Star Telegram for Cream Puff Pastry Recipe (salon) - 8/7/2009 3:47:38 PM
Meeting Notice for City of Glen Rose for August 10 2009 (salon) - 8/7/2009 1:47:21 PM
She Thought Her Maternity Insurance Covered, Um, Labor, Delivery and Hospital Stay (salon) - 8/7/2009 1:04:58 PM
Oh. Sorry. Pizza at the Dallas Cowboys Suite is ONLY SIXTY BUCKS! NOT NINETY (salon) - 8/7/2009 1:03:28 PM
Regular Agenda for Somervell County Commissioner's Court for August 10 2009 (salon) - 8/7/2009 9:49:45 AM
Wow! I got a pork burrito from La Rosita (Glen Rose) and it was DELISH (salon) Used it with some of the owner's special sauce that is roasted peppers. YUM! Now, since they're open from 6 am to 1 pm, I want to go back in the morning to get a breakfast burrito. I also got some flo.....- 8/6/2009 2:24:56 PM
Video- Made me laugh-Shatner of the Mount (salon) - 8/6/2009 1:48:47 PM
Glen Rose ISD (GRISD) To Begin Posting Checkbook Registry Online Starting in October 2009 (salon) We are pretty delighted here. Somervell County Salon has been posting the vendor payments aka checkbook registry for the districtfor records since January 1 2007.  Last month we asked Wayne Rotan.....- 8/6/2009 8:48:16 AM
Check Register from GRISD (Glen Rose ISD) for April 1 2009 through July 15 2009 (salon) - 8/5/2009 9:46:35 PM
Audio-Partial-First Hour of Somervell County Commissioner's Meeting for August 3 2009 (salon) Will post the second hour sometime in the next week. (Technical explanation-we did not attend to record ourselves, the built in system that is supposed to do recording is not working after a ligthning.....- 8/5/2009 8:06:46 PM
Obama Is NOT Trying to Kill Your Grandma (salon) I didn't realize until today that Obama Killing Grandma is a Republican talking point. Last week a friend and I were in Weatherford at the trade days and a very nice woman and I were talking about hea.....- 8/5/2009 1:37:29 PM
Texas Watchdog Has Come Out With Its First Virtual Newsletter (salon) - 8/5/2009 12:56:12 PM
Checking Out Google Voice (salon) After I read about the FCC challenging Apple (and maybe AT&T''s) decision not to have an iphone app for Google voice, AND coincidentally calling up a friend who has it and getting to announce my v.....- 8/5/2009 10:35:48 AM
Because a Little Boy With a Disney Toy Is a Potential Terrorist (salon) Sheesh.Edge said she became even angrier when she claims that not long after the TSA officers had confiscated the items, she saw the officers playing with the toy sword and gunYeah. That would make me.....- 8/5/2009 10:14:34 AM
Fort Hood Soldier Victor Agosto Refused Orders to Deploy to Afghanistan (salon) - 8/5/2009 9:36:45 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for August 5, 2009 (salon) Ooops. Entergy nuclear power plant  in Vermont forgot to monitor its casks that have high-level radioactive waste. Even though that was a condition of its permit. They say it was an *oversight*. .....- 8/5/2009 9:18:27 AM
A SINGLE-PAYER SYSTEM (humanbeing) From John Nichols"Perhaps just as importantly, a strong vote for single-payer will remind the Obama administration that the president was right when he said six years ago that single-payer was th.....- 8/4/2009 10:07:16 PM
DENTON IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY (humanbeing) "The mining, refining and compression of Barnett Shale natural gas contributes as much pollution as all the region's cars, trucks and airplanes, according to both the TCEQ and Armendariz, who stu.....- 8/4/2009 9:18:37 PM
Hmmm. EFH Says They're Still Thinking about whether to do 2 more Comanche Peak Reactors (Glen Rose) (salon) Posted the other day about how Moody's investor service has downgraded EFH (Energy Futures Holdings). And today the quarterly report came out with a big loss for EFH. The Star-Telegram today shows tha.....- 8/4/2009 12:29:04 PM
OW! Teenager Has Thumb Blown Off at Rough Creek Lodge (Glen Rose) (salon) - 8/4/2009 12:24:53 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for august 4 2009 (salon) Gosh. Already the 4th.Florida highrise has ONE TENANTHere's crazy. AP will sell you a license so that you can QUOTE THE PUBLIC DOMAIN- from Boing Boing. Also Millard Fillmore.Death Star Cookie Jar-Gee.....- 8/4/2009 11:40:00 AM
No Town Hall Meetings for Chet Edwards in District 17 (August 2009)??? (salon) I usually accidentally hear about town hall meetings being held around here and can't remember the last time Edwards had one in Somervell County; I have attended a couple he's had in Hood County and r.....- 8/4/2009 9:47:58 AM
Marginalizing Hillary Clinton-Bill Clinton the Globetrotter (salon) Another reason I'm really glad Clinton (Hillary, that is) is not president. The Times of London has an article about how Bill Clinton went to N Korea on what can only be called a diplomatic meeting.&n.....- 8/4/2009 9:38:26 AM
EFH (Energy Future Holdings) 2nd Quarter 2009 Report- $155 Million Net Loss (salon) I noticed in looking at this report from Yahoo Finance that one part of the loss was due to:The regulated business had approximately $58 million lower results. The net income attributable to the Oncor.....- 8/4/2009 8:34:24 AM
Should a Government Sell its Publicly Owned Properties and Then Lease Them Back? (salon) - 8/3/2009 3:30:55 PM
On changing grades at public schools in Texas (salon) Been thinking about this for awhile and was reminded when I read an article about how TAKS test scores were being altered in the Dallas ISD.  Let me say first that a new Texas rule lets EVER.....- 8/3/2009 1:43:29 PM
GRISD (Glen Rose ISD) TAKS Scores with Texas Projection Measure (salon) Have been thinking about this-Dallas Morning News article talks about this new rule that bumps up actual TAKS performance to a standard that says if a kid is going to pass in a future year, bump up.....- 8/3/2009 2:34:46 PM
Huh? Why did the Texas Lege Give the Police MORE POWER? (salon) from Dallas Criminal Lawyer Blog - On blood tests without warrants and arresting you if you don't get out of townWhat a doozy. As you know, right now the police cannot take a blood sample from so.....- 8/3/2009 1:27:35 PM
Religious News and Notes for August 3 2009-From the Distaff Side (salon) Just a note to remind that this author believes strongly in separation of church and state.ACLU sues Muslim school in Minnesota for establishment of religion violations... Muslim school sues ACLU back.....- 8/3/2009 1:15:51 PM
We Hear- (Glen Rose Scuttlebutt) (salon) all unverified, just goss.Was the chef from Riverhouse Cafe stolen to go to another restaurant?Does the county require hydrants in subdivisions but not that there should be enough well water or p.....- 8/3/2009 11:35:57 AM
Hospital District Election in Galveston? (salon) Interesting article from the Galveston Daily News about the issues involved with this, one of which is raising taxes. As I read this, because there were tuition bonds sold to pay for a new tower, the .....- 8/3/2009 11:29:48 AM
Funny. People in Cleburne can get Earthquake Insurance:):):) (salon) - 8/3/2009 10:43:15 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for August 3 2009 (salon) Hey, Apple (probably really AT&T. Why'd you decline the google voice app for iphone? FCC wants to know. (Consumerist)Darth Vader styling.Two aliens try to take over the worldBlip from Sean Mullen .....- 8/3/2009 10:37:39 AM
WalMart Says Screw You to the Girl Scouts (salon) - 8/3/2009 10:04:25 AM
LEARNING FROM ONE ANOTHER (humanbeing) From the Christian Science Monitor:"He was even able to joke about the incident with Crowley, Gates said Sunday in his first public appearance since the arrest, an event on Martha's Vineyard.....- 8/2/2009 10:55:24 PM
Fancy Catfood for Texas Teachers When They Retire (TRS) (salon) - 8/2/2009 9:11:21 PM
Texas Education Agency Accountability Ratings are out for 2009 (Glen Rose ISD) (salon) Search by county to see both GRISD and Brazos Charter School.  Also choose Erath County to see Sid Miller's wife's school Erath Excels.Interesting related article from the Galveston Daily News th.....- 8/2/2009 2:46:13 PM
Few More Docs About the Addition to the Glen Rose Medical Center and Nursing Home (salon) I've been thinking a lot about the budget meeting coming up tomorrow at Somervell County Commissioner's court and Judge Maynard's comment about how they may be terminating the lease they have with Gle.....- 8/2/2009 2:40:21 PM
Larry McMurtry's Book Rhino Ranch Based on what Fossil Rim is Doing (salon) From DMN"I call it Rhino Ranch," McMurtry says, "because it uses this project that's going on around Glen Rose. They're trying to save the African black rhino by bringing them over here.....- 8/2/2009 1:47:23 PM
Ruminations for the Easily Amused for August 2 2009 (salon) Mowed the dog pen, put pup out there and he was fine till about half an hour ago. Really hot. Really muggy.  I'll try putting him out in his HUGE running area about 5 this evening for awhile. I l.....- 8/2/2009 1:44:44 PM
Random Videos of Glen Rose Related Bands (either from here or were here) (salon) Live Shot @Glen Rose 2008-on Somervell Courthouse lawn (July 9, 2008)From last year's Relay for LifeLittle drummer at Loco CoyoteHey Mr Bartender (is that the Citizens Center?)"Lord of the Lumber.....- 8/1/2009 1:11:38 PM
Dia De Los Toadies Coming to Glen Rose at Rough Creek Lodge in August (salon) - 8/1/2009 12:51:27 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for August 1 2009 (salon) Yucca Mountain is dead- DvorakReasons why wussy politicians are avoiding town hall meetings. Guess they'd prefer if everyone that showed up was a quiet suckup.Video of Sarah Palin's descent into incoh.....- 8/1/2009 9:20:52 AM
Video-bwahahah-Twitter in Real Life (salon) - 8/1/2009 8:42:38 AM
Video-These Girls are Really Good-Singing *Here we Go Again* by Demi Lovato (salon) - 8/1/2009 8:24:58 AM
Heh! Videos of Wedding Dances and Divorce Parody (salon) - 7/31/2009 8:59:47 PM
Um. Hope My Internet Doesn't Get Knocked Out Again! (salon) - 7/31/2009 7:51:07 PM
Texas Taxpayers To Pick up Cost of Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan.. Which has Gone Bust (salon) Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I agree with the idea that, for the people who paid with their own money into the fund, they should have it honored. But dang, shouldn't there have been more of an effort to .....- 7/31/2009 7:47:35 PM
One More Article about Moody's Credit Ratings for Nuclear Power Plants (Comanche Peak) (salon) from Solveclimate. -Seems that Moody's has released a report saying that it's taking a more negative view of debt obligations by companies (Like EFH) that want to build new nuclear power plants. .....- 7/31/2009 7:41:19 PM
Great Article about the Tarrant Area Food Bank (Includes Somervell County) (salon) from the Star-Telegram which discusses how the Food Bank is starting a month-long campaign to collect food. Last time I was in Stephenville, I saw a collection box in one of the grocery stores. (.....- 7/31/2009 7:37:38 PM
Nuclear Power Plants Hurting Texas Power Companies Credit Ratings? (Comanche Peak) (salon) Smitty thinks so. Sent from Sarah McDonald Power companies' plans to pursue new nuclear projects are damaging their credit ratings, which may mean higher costs will be shifted onto ratepayers.&nb.....- 7/31/2009 2:53:44 PM
Meeting Notice Special Session Somervell County Com Court- August 3 2009 (salon) - 7/31/2009 2:33:07 PM
Chet Edwards (US House District 17) Funding for VA in Waco, L3 Spy Planes and Baylor (salon) from the Waco Trib“The Waco VA and Fort Hood are uniquely positioned to conduct world-class research with the Department of Defense to find improved treatments and cures for veterans suffering f.....- 7/31/2009 2:03:55 PM
GET THE FACTS, PEOPLE (humanbeing) From the NY Times by Paul Krugman:"It’s not just that many Americans don’t understand what President Obama is proposing; many people don’t understand the way American health car.....- 7/31/2009 8:40:55 AM
Should a Federal Lawsuit be able to be dismissed before any factual discovery occurs? (Ashcrosft v Iqbal) (salon) from FindLaw...Twombly and Iqbal make it harder for plaintiffs who might have meritorious cases, but need access to defense witnesses and files, to have their cases heard.Twombly and Iqbal were interp.....- 7/31/2009 7:47:08 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 31 2009 (salon) Went to Riverhouse Grill on Barnard St yesterday. I really like the fact that the restaurant not only has a delicious and varied menu, at what I think are reasonable prices, but it's in a historic hou.....- 7/31/2009 2:31:13 PM
One More Note on Pam Glasco (Glen Rose Medical Center Nursing Home) and Susan McLendon (salon) Wrote about this recenty, about anurse who had worked for Glen Rose Medical Center Nursing Home back in 2007 and was indicted and ultimately charged with fraud for stealing medication from some patien.....- 7/31/2009 12:19:32 AM
Somervell County To Take Back Over the GRMC by Terminating Glen Rose Medical Foundation Lease? (salon) I mentioned the other day (before my internet went south:) that I had heard that Judge Maynard mentioned this at the Somervell County Commissioner's Meeting this last Monday. That comment wasn't on th.....- 7/30/2009 11:27:41 PM
Minutes from the City of Glen Rose Council Meeting of July 27, 2009 (salon) - 7/30/2009 11:14:32 PM
THE PERFECT STORM from the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (humanbeing) The United States has created the perfect storm for overutilization of health care. "Costs cannot be controlled unless overutilization is substantially reduced. Many physician and patie.....- 7/30/2009 9:51:49 PM
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